12 survivors break out binocular

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  • make sure this fits by using getting into your version range.
  • 16x magnification
  • multi-covered optics
  • light-weight
  • rubber armoured
  • weatherproof
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12 survivors get away binoculars

12 survivors break out binoculars stand up for your intense outside lifestyle with abs plastic, rubber armored, 1p55 climate-resistant safety. A k9 roof prism machine, superior multicoated glass, fold-down eyecups, internal cognizance machine and an adjustable diopter offer a razor sharp, distortion-loose area of view. Includes a carrying case, lens covers, neck strap and a lens material.

interpupillary distance is the dimension of the gap between the binocular’s eyepieces. The binocular’s hinge design lets in the binoculars to be adjusted to accommodate distinct users. To adjust the interpupillary distance.

1. Glance through the binoculars and locate an object inside the distance on which to recognition.

2. Pass the binocular tubes aside or near together till the object in awareness will become one singular photo

the binocular’s include:

  • wearing case
  • neck strap
  • lens covers
  • lens clot
  • the focal point dial permits the get away binoculars to deliver a clear, sharp photograph. To consciousness the photograph: turn the central awareness dial until the photo is focused. Ensure the photograph is continually nicely centered as this will prevent eye fatigue.


    Yellow, Blue


    10×32, 16×32

    8 reviews for 12 survivors break out binocular

    1. Amazon Customer

      Let me preface by saying that I have all levels of quality in many binocs. I bought these fore kicks to observe the state of the art at this low price range. I paid 10.11 (i got the yellow) shiped new. Came in a nice sealed blister pack to insure I got 100% new, a big plus for me. Very light in weight but well made. Better than the binocs of yesterday at this price point. But say ,the sightron blueskyII 8×32 are an example of a much better in every way mid priced binoc at about 200.00. The BS II has much better contrast and much better resolution and the settings adjustments are better done. I can see how the unknowing would be happy with these especially since they are almost free! I say that for just a bit more cash it would be wise to go with say a Carson binoc or maybe a a Nikon or other brands,( though not all are good for the money in my view). To help , ENGINEERS, MAKE THE ADJUSTMENTS FIRMER TO INSURE THE SETTINGS STAY PUT. I tend to accidently move the diopter adjustment when grasping the binocs. So if you have these binocs mark your setting with a perminent marker, make a dot so you can easily get back to where you need to be. I just degreased a spot and put a small piece of black gorilla tap on diopter to keep it from moving. If the binocs get much past my price,( like double or more) I think you can do better. And also I would imagine that these binocs are not very moisture proof? And you don”t have to get them wet for that to potentialy be somewhat of a problem. J B Read more

    2. Purer Galina

      First impression: not so compact, limited field of vision, hard to work with… I got this one for occasional bird-watching, but I guess you get what you pay for… I’m honestly disappointed, I didn’t have very high expectations but still… Also, the packaging (sealed plastic) says it’s supposed to come with lens covers, but it doesn’t – very odd. *Update after a few months of use: actually it’s a pretty decent pair after you get used to all it’s quirks, and learn to use it just so. Managed to see quite a few birds, including from a distance. Just goes to show – first impressions are not always correct 🙂 Read more

    3. Dylan

      I expected these to be light weight plastic junk, but they are actually decent binoculars. They come with a strap, a carry bag and a lense cloth. I bought these for the times I lose my drone. Great pair, cant beat the price Read more

    4. Luz

      While you don’t always get what you pay for, I’d say these aren’t really of any value. They technically “work,” though it is difficult to get them to focus. This is made more difficult by one of the eyepieces being loose, possibly broken. Read more

    5. PL

      Not high quality but good value. Good First pair or knock around pair for a youngster. Sturdy. Good for small hands. Read more

    6. csa

      Got these on a great deal. Like the price and color. Was thinking they would just be on my boat but they’re crystal clear. I’ve been really impressed so far with the clarity on these guys. Would definitely recommend!! Read more

    7. Betsy

      Great long vision binoculars at good price. Read more

    8. Angela

      Does not have lenscovers as advertised Read more

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