3-12x40mm rifle scope

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  • make sure this suits by using entering your version variety.
  • 1/4 minute click adjustments
  • crimson, inexperienced and blue illuminated reticle
  • turret calibrated for . 17hmr 17gr. And . 20gr bullets.
  • four” eye relief
  • 3-12 variable electricity

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bsa optics candy 17 sp three-12 x 40mm rgb (crimson, inexperienced, blue illuminated reticle) facet parallax rifle scope . 17 hmr

the bsa sweet . 17 sp rifle scope is specifically designed for the . 17hmr. This series functions facet parallax adjustment from 10 yds to infinity, fully multicoated lenses, three″ sunshade and fast consciousness. The sweet 17 sp functions an elevation multi-grain turret ballistically calibrated for a 17gr and 20gr cartridges. Matte black end. Water-resistant, shockproof and fogproof. This model has a 30/30 duplex reticle this is illuminated purple, green, or blue.

magnification low: three; magnification high: 12

goal lens diameter: forty mm

adjustment moa: 1/four

lens cloth: glass; lens: absolutely multi-lined

w/e range: 35; eye remedy: 4 inches

fov low @ 100′ (feet): 33; fov excessive @ one hundred’ (feet): 8. 3

parallax putting (yds): 10 to inf.

reticle: 30/30

shockproof, fogproof, water-proof

tube diameter: 1″, one piece; aluminum construction. Cr2032 battery covered.

  • magnification low: three; magnification high: 12; objective lens diameter: forty mm
  • 30/30 duplex illuminated pink, green, blue reticle
  • 1 piece aluminum construction, 1 inch tube
  • glass lens material, absolutely multi-covered
  • multi-grain turret and aspect parallax
  • shockproof, fogproof, waterproof
  • cr2032 battery covered
  • 20. 60 oz. Weight; 13. 00 in duration
  • s17-312x40rgbge candy 17 3-12 x 40 facet consciousness / parallax and illuminated reticle (crimson, green, blue)

    crimson, green, blue illuminated reticle. Especially calibrated for the . 17 hmr (17 and 20 gr) bullet so you’re assured most reliable overall performance on your ammunition

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    8 reviews for 3-12x40mm rifle scope

    1. Doug L. Dean

      I was worried on ordering a used scope thru Amazon warehouse. After having received the sweet17 scope, I am very pleased. I would have rated the scope in an as new condition. I could not see any scuffs that the good condition implied. The packaging was ruffled but very functional. All of the parts are included and everything works. All of the controls move very stiffly. Eye relief is about 4 inches just as advertised. The field of view is wonderful and clear at magnification 3 and still usable at magnification 12. I still need to zero the scope before I can test out the drop compensation turret. This scope is going to work out well for hunting rabbits with my .17 HMR Ruger American Rimfire rifle. If you have a .17 HMR rifle, you need a scope like this. A quick update; The elevation turret has stopped working. Rotating the elevation turret does not change point of aim any longer. I am past the return time period so I guess I have another scope to add to my scrap heap. I am going with a Nikon scope to replace it. So much for BSA. Another quick update; I removed the elevation turret and reinstalled it and now the elevation turret is working again. The mounting screw was installed really tight, perhaps installing it at 12 inch pounds of torque helped. I am going to keep the scope mounted on my .17 HMR rifle. I think I am revising my opinion of BSA upward. Read more

    2. Sapper1971

      I purchased this scope to mount on my Savage 93r17 BTVS. I would suggest getting high mount rings so that the scope is not resting on the barrel of your rifle. With high the mount rings I purchased, I have about 1/8 of an inch from the barrel to the bottom of the scope lens. Read the directions for zeroing the scope! If you zero this scope at one hundred yards, you can then re-set the top turret to the 100 yard mark by loosening the screw and tuning it to the 100 yard mark. After that, you can adjust it further out or closer in (as close as 25 yrds) just by turning the dial to match the distance (measured in yards) to the shot you want to take. There are no hold over or hold under marks on the crosshair. You have to turn the knob to the correct yardage. There are two windows on the top turret, one for 17 grain and the other for 20 grain. It works very well. The brightness of the three colors are plenty bright enough for sunset/sunrise and of course complete dark. So far, it has seemed to hold a zero pretty good with normal use. I do not throw my firearms around or drop them however, so I cannot comment on rough use and zero holding. This is a solid scope and works as advertised IF YOU FOLLOW the directions. I give it four stars because I cannot lock the turrets and there are no protective turret caps to prevent unwanted turning of the turrets. Read more

    3. Greg H.

      The elevation turret numbers were stamped on top of each other and totaly not legible. I did not notice this at the time I received the scope. Due to the triple digit Arizona heat I waited 34 days till we had a cooler morning to sight in the scope. When I turned the turret I found the numbers screwed up halve way around on it. I contacted BSA and they refuse to replace the defective turret as it was past 30 days. I should have purchased a Nikon or Vortec with a proper warranty. This is a manufacturing defect and BSA does not stand behind their product…..JUNK. Follow up.. I contacted BSA a second time and purchased a replacement turrerfor $10.95. It is a shame to pay to replace defective part on brand new scope. The quality ot the magnification numbers leaves much to be desired also. My last BSA product. Follow up on replacement turret. BSA assured me that the replacement turret would be checked for legibility prior to shipment. The ranges under 200 yards can not be read on the replacement. More poor quality junk!!!!! Still can not use the scope as intended. USELESS Read more

    4. DennisS

      I ordered 2 scopes first one Came shipped box inside of box, inside box was smashed. Second one showed up a day later and was in good condition. I mounted the scope on my 17 HMR and it is holding a quarter size pattern at 100 yards. Nice clear optic. Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      I always buy the highest end products I can afford, so when I saw the price of the Sweet 17, I was hesitant. But once I got it, much to my surprise, it far exceeded my expectations. I have many other optics that are eight to ten times the price, but I would recommend this scope to anyone. For this price range you can’t find anything that will even touch it. Read more

    6. Jay

      Lots of features for a great price. Only issue so far is the red reticle occasionally dims and you have to jigggle and tap the scope to get it back. Almost like a loose connection. Doesn’t happen often enough to warrant pulling it off and dealing with sending it in, but worth mentioning. Zero holds its place, turret compensation system is accurate and very handy . Read more

    7. Grumpy Gramps

      I purchased this scope as a Christmas present for my Daugther. Believe it or not she really wanted this scope for her Savage .17 HMR. After sighting the scope and a few practice rounds she was off hunting ferrel hogs. Over the next weekend she bagged 3 hogs at various distances. The scope is well made, easy to install and sight. The illumination could be brighter and green/red colors work best when dark. For the price — a good scope! Read more

    8. taz

      Very accurate scope, hit 10shots almost in the same hole at 100 yards. You can see a black reticle when you are not using the illumination. Nice feature for low light applications. The ocular adjustment works well, the scope is focused and you can then adjust the bullet drop. 17Hmr’s don’t drop much at 100 yards. Also very accurate at 200 yards. Read more

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