4x32mm/30/30 duplex rifle scope with jewelry

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  • ensure this suits through coming into your version number.
  • top notch for small sport.
  • includes three/eight-inch rail jewelry.
  • 50 backyard constant parallax
  • coin adjustable turrets
  • 4 strength 50-yard parallax

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8 reviews for 4x32mm/30/30 duplex rifle scope with jewelry

  1. jeff dedman

    it is a $30 scope! it is definatley worth $30, I put it on my .22 and spent about 4 hours at the range with it, and found I could get about a 6 inch radius from target center at 50 yards most of the time, but there was lots of lens artifacts and discoloration. With the spotting scope I could clearly read the lettering on the target sheet, and through my scope I couldnt even tell that there was writing. It gets the job done, but it’s not very good at what it does. but for 1/7th the cost of a normal nice rifle scope… I suppose if your hurting for cash this is the way to go. Read more

  2. Ben

    I was looking for an inexpensive scope for my Savage Arms Model 64 and this seemed to fit the bill. The scope is very well made for the price and getting it sighted in took just 2 clicks of the adjustments and I’m spot on at 100 yards. Installation was fairly easy (the hardest part being due to the rifle, not the scope). At the price, you can’t beat it for quality and accuracy. Read more

  3. LM Productions Inc.

    BSA scope arrived scratched and seemed heavily used. Looks like a refurbished low quality control item. Regardless if this item arrived new or not, the quality is horrible. Outside is very cheap plastic, Tasco delivers much better scopes for much less money. Internal glass has excessive distortion, excessive chromatic aberration, flare, very low contrast. You have no ability to refocus the target compared to other scopes and if it does then it must be Krazy glued. I buy frequently at Amazon, read my other feedback and will notice I am very fair on reviews, but this scope is the worst of the worst on items purchased through Amazon. FYI: this is exactly the same scope as Gamo, identical from adjusting windage and elevation knobs to the mounts and exterior finish, only difference is the BSA badge. Conclusion: this scope is junk, the reviews here are jacked. Looking through this scope is similar to those old school Tokina/ Vivitar/ Soligor camera lenses that came out in the 80s for film SLR cameras, horrible. I have done my homework buying scopes from Sports Academy/ Authority, Gander Mtn, Dickies and even Wal-Mart… If you dont want to spend the extra cash and stay below $50.00 buy a Tasco or Winchester. Some more money and go with Bushnell or Nikon. Peace out! Read more

  4. Raddude52

    This works great for a Hi Point 995t. I got a real nice group at 100 yards easily. Easy to adjust. Holds nice and firm. Make sure you get scope holders for picatinny rails. Read more

  5. MR-FLIP

    this scope is great its on my savage 22lr very easy to zero in and im hitting empty 12gauge shells at 75 100 yrds this scope says its best at 50yrds but it works great further..my utube channel will have a open review on it youtube/georgeterro.com this pull off lens has a yellow tint its great with or with out.. .. note-i tryed to use this with my s&w ar15 it held its zero with 60rds of varmint soft tips..how ever its not for 223 556,, price should be a lil lower but 5 stars from me its worth it… Read more

  6. Sean

    For the price of this scope its hard to beat. On my Ruger 10/22 it has preformed flawlessly. The scope holds zero very well and after switching out the rings(which i knew i would have to do) it attached in a few seconds. About as easy to dial in as most scopes, i was putting quarter inch groupings at 50 yards standing. after putting about 250 rounds down range with the scope i stopped to check how everything was holding, and the scope hadn’t moved a millimeter. Over all feel of the scope is pretty rugged, although i doubt it would survive a 30ft drop it will definitely hold up to any range time you throw at it. tossing it in and out of the truck or banging it against walls(all of which ive don :I) doesn’t even seem to leave a scratch on it. All in all i am very happy and surprised at the quality of this cheap-o BSA scope. Read more

  7. No Fortunate Son

    I bought this for my 14 year old boy for his Savage 64 and we finally had a chance to zero it in yesterday. Easily adjusted with a small flat head screw driver, and after about 30 mins. we got it leaving a grouping the size of a silver dollar at 50 yards. The magnification is not much past 50 yards for targets that small(we’re over-reachers) but a great little scope for the money compared to the ones available at Douche Mart or Johnny Bananas sporting goods! Read more

  8. shane trent

    Garbage optics. Read more

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