A hundred antique antique topps baseball cards ~ sealed wax packs lot!

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  • these are sealed packs with some along with gum this is 25 years old please do now not chew the gum and note these packs are 25 years so they’ll display some wear and tear they’re no longer brand new !

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  • is the bubblegum protected in these packs.?
  • is the bubblegum included in these packs.?

  • what years do these variety from?
  • what years do those range from?

  • how many packs according to order?
  • what number of packs in keeping with order?

  • i received and thought selection became very negative what do you reflect onconsideration on that?
  • i additionally offered this and one would study its write up in hopes of some wonderful vintage playing cards – vs. What is pictured. But that said it (my order) became exactly what’s pictures the 88 to ninety one range playing cards. Which have been as we recognize the maximum over produced cards in card records. There are some excellent cards in those packs and for the rate i am at least pleased. You get what you pay for. See less

    8 reviews for A hundred antique antique topps baseball cards ~ sealed wax packs lot!

    1. Classified

      I bought these to use for a production prop, so the quality of the cards didn’t matter, but to anyone who thinks they are actually going to get a rare or valuable card in these packs…you most definitely will not. These packs may come sealed, yes, but they have been opened (most likely by steam), shuffled through, cards worth any money removed, and then resealed. I appreciated the 30 year old wrapper (and gum) more than the common cards inside.Read more

    2. P. Sallows

      I opened my packs of 1989 Topps. I’m trying to finish off my set. Someone had taken the Topps Randy Johnson and replaced it with OPee Chee Randy Johnson, I knew that when I opened the pack I could tell it was tampered with! That’s a shame because I’ve ordered from the seller before. I will probably not order from you again!Read more

    3. Michelle F

      These are GREAT!!!!! Literally can not be beat! I ordered these skeptical because I had seen reviews saying that the packs came opened or tampered with….. Well, I’m no expert, but the packs look good to me! I also saw that some people had complained because of “duplicate packs” or “no insert/special cards”. My response to that is this: If you’re buying these for that reason then you’re purchasing the wrong item. These were WELL worth the money. I opened the first pack and smiled like a kid. Well worth the money, I may even buy more! The nostalgic feeling I got was worth it alone!Read more

    4. Anthony guerino

      Please save your money I know it’s only six bucks but where to start first it will come damaged second you will get duplicates along with checklist cards and you will not get one single person you recognize terrible if I could give it minus 5 stars I would I threw out all of them what a joke they should be banned from even selling this garbageRead more

    5. J. Roberts

      Okay batch of cards. I kind of expected a little more variety. I ended up with 2 packs 89 Topps Big, 2 packs 92 Stadium Club, 1 pack of 88 Topps, and 3 packs of 89 Topps. Nothing from years 80-87 or 90-91 (noticeably important star rookie years), while getting multiple packs of the same stuff. It would have been better if I had received 7-8 unique packs spanning a wider variety of years, but at least I did pull a Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, Ryan Sandberg, and a few other nostalgia stars. Might buy again, but only if I can request better variety.Read more

    6. A. K. Edwards

      We purchased these to provide additional baseball cards for birthday party favors (in addition to 2018 cards). The lot comes in an uncertain number of packs, so it is difficult to guess how many packs you will get. I recommend estimating about 15 cards per pack. The bubble gum cards come 15 per package and then other packets can have as few as 7 cards. In only a few packs, we had two Randy Johnson rookies and several other big stars like Dave Winfield and Barry Bonds. These might not be the most valuable cards, but my son (8) is having fun seeing if he recognizes any names. He doesn’t mind the cards we don’t recognize.The packs did not look opened and some come in packs like this year’s cards, which can’t be reopened and sealed. The cards show no steam damage (yes, they could have thrown out any with steam damage, but wouldn’t multiple cards be damaged by steam?). So, I’m a bit skeptical that these have definitely been opened. I do wonder why someone has so many overstocked old baseball cards, though.As for the gum… We recommended that kids who received bubblegum packs not eat the gum, but my husband decided he would try the 30-year old gum himself. I remember the gum having a sweet smell and that smell permeating the cards when they were fresh out of the package. This gum has no smell and, likewise, the cards do not have a gum smell. The gum is apparently very crumbly and does not become chewy at all. So far, my husband is showing no ill effects.Overall, these cards are fun and good for kids into baseball (even grown-up kids). However, they get only four stars because you can’t predict how many packs you’ll get if you need a set amount and the bubblegum packs don’t come with a nostalgic smell.Read more

    7. Mike Young

      At first I wasn’t sure but I was willing to take a chance. But after I got them I really had a blast opening then, it took me back. If you’re looking for a reference or questioning yourself to buy it, I would just go ahead and put it in your cart and purchase it. Thanks guys.Read more

    8. Jen

      I only received four packs. Each pack contains 15 cards for a total of 60 cards. Very disappointed.Read more

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