Actual avid 2-in-1 device for glock handguns platform: essential tool for glock owners to resource disassembly for cleaning and maintenance and to install custom front sight, black

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  • make certain this fits by entering your model wide variety.
  • need to have: glock accessories gunsmith tool kit that capabilities 2 vital tools for maintenance and customization.
  • easy gun disassembly: 3mm punch makes a pin elimination device that fits all glock pin sizes. Without difficulty eliminates pins to disassemble your gun to clean, adjust, or preserve.
  • the front sight device: magnetic three/16′ hex hut driver fits glock front attractions. Best for converting widespread sights, putting in night time points of interest or committed height points of interest.
  • handy: ergonomic layout capabilities a hoop, so your accessible gun multitool for doubles as a keychain.
  • established: gun device is like minded with all generations of glock 19, 17, forty three, 26, 22, forty eight, 27, 45, 21, 42, 30, 34, 20, 44 and greater.

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from the producer

the glock proprietor’s critical device. Suits all models.

armorer’s aggregate disassembly & front sight tool offers the whole lot you want for vital subject work on your glock.

armorer’s aggregate disassembly & the front sight device

holds your keys and is going everywhere you take your gun.

throw in your carabiner or key chain for easy tour.

8 reviews for Actual avid 2-in-1 device for glock handguns platform: essential tool for glock owners to resource disassembly for cleaning and maintenance and to install custom front sight, black

  1. AdventureInUtah

    I was in a situation where I had an Apex trigger kit coming and I was also switching out my sights. I didn’t really “need” this tool, but I saw it online and bought it on impulse. Other times when I would strip my Glock I would have to go to my garage and dig through my tools to find a punch that would work to remove the three pins on my Glock. This little tool is just something of convenience because it is all I need to disassemble my Glock 19. Basically, it is a perfect sized punch that you can keep with your range bag or cleaning supplies and make your life easier. The sight tool is something you should rarely have to use, but it is convenient to have. The key chain attachment makes it easy to attach to your bag and not lose it in the clutter. It is very well made and I was able to use a rubber mallet to get a stuck pin out. Will this little tool do anything you can’t do without it, no it just makes your life easier. Great little specialized tool that is worth the money in my opinion. *********************************************************************************************************************************************** I rely on reviews when I make purchases so I put a lot of time into reviewing everything I buy on Amazon for personal and my business. Please show your appreciation by clicking the “helpful” below when it asks if the review is helpful!!! Read more

  2. Eric R.

    This tool is great, it is very portable and comfortable to use in your hand. My only wish is that it came with a cover as one side of the tool is always exposed Read more


    Really like this tool from avid. Helps easily punch glock pins and change out front sight quickly which o actually do often. I just think it should be $9.99 that’s my only con so far. Otherwise very capable tool. Read more

  4. Kiarra J.

    Hope you get a better one than I did. Guess QC is non existent these days… Read more

  5. IDad D4

    This little guy is amazing. It can connect to my keys and be available if I need it at the range or in the field. While I believe it COULD be bent, I think a person would need to work seriously hard to bend it. If you do, you might want to examine what you are using it on as I have had brand new Glocks and this just pushed the pins right out. No hammering nothing. Follow the guides and this is an amazing little tool. Great product for the money I spent on it. I bought another also. One to keep in the bag and one to keep on my person. I would highly recommend this to any Glock owner or, even anyone that just needed to be able to push some pins. Read more

  6. Mac

    I needed this to swap out the factory front sights on my gen 3 Glock 17 for a pair of TruGlo night sights. I didn’t realize there isn’t much space between the top of the set screw and the inner slide. This tool fit perfectly without any clearance issues. If you’re changing out your Glock sights you will definitely need this tool and it’s worth every penny. Read more

  7. no

    I hope it works as good as it feels I have had probably 14 different tools of this nature and all have failed either the punch breaks or even worse bends and are of no use. I am asked at lest 3 times a week to instal night sites on Glock firearms hopefully the magnet will do what it is supposed to do if you have ever dropped one of those front sight screws in the field you know what I am talking about Read more

  8. andrii

    Worked well for the pins. Removing the front sight was a pain though. I wish the tool was a little longer and had a larger handle to grip on to. When applying pressure to remove the front sight screw, the tool kept loosening up. Installing new sight was easier. Nice tool to have in a pinch tossed in a gun bag. I think it’d be much more functional if it had a quick disconnect to reverse the tool, instead of the threads. Read more

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