Actual necessities guys’s lively athletic performance shorts with wallet – 5 %

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  • a hundred% polyester
  • elastic closure
  • moisture wicking technology continues you cool and dry, at the same time as breathable construction offers incredible ventilation that helps release moisture faraway from the body.
  • flexible: these athletic shorts are brilliant for workout routines, basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, baseball, badminton, workout schooling, cycling, going for walks, trekking, going for walks, boxing, etc.
  • nine-inch inseam gives at ease coverage and a complete variety of movement.
  • pockets on side seam provide convenient storage for all your small necessities.
  • elastic waistband with adjustable inner drawstring delivering a custom match and sense that isn’t too tight however remains for your waist even if moving around.
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8 reviews for Actual necessities guys’s lively athletic performance shorts with wallet – 5 %

  1. Snik

    Hey fellow thrifty buyer- you seem to be looking for some inexpensive basketball shorts and stumbled upon this great deal of five pairs. You think “Wow! Five pairs for the normal price of two! And the rating is decent!” However.. I am here, like other true reviewers, to burst that bubble. These cheap pieces of crap-fabric will rip within 4 days of owning them. FOUR. DAYS. That was one pair. Luckily, we have four more to last us 16 whole days! Thanks Amazon! Seriously, go elsewhere for shorts. Kohls is always having sales. JCPenneys too! But, if you care about your money, do not buy these damn pieces of swiss cheese with leg holes. Read more

  2. ‘Loq

    Unless you’re into paying for seconds, rejects and merchandise that’s resold after being purchased from liquidation centers, I’d avoid this Seller. The five pairs of shorts arrived packaged in a plastic bag that was ‘sealed’ with clear shipping tape. After removing the items I quickly discovered that: 1) one of the colourful side panels was incompletely sewn, leaving a gaping space exposing underwear or bare skin, 2) other side panels, if not sewn at all, were sewn to the bottom corner of the pocket, 3) one pocket was lacking in two thirds of its normal depth, 4) another had a hole in the bottom large enough to allow a mobile device to fall through, 5) all of the shorts were at least one size too small, 6) on two of the pieces the drawstring had ‘retreated’ into the waist … and it wasn’t an easy fix to retrieve the little demons! In shorts (sorry ’bout the pun; I was compelled), I was sold clothing that had, at the very least, been previously used and was subsequently returned (to an Amazon Returns site?) which was then liquidated and illegally, or at the very least, spuriously, re-labeled as ‘NEW’. This isn’t the first purchase to share similarities. The most recent involved the purchase of two ‘new’ stainless steel insulated tumblers. These products arrived on my doorstep rolling around freely inside the Amazon box — with Walmart sales stickers still attached! Not a good thing to have paid money for new products that came from a dock sale! Sheesh! Amazon customer services mitigated these experiences to my full satisfaction. Enough kudos can’t be showered on the CSR’s who handle these impeccably tedious issues daily. It’s too bad there is no process in place preventing unscrupulous Sellers from illegally advertising their merch as new when it clearly is not. I WILL NOT purchase from this Seller again because the trust factor has been totally negated by her/his irresponsibility. Read more

  3. Eric Saint-erne

    These shorts and this bundle is trash, I ordered it and within the same week at least two of the shorts had the holes you see in the crotch of the pants at the seems. This product is inferior and amazon seriously doesn’t need to be selling this trash, definitely not promoting it. Read more

  4. Lightning Remodeling

    First off I only received 4 pairs of shorts. I also received two grey pairs. They material is very thin, pretty much see through. I also received different sizes shorts with the same size tag on them. They are definitely not the same/correct size. Read more

  5. Edgar M. Barwick Jr.

    In the past 4 years, I’ve placed 330 orders with Amazon and with the exception of very, very few, all have been for multiple items. I’ve never had the cause to write a product review other than a couple of 5-star praises for items beyond the worth of the sale value. I have a 34-inch waist. I ordered the XL and they are smaller than medium shorts I purchased from WalMart. They obviously run much smaller than stated, or they are boy’s sizes. Additionally, they are very cheaply made. I ordered two packages of these and have opened only one so far. One pair had an unstitched 4-inch hole in the side. They all have fraying seams and the unraveling threads, especially in the waistband. My sincere advice is don’t waste your money on these shorts. Read more

  6. Retired Dude

    The shorts are exactly as described. The fit is good and the material is decent. The pockets could be a little deeper. One thing when you first get the shorts is to tie a small knot at the end of each drawstring. If you don’t do this the drawstring will disappear into the waist band and won’t be usable. On a scale from 1 to 10 and ten being the best I would rate these a 8.5. Would buy them again Read more

  7. NW&JW

    They are exactly as expected. They have pockets. Comes with 5 shorts. Comes quick. They are very comfy. Ordered a bigger size because I like my shorts to fit a certain way. Read more

  8. Sam Crutsinger

    The shorts are a bit scratchy. The draw strings are different lengths. Some have long strings that aren’t a problem, but others are constantly getting sucked up into the shorts so you have to fish them out. Oh, and while you’re pulling the string by the aglet (the plastic tip), the aglet will slip right off. Now for the fun part. Once the aglet is off the drawstring, the next time you wash the shorts, the drawstring will unravel into a massive wad of what looks like cotton candy, so melt the end of the drawstring or just pull the string out all together if the elastic is enough to hold them up without it. They’re not bad enough to ship back, but I wouldn’t buy them again. Read more

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