Adjustable weight bench, a thousand lb by using d1f for electricity training – incline, decline, flat workout benches for lifting, flies, chest press, dips – utility equipment for non-public, business fitness center

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  • ensure this fits through coming into your model range.
  • superior, first-class strength: our adjustable sports seats from day 1 fitness had been manufactured the usage of heavy-duty metal to support up to 1,000 pounds, effortlessly and safely. Highly well-made, those exercise benches guarantee lengthy-lasting ingenuity
  • adjusts in your wishes: the exercising bench has 6 ladder adjustments for multiple incline and decline angles. Providing a trouble-free knob adjustment, the reclining back can securely lock into positioning based to your preference focused muscle group.
  • relaxed help: further to the adjustable ladder, the seat has 3 adjustments to situate your lumbar, neck, and backbone into proper alignment. The seat is made from 2” thick multilayer padding to in addition ensure stability and durability.
  • convenient, easy portability: no extra suffering to move your health bench throughout the gym floor. Our seat is equipped with excessive-grade wheels within the returned for smooth moving. When in use, the bench remains desk bound and locked.
  • constructed for all levels: regardless in case you work from your home, storage or basement, otherwise you personal a club or gym, a top class-pleasant, reliable exercise bench seat is a should and ours is best for amateurs and beginners to athletes and bodybuilders.

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heavy responsibility 1,000 lb weight capacity bench designed with 6 positions to lie complete flat, incline, and decline. Ergonomically designed seat gives 5 positions to hold your again supported thru all angle adjustments.

detachable foot holders will let you lock your toes for acting sit-ups, presses, fly’s, and every other exercising desiring more stability.

d1f proudly supports neighborhood commercial enterprise. All of our progressive fitness products are designed inside the united states of america, so that you can experience top knowing you’re contributing at once to the economy. We make use of the information of enterprise leaders to construct merchandise to final. Whether or not you operate those for your private home gymnasium or a commercial fitness center, realize you are becoming the exceptional you deserve!

amazon gives a 30-day return/exchange coverage on all d1f bought products so you can keep with confidence. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this product, touch our u. S. Based customer service group directly at day1fitnessd1f@gmail. Com and we’ll do our best to ensure your purchasing revel in with day 1 health is top-notch!

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7 reviews for Adjustable weight bench, a thousand lb by using d1f for electricity training – incline, decline, flat workout benches for lifting, flies, chest press, dips – utility equipment for non-public, business fitness center

  1. Jeebus

    Instructions were a bit confusing but all the screws. There was nothing written, only a diagram with codes corresponding to the different nuts, washers, and bolts. On the plus side, they are well-labeled and stored in separate compartments. I feel very stable while benching on this. I use stall mats in my home gym and there is no wobble at all. The cushion is supportive but firm which is important when pushing heavy weight. The leg attachments are useful when performing skull crushers and pull-overs. The handle and two wheels make it easy to move out of the way when not in use. Edit: added a photo of the gap between the seat and the back rest. It’s approximately 2”-2.5” and not noticeable since I’m able to support my entire body on the back rest while benching. If you’re over 6’1” it might be an issue- or just slide down so that the arch in your back is over the gap. Read more

  2. Dave

    The bottom line up front, it’s a good bench that I am satisfied with. The bench is sturdy, has good padding, and has easy adjustability. The leg attachment is not comfortable for me as it puts the weight in the center of my calfs in full decline mode. Even with the adjustments, which is very little, I can’t find a comfortable position. I’m 6’4″ so I’m sure that plays into the mix. The bench feels very stable while using, I’ve had 400 lbs on the bench between me and the weights and it was rock solid. The instructions are not user friendly as they contain assembly steps that don’t take into account the partial assembly already completed by the manufacturer. It doesn’t list the two different size wrenches/sockets you’ll need, not a big deal as you can just walk the two different size bolts out to your toolbox and fit check what you need. The longest part of the 45 min assembly was finding the tools and figuring out the step I was reading, and searching for parts for, had already been completed by the manufacturer. I’m not sure if they changed the packaging process to include partial assembly or just didn’t want to spend the money to make the instructions match the build. In today’s tech world, how hard would it be to update the instructions and post them online. It’s only a couple page doc. Overall, a great bench that I would buy again at the sale price I picked it up for. Read more

  3. choppersrule

    I am marking my review rating down due to the customer service. I received the bench with some damage to the packaging. I have no idea why the manufacturer would wrap a heavy object, made of metal with the same small bubble wrap used for lighter products. I was missing the instructions and a bearing. I emailed the manufacturer and included a picture of their tag and followed the instructions on the tag for missing parts. Their reply was to contact Amazon and send the entire bench back for replacement. Why put instructions to contact the manufacturer if their only reply is to send it back to Amazon? I had the bench almost all put together by the time I discovered the missing bearing. The bench went together fairly easily, even without the instructions, and I made a different piece work for the missing bearing. The bench is pretty solid for being adjustable. Time will tell if it holds up. Read more

  4. John Kurtzweil

    *Update: DF1 comes through in spades with a gift card for the trouble and Amazon free pickup of the defective bench and replacement with one that is perfect. DF1 is top notch with customer service and makes an excellent FID bench. After all the research that I did looking for a good bench that didn’t break the bank, the Rep Fitness AB-3000 looked like it fit the bill perfectly. Unfortunately, their products seem more like vaporware than anything, because they never have anything in stock and can’t tell you when exactly they will. So this started my search for another bench. What I found was that there was several people that were selling either the same bench with a different name, or with a minor modification. When I saw the D1F bench, I immediately purchased it. Unfortunately the rear floor support bar attachment plate is welded at an angle that is slightly off and it makes the bench sit a little crooked. I am now debating on whether I should buy some washers and a longer bolt to correct this or return. Other than that the bench seems to be very well made. Read more

  5. Mr.Tech

    I bought this bench mainly for 3 reasons: 1. The weight, I had previously a 30lb bench and it was easy to push accidentally when laying in it on inclined position, this bench almost 3 times heavier, check the specs as I forget the exact number, but the weight of the this bench helps on avoiding this sliding problem. 2. Height, this is a low bench in it’s flat position (17″ approx) just like the ones you find at the gym. The previous I had was too tall. 3. How easy is to adjust the angle of the bench. No need to scroll any knob. Just pull it and you’re all set. Price is decent, quality is great! Read more

  6. Imdaman

    I’m an avid weight lifter and find this bench perfect for my everyday needs. I’ve upgraded from a bench to a power rack and this allows me to do flat, incline and decline movements as well as all type of dumbbells. It’s just the right width and it’s very sturdy. It also has wheels and rolls easy when you tilt it up. It arrived mostly put together which the instructions don’t reflect so you’ll be happy to skip some steps. I’ve taken pictures of the instructions pointing this out. I’m 5’9”, about 175lbs and fit comfortably on the bench. Both my 19 year old sons like it also for their workouts. Read more

  7. jason s

    Like other reviews , the directions are complete and utter garbage . Easy enough to assemble and put together anyways . Took about 12 minutes with proper tools. Couple of parts left over that I could see no use for but works perfectly. Good quality, heavy duty not like my last bench I wanted to replace. Heavy and sturdy like gym quality but can tell with seat cushions it’s not a higher priced one . Would buy it again Read more

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