Amazon basics dumbbell and barbell grips, multiple sizes

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  • make sure this fits by means of coming into your version quantity.
  • pair of thick wrap-around grips for a more intense exercise; best for dumbbells, barbells, and more
  • securely wraps around handles to create a thicker diameter for an superior workout
  • made from high-density silicon rubber with engraved go-hatching for finest energy with a greater comfortable hold; black coloration
  • appropriate for 28mm and 30mm diameter bars
  • x-huge length measures 2. 6 by using 4. Eight by using 2. 6 inches (lxwxh); backed by means of an amazon fundamentals 1-yr limited guarantee
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3.8 Inch Width, 5.3 Inch Width

8 reviews for Amazon basics dumbbell and barbell grips, multiple sizes

  1. Megan Hale

    After using real FatGripz, these are an absolute joke! These grips are cheap, tiny knock offs of the real thing. They are easily mistaken for a toddlers toy. Read more

  2. Joshua Duran

    I heard about Fat Gripz, and thought I would give these a try to get a better arm workout in. As you can tell they don’t fully fit around the dumb bell handle, but they do the job. Having to grip these while doing curls you will definitely feel different muscles getting worked, in addition to the normal ones. I love them, and would recommend them to any one wanting to try them out. Read more

  3. American Dragon: Jake Long

    I purchased this product after a certain vegan YouTube bodybuilder has recommended this to his audience. I have felt a substantial increase of muscle mass in my arms after lifting with these grips. I feel the difference in my forearms more than anywhere else, but I have noticed significant muscle mass increase throughout my arms in the past three weeks of use. I have received comments from frequent lifters into investigating time into this product. They seem to want it for deadlifts. These grips feel good and snap on to any dumbbell in the gym in just seconds. When switching from weights to cardio, they fit in your pockets without being a nuisance. It is a nice edition to the family of commonly used gym products like phone, headphones, and water bottle. They are cylindrical, so it would not be good to drop them and roll under a treadmill or other piece of gym equipment. A slight hexagonal shape may help to enhance this product or similar products to avoid possible loss of the product. It is worth purchasing for anyone who is serious about building muscle mass over the matter of a few weeks of consistent use. Read more

  4. Stephen

    After reading the negative reviews on this item I have come to the conclusion that most (if not all) of them must work for Fat Gripz. These have been amazing so far (2+ months of use) and I have no complaints regarding quality, comfort, or appearance. While they may not be marketed by Insta influencers or professional bodybuilders, I see no reason why these can’t get the job done. Not to mention, for 1/4th the price of Fat Gripz, if the item does begin to show wear and tear I can purchase them 4x over before paying for one set of FGs. If you have been on the fence regarding purchasing a set of grips, but have a hard time justifying $30 on them, these are for you! Read more

  5. SuiGeneris

    I’m sure these are great for weightlifting, but I bought them to decrease how far I had to lean over to reach my Peloton handlebars. I had a back injury, and could not bend as much while I was recovering. The black, 5.3 inch pair fits perfect on the horizontal bars of the Peloton and bring it out and up by over an inch, which make a difference. These would be great for someone who is short and having a hard time reaching the bars as well. Read more

  6. Eric B.

    These grips are very durable and versatile. Have transferred them between several dumbbells during the past 5 months and they have not stretched out and slipped around. Without these grips, the dumbbell handles press into tendons and ligaments and hands ache. With these grips I can do multiple sets and there hands are not in pain. I feel the hands are much stronger from the extra thick grip. Entertaining idea of getting a couple extra sets so I can rotate to different weights without having to swap between weights. Read more

  7. Luv4 USA

    It’s a good accessory but not really that important. I don’t have small hands but still feel some discomfort in using it. And I mean, not the first time user discomfort but every time I use it. So IMO, if you have small/er hands, don’t bother to get any grip/s. But if you insist in getting it, who am I stop you. Read more

  8. Russell

    These grips are not only too short, but the inside diameter is too small. That leaves a large gap in coverage plus makes them not as safe, more likely to pop off under pressure if applied in the wrong spot. They would be a great value if not for that. Read more

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