Amazon basics forged iron hex hand dumbbell weight

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  • make certain this suits with the aid of getting into your version variety.
  • dumbbell for resistance training—superb for arms, chest, returned, center, and legs
  • made of solid terrific solid iron for dependable constructed-to-remaining energy
  • hexagon-shaped ends help prevent rolling and promote stay-in-region storage
  • best for fitness lessons or a wide variety of at-home exercise routines
  • sold individually; weighs 25 kilos
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8 reviews for Amazon basics forged iron hex hand dumbbell weight

  1. jen

    Not solid cast iron. Weight 49lbs instead of 50lbs. Read more

  2. Michelle

    I’m really disappointed in the quality of this dumbbell. The coating is already coming off of it in multiple spots. I don’t even use 20lb’ers every day, maybe once or twice a week, and I’ve only had this Amazon one for a couple of months. It’s going to be totally stripped of the coating in a couple more weeks, and then it’s useless. Have to buy another already. I’ve had dumbbells from other companies for decades and never had to replace them. Do not recommend this at all. Read more

  3. 20th Century Arber

    Was fine coming in. Shipped fine but the only job these have to do is stay intact. It’s a dumbell… Literally place them on a rug and never drop when a chip just falls off. I will paint it to cover it but, won’t be buying another pair for other weights. Read more

  4. D. Beahn

    These LOOK like metal – they’re not. They’re concrete and after less than 2 months of normal use (yes, I drop these – I have rubber flooring) a giant piece chunked off of one of them. No idea if this is a manufacturing defect or not – I’m going to contact Amazon and see if they’ll replace it. Stay tuned. Read more

  5. Sammy

    Decent, especially for the price. Been using for at least 3 weeks this far and it does the job and had the best price for this amount of weight. The paint/coating on it does chip and flake off, but it doesn’t bother me much. Read more

  6. Kindle Customer

    I would advise getting the one with the contoured thicker grip that is thicker in the middle. I do wrist curls with 48 pounds and I can feel this one pulling sideways on my wrists a bit for tricep curls, even with the wrist wraps. I’ll be moving up the 40’s for tricep anyway, so this is fine for bicep until I build up. The extra pull comes from the balance of the weight changing because it’s hard to hold it firmly in the wrist and keep all of the play out of it. Fine for anything else except hammer curls where there is the same issue Fine for front raises, lateral raise, back rows, etc. With my 20-lb. weight, which I use for to increase circulation on my off days, it’s not an issue. Read more

  7. Retro gamer

    Bought two 40 pounders there’s is movement inside of one. Hope it’s safe used them already so far so good. Would be 5 stars if they both were solid. Read more

  8. Andrew P

    This is good value for the coronavirus days. I didn’t get a chance to put on the scale to see how much they actually weigh before writing this review. The item came in from backorder faster than what was expected. Upon first use for incline flies, the second the weights touched each other the coating started to flake off. Whatever that use as a coating is super shiny and slippery. Good thing the handle wasn’t as slippery. It looks like there is some sort of knurling that is covered by the coating though. Pretty turned off at how easily this coating comes off. Hopefully I don’t get any in my eye while doing chest exercises. Read more

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