Amazon essentials guys’s slender-healthy stretch golfing pant

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  • 98% polyester, 2% spandex
  • imported
  • gadget wash
  • those classic slender match golf pants are designed with a moisture-wicking, performance material to help hold you dry
  • a piece of stretch provides consolation and versatility and makes this golf pants a move-to on or off the links
  • capabilities slant wallet at each aspect and set-in pockets on the back
  • sits under the waist, narrow thru the hip and thigh with slender leg
  • recreation made better: we listen to consumer comments and excellent-tune each element to make sure great, healthy, and comfort
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  • will it’s suited for a person who works outside in humid climate, i paintings in sales
  • i suppose they could be first-class for that. They may be marketed as golf pants that is why i bought them. But, the fabric is not as light and thin as some golf pants. I might put on them in any sort of climate but if you are worried about humidity or warmth you may discover some thing lighter weight. The healthy and rate of those pants are difficult to conquer. See less

  • are the pants made in china?
  • question: are the pants made in china? Answer: the tag says they’re made in vietnam. Via bradb on june 21, 2019 failed to get solutions. See more answers (2) crumble all solutions

  • does the belt include it?
  • question: does the belt include it? Answer: no belt, pant most effective. Through chen zhao on august 9, 2019 didn’t get solutions. See extra answers (5) crumble all solutions

  • why are most colorations presently unavailable? Have they stopped making these pants?
  • query: why are maximum colorings currently unavailable? Have they stopped making those pants? Answer: asked this numerous instances. No person solutions for some cause. Disgrace too, extraordinary pants at an excellent price. By louis b. On may additionally three, 2021 failed to get answers. See extra solutions (1) fall apart all solutions


    29W x 28L, 29W x 29L, 29W x 30L, 29W x 32L, 29W x 34L, 30W x 28L, 30W x 29L, 30W x 30L, 30W x 32L, 30W x 34L, 31W x 28L, 31W x 29L, 31W x 30L, 31W x 32L, 31W x 34L, 32W x 28L, 32W x 29L, 32W x 30L, 32W x 31L, 32W x 32L, 32W x 34L, 33W x 28L, 33W x 29L, 33W x 30L, 33W x 32L, 33W x 34L, 34W x 28L, 34W x 29L, 34W x 30L, 34W x 31L, 34W x 32L, 34W x 33L, 34W x 34L, 35W x 28L, 35W x 30L, 35W x 32L, 35W x 34L, 36W x 28L, 36W x 30L, 36W x 31L, 36W x 32L, 36W x 33L, 38W x 29L, 38W x 30L, 38W x 32L, 38W x 34L, 40W x 29L, 40W x 30L, 40W x 32L, 40W x 34L, 42W x 28L, 42W x 29L, 42W x 30L, 42W x 32L, 42W x 34L


    Black, Gray, Khaki, Navy, Olive, Stone

    8 reviews for Amazon essentials guys’s slender-healthy stretch golfing pant

    1. Johnny Oakdale

      ….not really! A few reviews say they need to be softer and more stretchy. What have golfers become? I’m 5’11 185. 34/32 fit as well as any pants I own. They stretch, they’re soft enough and I didn’t have to pay an extra $50 for a logo. They have that rubbery line inside the waist band so your shirt stays in place as well. The lack of a logo does make them wearable anywhere which is another plus. Read more

    2. J.L.M.

      These are very nice work pants. The “slim” cut is understated. They are not so slim that they look like trendy pants a teenager would wear, but they don’t look baggy like dress pants bought at Walmart. The waist has a bit of elastic give to them to make them comfortable. These have a crease down the center of the leg, so they definitely look like office pants. I was hoping these would be very thin, light material because I planned to travel with these and I wanted pants that I could hand wash in a sink and dry overnight. These won’t work for that use. The material — even though it is not all cotton — is a similar thickness to a typical pair of cotton Dockers. Even though I won’t be taking these backpacking around Europe, I’m still happy with the purchase. Read more

    3. Thomas & Jessii

      I almost feel like a broken record on Amazon’s “golf pants”, having tried several versions and all having the same pros and cons… Pros: the quality was great. Both material and construction were quite good. Definitely better than most “generic brand” clothing. Amazon’s own brand of clothes are not typically cheaply made. Second, both the waist and length on these pants were good, and they were not too baggy. Con: the crotch, seat and thigh was far too tight and there really wasn’t enough stretch in the material to accommodate much movement. I wound up sending these back and instead settled on these from Kenneth Cole: Much better sizing in the crotch, a slightly wider leg and seat, but still “slim” fit, and not baggy. The thing that I really like about these instead, is that material is a blend that is less polyesther and more viscose and spandex, so it actually stretches well and the material is a bit lighter. Yes, they aren’t “golf” pants per se, but you could absolutely use them as such. Read more

    4. kyle ciccarello

      As others described, these pants are more like a comfortable dress pant than golf pant. If you are looking for similar material to a Nike/Adidas/UA, do not purchase these pants. I am giving them 3 stars because they fit well (and offer a 30×28 option which is extremely hard to find) and were cheap. If I had paid anymore than $25 for these, they would be going back. Read more

    5. William A. Morrison

      Comfotable, slim-fit, performance pants, just what I needed! I am 5’3″ and ordered the 30×28. Read more

    6. umlriverhawk555

      All of the other reviews for this product are 100% right but here’s the jist if you haven’t read them. These really aren’t golf pants but more of a looser, sporty dress pant. My best comparison is a hybrid of classic khaki pants with a pair of suit pants. HOWEVER, they are fantastic quality and feel very good. I believe that the waist is a smidge tighter than expected so if you’re bordering on two waist sizes, get the higher size. They could be used as golf pants but are not a Nike-esque golf pant, but they are terrific dress pants that I highly recommend! Read more

    7. Mike Terry

      These are for rich old guys at the golf course or young guys trying to look like rich old guy’s. Definitely not skater pants. If you’re looking for business pants in the old-style, this is it. Read more

    8. bradb

      I’m very pleased. I bought these golf pants because (1) they came in a slim fit option (2) at a great price and (3) with odd-number inseam lengths. Most brands of golf pants cost $80-$150 and offer only even-number inseams. 32” is too short for me and 34” is too long—33” is just right. The $25 price less than 1/3 of other brands. You just don’t get the Nike Swoosh or logos for Under Armour, Adidas, Walter Hagen, etc. Read more

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