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  • make certain this suits by using entering your version number.
  • kettlebell supports a extensive range of resistance-training exercises
  • made of solid great cast iron for reliable built-to-remaining power
  • painted floor for expanded sturdiness and corrosion safety
  • textured huge handle allows make sure a relaxed, relaxed grip; hold with one hand or
  • weighs 10 pounds; backed through an amazon basics limited one-12 months warranty
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with its ball shape and integrated loop deal with, the kettlebell works as weight resistance and a counter balance for a variety of exercises.

strong solid iron

solid cast-iron creation enables make certain dense, dependable overall performance. Available in multiple weight ranges to personalize your exercise.

painted surface

the kettlebell’s painted exterior gives increased durability and effective protection towards corrosion.

extensive textured grip

the kettlebell’s gently curved manage comes with a textured floor for a at ease, comfy grip. Its huge handle can be held with one hand or .

product description

an amazon brand


10 Pounds, 15 Pounds, 20 Pounds, 25 Pounds, 30 Pounds, 35 Pounds, 40 Pounds, 45 Pounds, 50 Pounds, 60 Pounds

8 reviews for Amazon fundamentals solid iron kettlebell weight

  1. Craig Feringa

    The product arrived as advertised. The only negative I have about the product is that it is heavy … about 15 pounds or so. When I repeatedly lift it I become fatigued and begin to perspire. It doesn’t matter in what way I lift it, fatigue and sweating always result. I would return it for these reasons, but I don’t want to lift it into a box and then to the UPS store. :). Read more

  2. Cathy

    I’m amazed to find this on AmazonBasics. It’s a freakin’ cast iron ball with a handle, so why is it $60 or $80 on specialty sites? Perhaps those really are worth the extra $$, but I’m just an old lady (age 56) wanting to work out at home and not interested in competitions, nor do I care what color this is. The handle is easy to grip with plenty of room for a two-handed hold (glove size medium, or large in women’s). There’s no annoying seam and the handle isn’t slippery, although you might want to use chalk during longer workouts. The small bell size makes it easy to manipulate, and it stays standing up when you put it down. I chose the 15 lb weight as a starter, and it’s plenty heavy enough for me. I do find that I probably could use more weight for kettlebell swings and less for upper arm exercises, but the 15 lb is a decent compromise and does the job. Read more

  3. Pianofan

    A low price, but I purchased 2 of the 20 lb. size and both had the exact same two major flaws: 1. The bottoms are not flat so they wobble easily, which eliminates KB pushups or any other exercises that require putting downward pressure on top of the handle–these exercises are the main reason I bought these two KBs! 2. One of the inside edges of the handle has a jagged ridge of iron that will scrape your hand. Hopefully these were from one bad run at the factory, but I decided not to risk getting more bad ones and returned them. Credit is due to Amazon for an easy return process. Read more

  4. Sherluck Holmes

    They should call this baby “The Black Beauty” because this is a very good quality, no-frills, never complains kettlebell that knows how to get the job done. You won’t be disappointed. Anyone with limited means who wants to get started with an “at home” fitness routine can’t miss with a kettlebell because factually it is the only piece of equipment you will need to get a good overall workout, get a good pump and make progress. Really! Or if like me, you have only trained over the years with standard barbells, dumbbells and weight machines I highly recommend discovering the benefits of the exercises that the kettlebell uniquely provides as an addition to your regular workout routine. YouTube is loaded with videos that will teach you how to do kettlebell routines safely. So I’m totally 5 thumbs up when it comes to discovering the kettlebell magic! I recently broke my all-time standing dumbbell press PR at age 72 and it’s directly a result of my recently starting to use my 35lb kettlebell in my weekly routine and working my core, arms and upper body in new and different ways. We really need to stay healthy and fit to enjoy every stage of our life from teenager to elder, and discovering the kettlebell as a faithful and effective ally on our life-long fitness quest is a very smart move! So go for it…you won’t be disappointed with this brand. Read more

  5. L. A. Kane

    What can I say, it’s a freaking cannonball with a handle welded onto it. Just like any other kettlebell. The goodness, however, is that Amazon sells ’em far, far cheaper than any other brand for this level of quality. It’s fully de-burred, nicely finished, and true to weight. My only (minor) complaint is that the handle is smooth, not textured as described. Since I wear gloves when lifting that’s no biggie, but if you get sweaty hands during your workout you might have challenge with it getting slippery. Read more

  6. Mark

    Not quite as polished as my kettle bell from a major brand. But it’s half the price and 90 percent of the quality. Read more

  7. AmazonMom

    great kettle bell. working on fixing my Diastasis Recti with kettle bell work outs and this 30 lb works great for me — i am 5’2 110 lbs and not in particularly great shape– i can do 75 kettle swings with this one– two sets of 30 and then one set of 15 Read more

  8. J. Ashar

    I was in the market for a kettle bell because I wanted another way of keeping active at home without being forced to go to the gym. However, researching through tons of different kettle bell brands made the buying process overtly complicated. AmazonBasics does it best because they tend to make a product that satisfies the majority. I’m not an advanced kettle bell snob; I just wanted the most fundamental piece of equipment at a fair price. This is where the AmazonBasics kettle bell shines. It’s simply a weight with a flat bottom, a smooth handle, and it’s at a reasonable price! What more do you want?! I’m completely satisfied with it, and I’m sure you will be too. Read more

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