Amazon fundamentals vinyl coated hand weight dumbbell pair, set of 2

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  • make certain this fits by means of getting into your model range.
  • set of two dumbbells, 10 kilos each
  • steel dumbbell with colourful vinyl outside coating for a strong, non-slip grip
  • super for intensifying workouts along with strolling, strolling, aerobics, and greater
  • available in a ramification of various weights for education
  • sculpt muscle tissue and burn more energy all through your exercise
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set of 2 dumbbells

best for health lessons or at-home workouts, those hand held weights make it easy to feature resistance education. Multiple weight stages to be had.

non-slip vinyl outdoors

the dumbbells feature a non-slip vinyl coating for a secure grip even as lifting. The coating also helps guard floors from damage.

weight marked and shade coded

the dumbbells offer a truely published weight wide variety on each stop cap, and also are color coded to help you easily grasp the right weight.

hexagonal form

a nice opportunity to round heads, the dumbbells’ hexagonal heads assist hold them in area on the floor–no rolling away to worry approximately.

product description

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10 lbs Set, 12 lbs Set, 15 lbs Set, 2 lbs Set, 20 lbs Set, 3 lbs Set, 4 lbs Set, 5 lbs Set, 7 lbs Set, 8 lbs Set, 9 lbs Set

8 reviews for Amazon fundamentals vinyl coated hand weight dumbbell pair, set of 2

  1. AKratz

    I don’t like the grip at all, I’m a 34 yo women with average sized hands and can’t even wrap my hands around the grip. I will use because not worth the hassle of returning but I’m sure it will be a nightmare when my hands are sweaty. If your in the sm/medium glove sizes for females you might want to look elsewhere. Read more

  2. willtravel

    I bought the vinyl dumbbells because they are cheaper that the neoprene kind. However, when I got them I was quite disappointed because the grip is very large. I have large hands for a woman, and my grip barely goes around the center. I wanted to return these, but I would have had to pay 50% in return shipping for what I bought them for, so I kept them. This was also frustrating to me, since the items were Amazon Prime. I will not be ordering vinyl AmazonBasics dumbbells again. Read more

  3. Amanda

    Was a little skeptical about ordering these because of the reviews about the grip. I am petite, 5’3, 125, my hands fit around them fine. I have had no issues regarding comfort. Highly recommend. Read more

  4. Jeremiah isaacson

    BUYER BEWARE I purchased this set expecting to have two identical 10 lb weights. One weight was larger than the other even though both had “10 lbs” printed on the outside rubber material of the weights. Also, I weighed both weights I received separately and one was 2 lbs. lighter than (e.g. 8 lbs) then the expected “10 lbs” printed on the weight. Maybe they are low on stock and was hoping no one would notice as long as they printed “10 lbs” on the side and colored them the same. Buyers need to be aware. Read more

  5. xiaodong zhang

    I missed the window to return/replace, ordered in summer but just opened to use. It looks good, but when I picked up, one is heavier but the other is lighter. I have them tested on a scale, the difference between the two is 1lb! cannot believe it. Read more

  6. KalalauKid

    My husband suffered a stroke last July. He has been in rehab for many months and is now with me. Two pound weights were suggested by his PT and OT for strengthening his arm muscles on his left side, as well as helping his coordination. He is getting better day by day, although we still have a long road ahead. I would recommend these weights for anyone needing strengthening muscles in elderly individuals. I am also using them since I am his sole caregiver and am 65. He’s 82 and progressing in his therapies. Read more

  7. Sandra P.

    I have ordered other brands of the vinyl hand weights, Amazon basics hand weights are by far the best quality! Sets are uniform in color and print and are unblemished, I love them and I’ll be ordering more! Read more

  8. Reviewer #42

    Do not ignore all of the reviews about large grip! The grip on the 15lb weights is so large I couldn’t actually complete my work out because it was too painful to hold the weights. The packaging was also so damaged when I got to me I’m not even sure if I’m able to return these. Super mad about this purchase and super disappointed in Amazon basics! Read more

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