Ameriglo traditional collection three dot sights for s/w/m/p, inexperienced

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  • make certain this suits with the aid of coming into your model number.
  • rear sight device
  • for glock fashions 17-41
  • ameriglo sights are used global by means of regulation enforcement, army, defense-minded loose residents, and recreational shooters.
  • package dimensions: zero. Eight” ( h ) x 4. Eight” ( l ) x 3. Five” ( w )

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ameriglo conventional collection three dot points of interest for s & w, m & p, inexperienced/green, front and rear attractions sw-one hundred forty five. For smith and wesson m & p shield.

8 reviews for Ameriglo traditional collection three dot sights for s/w/m/p, inexperienced

  1. Jroll

    I really like the look of these sights. Very bright, but not to bright. Nice sight picture in any light. Would have given 5 stars if they went on easier. I had to shave down the ramps with my Dremel in order for the front sight to properly fit the feed ramp. Used a grinding stone attachment. I also sudgest removing the front and back sights with a sight pusher tool. Got one on Amazon for $20. Make sure to get one that does front and back sights. DO NOT use the sight pusher to place the front sight on the gun. Just the rear sight. You’ll need to use a soft punch and hammer. To make it slide on easier soak the sight and dove tailed slot in gun oil first. These are great sights! Can’t beat the price! If you have an SD9VE that you’ll be putting these sights on It then my be sure to take my advice, have a six pack handy and have patience. It’ll be worth it! Read more

  2. SoCal Law Enforcement

    I was pleasantly surprised with these sights. I had the original on my Shield and needed to upgraded. With a plethora of night sights, I tried AmeriGlo for the cost and also the fact that these are really Trijicon sights. Because of the Trijicon reputation. I decided to purchase the sights., The challenge of putting them on wasn’t the rear sights, it was the front sight. What I like about it the most is that the rear sights are easily adjustable so on range day, I was able to make slight modifications without any real issues. I noticed an immediate and dramatic difference from the original Shield sights to these. Shot groups where no more than an 1″ and targest up to 35 yards 12″ plates were easy to engage. It’s a great feeling of confidence to o carry my new Shield with the AmeriGlo sights. Read more

  3. H. Kon

    Replaced my PC Shield 9 fiber optic sights. The OE sights came off very easily with taps with a drift punch. No lube, no heat. New sights installed easy too, and are very bright in the dark and easy to acquire in daylight too; a huge improvement! Then, I tried to put the take-offs on my other Shield 9 and I could not budge the front sight! Moral: there is a lot of variation gun to gun, so your ease of installation may vary! Read more

  4. J. Lee

    These sights are everything I was hoping for once I got them installed. Combined with a green laser I have all the confidence that if I needed to defend myself in the dark I will be more than ready. When I turn the lights out before bed I can see them across the room. The only downside – It took an enormous effort to remove the stock M&P Shield 9 factory sights and I nearly gave up. Having a vise is imperative for the R&I and blocking the slide well with protective shims is a must. I may still have to go to a gunsmith to make sure that the sights are properly aligned bc I find I now shoot low and left so that feels disappointing. I believe it is not the fault of the sights, rather my novice skill at installing them that is at issue. Update: I ordered a digital caliper and a MGW Pro Sight Pusher off Ebay since this isn’t going to be my last install. It was expensive to purchase, but I prefer to rely on my own work and learn from it when I can. If all else fails, I will use a gunsmith to align the sights after measuring with a precision caliper and using the sight pusher. Read more

  5. Angel & Tim Hooker

    Sights glow great for low or no light situations…However, in daylight the dots on the rear sight are so tiny you can’t see them at all unless you have direct light behind you. Very difficult to easily acquire a target. IMO save your money on these. Not recommended. Read more

  6. DavidBags

    These are an amazing addition the white line makes it visible during the day the green dots glow super bright in any low light situation and a great value I will be putting these on all my pistols. No need to buy the more expensive options out there these are exceptional sights. Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    I bought these to change out some cheaper plastic site. Was so pleased with the improved site picture that I bought a second pair to replace another set of sites that I had just installed on another pistol. I like it much better due to site pick up and picture. Read more

  8. jordan

    First off they have no glo at all.Amerinoglo is a better name. Do not buy any ameriglo products! For some reason this item is “not returnable” even thought it was a prime item. I finally called amerigrubs customer service told me I’m screwed even though the packagingredients say’s ” the original owner of this product is entitled to replacement or repair if sight fails (a total loss of illumination ). Neither was offered, great product ameriglo. Thanks a lot Amazon! Read more

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