Apex adjustable heavy-duty workout kettlebell weight set strength training and weightlifting equipment for domestic gyms apkb-5009

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  • ensure this suits by coming into your model wide variety.
  • entire weight set – the apex adjustable weight set consists of the whole thing you need for muscle constructing and weight lifting! This all-in-one set comes with a 15lb weighted manage, 4 non-weighted removable spacer disks, and a 5lb bottom plate.
  • heavy-responsibility creation – made from solid cast-iron and reinforced with a powder coating, this kettle bell set is a reliable equipment so that it will ultimate a long time! Its textured and durable floor resists wear and tear at the same time as stopping damage from heavy use.
  • adjustable education tools– personalize your exercise in keeping with your skillset with this versatile equipment. You could alter the load of the kettlebell among 20 to 50 kilos by means of changing the removable spacer disks with trendy 2. 5, five, or 10lb weights.
  • u-bar cope with for advanced grip – this kettlebell allows you to carry out massive movements with its conventional u-bar manage. This specifically designed take care of allows specific touch of the hands on the bar for foremost grip and superior control.
  • perfect for various physical activities – enjoy exercise out proper at domestic with this purposeful health club gear! These weights are extremely good for lifting, toning, and electricity-training physical games or to be used with circuit training and body building.
  • covered additives: adjustable kettle bells

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apex adjustable kettlebell – apkb-5009

with the apex adjustable kettlebell, you may do kettlebell swings, russian swings, goblet squats, lunge presses, and many extra workout routines with just one kettlebell, adjusting to the precise weight for each exercise at the fly.

and, if you’ve by no means performed them earlier than, this kettlebell is ideal for you – start off with a light 20lb and paintings your way as much as 50lb! Why sacrifice space when you can have more than one kettle bells in one easy package deal. This exercise system is durable, handy and safe that will help you gain your most efficient fitness goal.

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with the apex adjustable kettlebell, you can do kettlebell swings, russian swings, goblet squats, lunge presses, and plenty of greater exercises with just one kettlebell, adjusting to the right weight for each exercising at the fly.

8 reviews for Apex adjustable heavy-duty workout kettlebell weight set strength training and weightlifting equipment for domestic gyms apkb-5009

  1. Pen Name

    I bought two of these. One has been working very well. The second time I used the other bell, The little plastic piece attached to the rod/screw that holds the weights on broke off. Totally bummed because I have loved using these. I am 3 days outside of Amazon’s return window. Trying to figure out how to contact the seller to see it they will replace or if I am SOL. Read more

  2. B. Boyd

    I have 4 – 10lb plates on it (which you’re not supposed to do) and it’s holding up just fine. Granted, I’m not some mystical kettle bell master from the USSR but I do use it at least twice a week. I didn’t have the space or money to buy a complete set and this does what I need it to. Read more

  3. Kimberlee C. Chang

    I’ve used this for two months of remote sessions with my trainer and I’m really happy with it. The handle is wide and comfortable and it works well for every exercise I use it for. It takes a hot minute to change the weight so it does takes a bit of planning. There is so much junk in the exercise market that finding something that’s not a disappointment is gold. Note: If you already own standard 5lb bar weights, then this will work fine. If not, note that they will cost extra. Read more

  4. Blues Player

    I bought this device to try as my fixed KB collection was taking up too much space. I had a pile of 1 inch 10lb plates not being used so gave it a try. Note, the little discs in the picture are just plastic spacers for when not loading > 20lbs.. The handle is 15 lbs and the base is 5lb so you have 20lbs with no additional plates. It does sit flat on the floor with no protrusion on the bottom…the part you secure is recessed. Main issue…changing plates sucks and mid workout double sucks. Let’s say you are using 50lbs total and want to add a plate to make it 60lbs. You have to stop your workout…flip it over…try and untighten the bottom…then balance it with the plates and discs slipping around…line up the holes while adding a plate…and retighten. Too much time and effort. Now your heart rate is down…you are cooling off. Second issue with this system…do not try to do cleans or racks with this. It is a totally different shape with 10 lb plates than a static, round KB. Basically I use this for swings only where I do not plan on changing it out in between sets. Using 5lb plates is not what I had in mind to get the weight I needed. Also, the piece that tightens on the bottom will not stay secured. Your fingers will just fit in the recessed indent and finger right will not hold for long. No issue with weights coming off or anything but the handle turns loose and weights may shift. I tap the bottom piece with a hammer but it is plastic covered and causes damage. I plan to just load this with 50 or 60lbs total and leave it set up that way. Kind of defeats the purpose of why I bought it in the first place. Read more

  5. Stephanie

    Not exactly ergonomic, but it’ll get the job done. I don’t know why there are so many negative reviews about the lack of weight plates–the description clearly states that it comes only with spacer discs that can be replaced with standard weights, sold separately. The discs/plates are easy to remove or add, and seem to stay sturdily. At least, none have come flying off yet. Being used to using regular kettlebells at the gym, having such a large handle when using relatively light weights is confusing to my muscle memory, but it’s workable. The handle size is only really noticeable when doing swings–doesn’t really matter when doing carries, goblet squats, DLs, etc. Read more

  6. MamaRoche

    Let me start by saying this is a great product. It is sturdy, has a great studded metal type feel and easy to grip for different exercises. It’s a larger size in my opinion but I like that it can be modified for more weight plates which is a huge plus for my family’s needs. Pros Heavy, easy to grip, works as intended. More plates can be added for additional weight (only one 5 lb place included with the my order) Cons More bulky than some other kettle bell brands. The bottom nut will come loose with use sometimes and must be tightened. Overall it’s a great addition to a small workout space that I’ve carved in my home. Read more

  7. Mr. Rob

    Seems to be a fairly decent product. I liked the idea of variable weights. Have not tested with full weight allowed, so not sure about handle strength. Would like to have seen more pronounced and longer thread length on screw post that holds the weight stack to the kettle handle. Because of this, I have not yet tested at full capacity. Otherwise, a good concept; product finish is slightly textured, which is good for grip, with no rough castings our seams to injure user which is also good. Read more

  8. JBA

    Great form factor. Adjustable if necessary. Add 3 10 pound weights for $7 bucks each or so, and you have a great 50 pound kb at a bargain basement price. Read more

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