Athlon 215025 talos btr 1-4×24 direct dial constant riflescope, black

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  • make certain this fits by way of coming into your version variety.
  • illuminated reticle provides extra visibility at dusk and dawn
  • reticle is etched at the glass to offer wonderful backing assist for complex reticle design and gives first rate sturdiness and lots higher shock resistance to flinch
  • fully multicoated optics effectively reduce meditated mild and boom the transmission of mild providing you with a brighter picture than ordinary unmarried coated lenses
  • plane grade aluminum production offers greater electricity and sturdiness to deal with the toughest terrain over an entire life of use
  • heat dealt with one piece tube gives the scope more power over multi-piece tubes and continues moisture out to prevent fogging up

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product description

talos btr

the talos btr is available in configurations; four-14×44 – first focal aircraft or 1-4×24 second focal aircraft. Both of these scopes are wonderful access level scopes for competitive and tactical shooting. Providing multi-coated lenses for clarity and brightness in low mild situations as well as being water resistant, this family is ready to get you began taking pictures.

key features

absolutely multi-lined optics efficaciously reduces meditated light and increases the transmission of light providing you with a brighter photo than everyday unmarried covered lenses.

water-resistant to protect the scope within the harshest climate conditions or if accidentally submerged underwater.

nitrogen purging dramatically reduces the moisture in the tube and facilitates retaining fogproof and waterproof.

ahsr14 sfp ir mil

7 reviews for Athlon 215025 talos btr 1-4×24 direct dial constant riflescope, black

  1. adam ward

    Build quality is cheap. Initially it appeared to be a decent scope. Glass is good for the price. Turrets appear decent in tactile feel for the price, decently crisp and consistent click feel for the price point. This is all initial before going to the range. I put this on a Marlin 30-30 for a brush gun for hunting the Florida brush. Upon set up the gun felt good w this scope. I liked the size of the eye piece. Nice and large field of view, main tube is a good size and let’s in a lot of light. Nice and bright for hunting early morning and sun set during low light situations. At 1 power it’s nice and large. Glass is good. The power ring feels nice and robust all the way through the range of power. Good power and field of view through the entire 1-4 power band. Like I said, my Initial thoughts of this scope were good. I was impressed w my initial thoughts of this scope for the price point, and I know that Athlon is a company that is starting to build a reputation of more of the middle-high end of the scope business from what the internet had said. Well, my scope was trash as you can see from the picture with all the black specs littering the view. Each shot makes those specs bounce around. And while shooting some shots had a lot more of the specs appear. Definitely not a quality build. I shoot SPR and PRS competitions. So I’m used to high end products. I use S&B, Khales, and Nightforce on my high end set ups and Leupold, Trijicon, and Burris on most of my middle of the road and hunting set ups. Since I had recently read good reviews on Athlon I decided I would try this as it is obviously cheaper than the Leupold and Burris options that I was considering instead. So I took the risk on this instead to save a few hundred dollars. Well it broke at the range on the first shot. I immediately noticed black specs appear. Next shot more specs. Subsequent shots cause the reticle to shift back and forth and more specs to appear and or disappear. I would get it zeroed and then the POI would shift on the next shot. After wasting 30ish rounds I gave up. I have never needed 30 rounds to sight in any set up ever. There is absolutely zero chance that the issues experienced are user error or lack proper set up on my behalf. It is plain and simple a trash scope. I don’t know if I just happened to get a bad scope, but even if that was the case that just speaks to the process used by Athlon to build their scopes. Good quality scopes whether any end of the spectrum of a companies products, low end to high end, shouldn’t have issues like this. Otherwise, if the company purposefully built the scope to only take tolerances on the lesser end of abuse, such as recoil or possibly bumping the scope during use, then the company should disclose this in the description of use and specifically state that is is a range scope for low recoil. This scope in my opinion is a range day plinking scope for a 5.56 style gun that has minimal recoil and absolutely no abuse from bumping it around. I would not recommend this scope for anything more. Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    I bought this scope primarily for the price and the type of crosshair it has. I am very satisfied with it. I don’t think it is or would be waterproof, so I’m not going to test it. I will probably only bring it out on dry days. It’s a good target scope. Clear optics. The illumination feature is nice too, bright and functional. There is a slight red bleed through when the sight is illuminated out of the corner of your eye. Not a deal breaker. From what I’ve seen there are vortex scopes that are very similar, in the 1-6 magnification range. I have looked at those at local stores and they may be slightly nicer but the cost is about 100 dollars more. The zero on the scope sits between two lines which is a little annoying. I think I would still have bought this scope if it was the same price as the vortex. This scope should come with a throw lever and caps for the dials, then it could compete with some pricier scopes. Also the bikini cover kind of sucks but it’s functional. I zero’d the dials with a nickel. The eye relief was perfect for an AR. I looked at a good selection of scopes before choosing this one, and I am happy with it. Oh, and I believe these have a lifetime warranty so that’s hard to beat for a 160 dollar scope. Read more

  3. Justus

    This is a nice scope for the price. I held it up next to a Victor something scope of the same price, which I kind of hated (hence buying this scope) and the difference in clarity and construction is night and day. I was shooting with a $900 athlon scope last weekend and the glass on this is just as clear. The turrets have audible and tactile clicks the reticle is sharp, and on the highest few brightness settings the illuminated reticle can be seen in bright daylight. The one sort of downside is that the scope is 18 oz, a little heavier than I prefer, but I knew that going in and it is still overall a light scope as many other decent 1-4 and 1-6 run around 20-21 oz. Read more

  4. GEC

    Athlon is becoming my go to for optics. I don’t think you can get more quality for the price anywhere. I have this mounted on an 18in 223 Wylde upper. The scope is great. Clear and bright. The illumination washes out during daylight hours but this really isn’t an issue. The turrets are crisp with an audible and tactile click. My eyes aren’t what they use to be so a red dot past 50 yards just doesn’t work for me anymore but I was ringing steel at 200 yards with this with no problems but a 1X rapid close shots were no problem. This may be an inexpensive scope but it’s not cheap and comes with a lifetime warranty. Read more

  5. Brice C

    About what I expected out of the box. Decent fit and finish. Easy to zero, bright in low light conditions. Don’t bother with using the lighted reticle during the day, not bright enough to matter and the reticle is clear enough without being lit. Does not handle extreme cold well. Adjusted power on a cold morning hunt (-5 F) and the reticle spun in the housing, ending my hunt for the day. Read more

  6. Guiseppe m.

    What does hidden by sensitivity mean in this even being seen The scope is good quality there’s nothing wrong with it . Very clear and crystal glass illumination is great controls are nice and well-built but people to say that this goes out to 300 yards I don’t know they must have good eyes or something because I have Hawke panorama airgun scope that God sees how farther than this I mean it’s good it’s a good it’s it’s it’s just not strong enough not if not doesn’t have enough magnification for me so I’m returning it and I was Different Strokes for different folks and this stroke Didn’t Do It For Me Read more

  7. A. S.

    This is a great scope, especially for the money. I’m running it on a 10.5″ AR pistol. All adjustments are audible and tactile. The illumination for the reticle is very bright, but does not throw light away from the center. My only “complaint” is that the magnification ring is very tight, but I added a throw lever and had no issues with rotating it. Also, the lowest setting does seem to be a true 1x mag. All in all, a great scope worth every penny. Read more

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