Athlon optics argos btr gen2 6-24×50 first focal aircraft riflescopes

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  • make certain this fits by using coming into your model wide variety.
  • 0. 25 moa click on price, 60 moa total adjustment, 10 yards to infinity parallax adjustment
  • first focal aircraft reticle stays legitimate at all electricity settings allowing you to absolutely make use of the especially designed reticle that shrinks or grows in conjunction with your goal as you zoom in or out.
  • fully multicoated optics effectively reduces contemplated mild and increases the transmission of light supplying you with a brighter photo than regular unmarried covered lenses
  • precision 0 forestall machine permits you to lock down your zero position and dial back to it with a sharp and unique stop proper at your zero mark even you are turning it in pitch-darkish or blinded folded.
  • water-resistant to guard the scope within the cruelest weather conditions or if by accident submerged underwater
  • game kind: hunting
  • protected additives: preparation manual
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product description

argos btr gen2

for the ones of you which can be just getting started inside the prs or are seeking to start, take a near examine the argos btr gen2 own family of scopes. These scopes have features typically best found on high-quit scopes. They have a 4x magnification making them flexible in more than one taking pictures disciplines. In addition they feature precision ture zero prevent and advanced absolutely-multi coated optics that delivers a crystal clear shiny picture in in low-mild environments. The argos btr gen2 also has our distinctive xpl coating that protects your lenses from dirt, grease, and cruel weather conditions. The plane grade aluminum tube will defend these international magnificence optics irrespective of what punishment you throw at it.

key functions

completely multi-coated optics successfully reduces contemplated light and will increase the transmission of mild providing you with a brighter photo than normal single covered lenses

argon purging uses the inertia gas with bigger size molecules to purge any moisture out of the tube providing you with higher waterproofing and thermal stability.

xpl coating offers you an additional protection at the exterior lenses from dust, oil and scratches.

precision zero stop system permits you to go back to your 0 position and dial again to it with a sharp and specific stop right at your 0 place.

aplr2 ffp ir moa



7 reviews for Athlon optics argos btr gen2 6-24×50 first focal aircraft riflescopes

  1. Drew

    For the price this thing is great. I took a vortex pst gen 2 off my rifle knowing how well it groups with a good scope and slapped this one on to compare. Shoots the same groups. Only downside is the field of view is significantly smaller than a better quality scope. Glass is clear. The reticle is good. I don’t like the center crosshair it’s way too large and if you’re trying to be precise like I am it might cover the whole target. At 1k yards the center cross covers a clay pigeon or soda can at 1k yards. I didn’t understand how to set up the turret at the range as I sighted one the rifle set the zero stop and went to dial for 1k and it only went to 8moa and stopped. I actually had to take off the turret and spin the black piece to the other side and reinstall the turret for me to be able to dial correctly. I didn’t read the manual so DONT take it out on the scope for my negligence lol. My howa 1500 6mm creedmoor with 20moa base I can dial up to 60moa of elevation and hold over the rest. Overall it’s a great budget scope for the price just don’t compare it to something more expensive. The zero stop is an awesome feature for the price it’s a true zero stop not the hard to set shims like old vortex scopes. The turret clicks are super tactical and crisp not soft and mushy like I thought they would be. I have a vortex diamondback tactical and although In terms of optical clarity I might lean towards the vortex scope but everything else this scope is twice as good as the vortex. I don’t think any scope on the market will compare to this scope at the price it is Read more

  2. Tindall Knives

    Could be sharper optically. Especially at 24x however, this scope packs tons of value. It functions perfectly, tracks well and the turrets are excellent for the money. These turrets are better than some much more expensive scopes. All in all I am still very pleased with the scope. Read more

  3. ronmart

    I’m going to start with the fact that this page shows what the reticle is supposed to look like at 6x and 24x. The 6x is accurate, but the pic they show for 24x is really the 12x reticle. When you go to 24x you see 30 MOA marks on the top and sides the bottom Christmas tree shows the numbers for 15 but the numbers for 20 get cut off – you only see the dots. It’s also very low quality glass. Those claiming its good glass haven’t looked through good glass before. My Bushnell Engage and Nikon Blackforce blow this away. Instead this is closer to what you see from Primary Arms where its got massive chromatic aberrations (purple fringing) and is a soft and slightly foggy image compared to what you get with better glass. As such, I’m really struggling with the decision to keep or return it for something else. Features-wise this scope is brilliant and the turrets are fantastic. Resetting the caps and zero stop is harder than it needs to be and they are obnoxiously big which creates a storage issue for me, but the sound and work great. I haven’t owned it long enough to comment on accuracy and how well it may (or may not) hold zero. Reticle is great and illumination feature is good. I hate the obnoxious battery compartment at the rear. Changing the focus is exceptionally hard so if I keep this I’m going to have to get a throw lever. This will be the first scope were I do that as I generally prefer not to have them, but this one is pretty freaking stiff. Great scope caps included and it looks like a high quality scope in person. It’s a bit heavy – as expected for this price – but you can’t beat the great set of features. Read more

  4. Angel R

    I put this rifle scope on a Benjamin Marauder .25 caliber was able to sight it in in 3 shots and holding zero for months now. Ive been shooting out to about a hundred and twenty yards taking pigeons no problem the scope is overkill for the PCP but I love it. Only negative i have is the eye relief its a little fussy but the calarity and the tracking is perfect for me Read more

  5. The Outlawyer

    Controls are positive and easy to use. Dimensions and weight all within class expectations. The optics are WAY clearer than they should be in this price range. The adjustments stay adjusted if you use good rings. I have the Mil-dot model and it is accurate and repeatable. It is also clearer than anything else for this money. I put it on a Tikka t1x .22 lr and shot a five shot group off the hood of my F-150 that measured 5/8 inch at 96 lasered yards. Do I need to say again that the glass is remarkably good? Read more

  6. Trevor Farragut

    I mounted this on a 24 inch barrel rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor and it handles the recoil no problem. The turrets are smooth and hold adjustments perfectly. Even at distances greater than 500 yards the picture quality is clear. The reticle is busy and looks intimidating but once you learn the subtensions you can make very accurate adjustments between shots. Read more

  7. Nemo

    I bought this scope to replace one of identical technical specification from a different manufacturer that chose not to stand behind their broken product. The difference in image quality, although there is less than 2 years between Argos BTR Gen 2 and the other scope release dates, is impressive. Athlon Argos offers a clearer image, easy to read reticle, solid tracking and a very generous eye box. It is also less expensive. To give a practical assessment of image clarity: I was able to easily see holes from a .22 at 100 yards on a white paper target, on a rainy day. Parallax adjustment knob marks match actual distance. Parallax really adjusts down to 10 yards, up to about 10x – perfectly fine for boresighting. The scope comes with custom lens caps. These sit very tight and close securely. The eyepiece lens has flutes on the outside, the lens cap has matching ‘teeth’ so that it is possible to adjust the eyepiece without taking the cap off. Very nice detail that demonstrates the attention paid to usability. Read more

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