Athlon optics argos btr gen2 8-34×56 first focal aircraft riflescopes

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  • ensure this suits by using entering your version variety.
  • zero. 25 moa click on value, 45 moa total adjustment, 15 yards to infinity parallax adjustment
  • first focal aircraft reticle remains valid in any respect strength settings allowing you to completely make use of the specifically designed reticle that shrinks or grows at the side of your goal as you zoom in or out
  • absolutely multicoated optics effectively reduces meditated light and increases the transmission of light giving you a brighter picture than regular single covered lenses
  • precision zero stop machine lets in you to fasten down your zero function and dial again to it with a sharp and precise forestall proper at your 0 mark even you’re turning it in pitch-dark or blinded folded.
  • water-resistant to protect the scope in the harshest climate situations or if by chance submerged underwater
  • game type: searching
  • blanketed components: education guide
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product description

argos btr gen2

for the ones of you which can be just getting began in the prs or are trying to start, take a near look at the argos btr gen2 family of scopes. Those scopes have capabilities commonly only located on high-cease scopes. They have got a 4x magnification making them versatile in multiple capturing disciplines. Additionally they function precision ture zero prevent and superior fully-multi covered optics that can provide a crystal clean brilliant image in in low-mild environments. The argos btr gen2 additionally has our special xpl coating that protects your lenses from dirt, grease, and cruel weather situations. The aircraft grade aluminum tube will shield those world class optics regardless of what punishment you throw at it.

key features

completely multi-coated optics efficiently reduces pondered mild and will increase the transmission of mild supplying you with a brighter picture than ordinary single coated lenses

argon purging makes use of the inertia gasoline with larger size molecules to purge any moisture out of the tube giving you better waterproofing and thermal stability.

xpl coating offers you a further safety at the outdoors lenses from dirt, oil and scratches.

precision zero forestall machine lets in you to return in your 0 function and dial back to it with a pointy and unique forestall proper at your zero location.

aplr2 ffp ir moa reticle



8 reviews for Athlon optics argos btr gen2 8-34×56 first focal aircraft riflescopes

  1. Milexa De Buttaci

    I have differents rifle scopes, from Nighforce, Nikon, Bushnell, but Athlon Argos BTR 8-34X56 is the best!!! Is the best in quality for your money. Don’t hesitate, you may buy with confidence!!!! Read more

  2. JJ

    I was soooo close to spending $1500 on an NF and I decided to give Athlon a chance. I wasn’t disappointed. I made a good call. Read more

  3. Bradley W Butler

    3rd Scope from Athlon… you can not buy a better optic for the price. Quality top notch and the price difference for high end name brand scopes can not be justified….These scopes are high end optics without the name adding to the cost. Read more

  4. Experienced Music Lover

    Why only 3 stars? Clarity of the glass is just average. The illuminated recticle in red only is completely useless in sunlight viewing anything over ~20 power. The most important noted defect is the eye relief is only 3.3 inches max. Common is 4~6 inches. Causes huge amount of eye strain at stronger powers, and is a big safety hazard shooting large calibers. UPDATE: The recticle, SSF, second focal plane IS NOT for bench rest precision target shooting. Will increase in size and will block out any target lines and may completely block smaller targets. After several conversations w/Athlon directly, they plainly state their FFP first focal plane is for precision shooting which they do not offer or show on Amazon. Also their “warranty” is moot as if your scope is mounted, the only way the consumer can see and test their scopes, is void and they will not help you. Read more

  5. K9 comms

    I’m a professional photographer and a premium glass snob. But in this case, long range accuracy performance is the king, so with that said the glass isn’t the finest but it isn’t a hindrance to the performance. The performance for me in this case is turret tracking and proper MOA reticle calibration. Athlon has done a great job and I can report that these most important functions are spot on! My eyesight is not the best so I also demand a full illuminated reticle and this scope doesn’t disappoint. I chose the 8-34 for long distance reticle ranging out to 1000 yards and beyond on elk and deer. Being able to zoom way in makes for finer more accurate reticle ranging on 17-34 inch targets. Once I confirm the range I back off the zoom to a preferred focal point and engage. FOR THE PRICE, you won’t find a better scope right now that is actually in stock! Only the ARKEN SH4 GEN2 can take the top spot for build quality but it has a 16 week backorder and growing. It however does NOT have a full illuminated reticle and it is only 4-16 power. The no BS warranty of this Athlon scope removes the overpriced scopes from Vortex from contention. Both are made in China, as well as the ARKEN. The choice is clear…when looking at reliability, calibration, and repeatable function, this is the only scope to get. Read more

  6. Rono518

    For the price you can’t go wrong. I’ve seen scopes that cost twice as much and don’t really see a difference. I bought 2 of these. One was MOA and the other MIL. Because the price dropped on the MIL scope by about $30 I bought. Read more

  7. Dac

    Service was fast despite the delays due to COVID 19. The product so far has been holding its own-qualitywise. I’m using this on my 224 valkyrie and fired over 500 rounds and still holds zero. I’m doing long distance shot from 100 to 836 yards and still hitting a 12×20 plate. I’ve accidently dropped the scope and rifle many times. So far its performing pretty well for the price. I’ve got another scope on the way and will be placing it on a 338 Lapua magnum rifle.🤗 Read more

  8. Charles H

    Great scope, clear glass and holds zero. Mounted on a .308 precision rifle and after hundreds of rounds I haven’t had to adjust anything. Good positive clicks on the turrets, easy to set zero stop and side parallax adjustment that’s easy to turn and reach. Read more

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