Athlon optics argos hd 20-60×85 spotting scope – 45 diploma, green/black

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  • ensure this fits through getting into your model variety.
  • advanced completely multi-lined lenses and porro prisms offer the very best stage of mild transmission to bring you most suitable brightness and real colour across the entire light spectrum.
  • water-proof protects the recognizing scope inside the most harsh weather situations, or if accidently receives submerged underwater. Argon purging purges moisture out of the tube giving better waterproofing and thermal balance and give the scope foogproof protection.
  • built for max comfort – argos hd recognizing scope has a rubber armor making it long lasting and clean to deal with at any given second. A rotating ring lets in you to rotate the scope for the most secure and convenient attitude of observation.
  • utility: target taking pictures, hunting, nature viewing, flora and fauna monitoring, chicken looking, hiking, astronomy & stargazing
  • athlon optics is a proud us sports optics employer dedicated to designing and turning in advanced high-quality optics merchandise and outdoor add-ons at a aggressive rate. Argos hd spotting scope is lifetime backed by athlon.
  • protected additives: cleansing cloth
  • lifetime guarantee guarantee: warranted to be freed from defects in substances and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. Athlon will also repair or update, at no price to you, your product in case you should harm it thru ordinary use.
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“what’s honestly extremely good is that athlon is capable of convey this sort of nicely-appointed spotting scope to the market for the cost of a mid-stage binocular. For that outrageous value, the argos hd wins this yr’s extremely good buy award.”

argos hd

we designed the argos circle of relatives of spotting scopes with good optical quality and ease of use in thoughts. The argos spotting scope capabilities our wind band completely multi-coated lenses and porro prisms with phased coating. They convey exceptional clarity and brightness in the attain of all fans. The light-weight composite chassis covered by using rubber armor is fog proof, waterproof, and filled with nitrogen gasoline to prevent inner fogging and sell better thermal stability. The product comes with a mainly designed soft case permitting you to mount the recognizing scope on a tripod and use it with the tender case on it all of the time.

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key features

hd glass gives you better mild transmission, brighter, and sharper image.

argon purging offers you higher waterproofing and thermal stability additionally making your binoculars fog proof in difficult climate conditions.

water-resistant to defend the product within the cruelest weather conditions or if by accident submerged underwater.

well suited with everyday camera tripod to have a steady mount that is ideal for lengthy range observation.

rotating tripod mounting ring allows a person to rotate the spotting scope to any attitude for better spotting attitude.

integrated extendable sunshade that minimizes any undesirable flare and reflection and gives you higher clarity of the picture.


45 Degree, Straight

6 reviews for Athlon optics argos hd 20-60×85 spotting scope – 45 diploma, green/black

  1. Dave Lee

    I’m not sure if I’m the right person to write a review: I’m just an ordinary guy who bought the scope to put on his back porch and watch the waves. I have no expertise or past experience with scopes. Having said that, I can tell you that I’m super happy with this one. It may be a little bit overkill for my intended use, but I think it was worth the price. It’s very, very powerful: If you look at my two photos, the airport is about 4 1/2 miles away and the harbor is 4 miles. These were both taken with my iPhone held up against the lens, LOL, and on the lowest magnification setting (20x). I did buy a mount to connect onto my porch railing, one definitely could not just hold onto this unit and expect to see anything, it is simply too powerful and would just shake. The scope isn’t light, maybe 4 or 5 pounds, I would recommend as high quality tripod or mount that you can afford. I hope this helps. Finally, if this review was helpful at all please let me know by clicking the Thumbs Up icon below so I know to keep leaving reviews 🙂 Aloha! Read more

  2. Len Predaina

    I bought this new scope based on the scarce reviews and hoping I would not have to return it for a scope costing 2 to 3 times as much. HD glass here, not ED glass. I am happy with the purchase. Nice features and a sharp image. The big focus ring like the ones on Swarovski scopes and the twist up eyepiece are nice. So is having a big 2 1/4 inch eyepiece. Polycarbonate housing is light weight, but seems sturdy enough for moderate use. Many of my photo lenses have poly bodies, too, with no issues. Very clear image in bright light. Low light is where you pay big money to excel. I wish scope manufacturers rated their scopes by how much light they let thru like photo lens makers do. Standardized f-Stop ratings would make buying decisions a lot easier. And make junk scopes harder to sell. Most telephoto lenses let in less light as you zoom, unless you spend LOTS of money. This scope is no exception. In full daylight it matters little. 2 1/2 inch letters on parking signs can be easily read 1/2 mile away if they are in direct sunlight. A license plate in the shade at the same distance is almost possible, but not quite. Jupiters’ moons are clearly visible, while with my astigmatism, Jupiter’s stripes are difficult to see and barely visible. A neutral density filter may help. ED glass and more expensive coatings might help too,, but those are expensive upgrades. At dusk, colors lose their intensity above 40x zoom. That being said, at dusk trophy bull elk can be told apart from average bulls a mile away in a field visible from my home, even with the bull standing a few feet into the trees. Depth of field is very narrow when zoomed at 60x. A very light touch is required on the focusing ring at 60x. If you are not patient while focusing, I can see why so many reviews claim mid priced scopes are blurry at max magnification. Part of that is a manufacturing price compromise, part may be a little operator error. A Neoprene “view thru” case is not listed but one is included. All in all, a decent “mid priced” scope for those wanting to avoid cheap junk but unable to spend big bucks on premium glass. More than adequate for an average shooter’s needs like mine. Specialty needs will require spending specialty prices. I would recommend this to a friend to use as the point of diminishing returns to decide whether to spending a lot more money is worth the expense. Read more

  3. Wendy

    Have heard a lot about Athlon Optics and got the Midas TAC of their riflescopes that by far is the best bang for the buck product. Got the Argos HD spotting scope this time. I would say WOW, WOW, WOW!!! This spotter is amazing…just blow my mind. I can not believe how well it is built. The first impression is the product got packaged very well with a very nice box that looks very high end. After I took the product out of the box, I noticed the weight is there…nothing like those cheap products almost weightless. The spotter is buit really well with a great beefy and elegant European style exterior. The big focus knob in the middle is very easy to use and has a wide range that the product stays on focused, not like my old scope that has very finiky focus knob. The knob has very smooth turn and just right amount tension. The coating looks really good on both objective and ocular side. The power ring is on the ocular piece and very easy to turn without any binding or grinding noise. The magniciation has 20-60 range and I can easily spot shot impact for a 1000 yard target. Compared it with my friend’s Vortex Viper HD 20-60×85, he was shocked by the clarity of mine as he paid almost three times more on his. I could not be happier with this purchase. I know I am covered with their life time warranty same as the riflcope I have. Read more

  4. Matthew M.

    I bounced back and forth on giving this 4 or 5 stars and I landed on giving it 5 stars. To start off the delivery time on this was fast. Im talking about, i ordered on Friday and got it Tuesday afternoon (by the way its christmas time so even better). When I opened it, I was happy to see it packaged very well. I intend on using this for deer hunting mainly, so my review on this will pertain to hunting specifically. I have only been able to stretch this thing out to about 900 yards, so I will update after my deer hunt this weekend. With that said, this is probably the best $400.00 i have spent on hunting gear thus far. So far though, the image is very clear. At 20x it is crystal clear. It does loose some of its magic at higher mag. levels but thats true for most glass. It doesnt necessarily get real fuzzy at higher mag levels, but the image does get darker. After messing with it for awhile though i got it to clear up pretty good. I would put this spotter in line with glass that costs 2-3 times as much. It truly does perform. I CAN NOT WAIT to take it out this weekend. Once I do I will update my review, but so far I am very happy. Great job Athlon. Read more

  5. Eric D. Horne

    Way better than I had anticipated. Outstanding for the money. I could clearly read the writing on a man’s T shirt at 1 mile away. Perfect for long range shooting 1000 yrds easy up to 1760 yrds. Straight up awesome. Thanks much Athlon! Good job! Read more

  6. anthony adamovich

    Great glass for the $$$. Quality of image does suffer at higher magnification but you’d be hard press to find a better scope for the price. I’ll probably end up going with a higher end scope. Read more

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