Athlon optics talos 3-12×40 2nd focal aircraft riflescopes

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  • make sure this suits by entering your version wide variety.
  • absolutely multi-coated lenses gives you higher light transmission to convey best brightness and real shade across the complete mild spectrum
  • reticle etched on the glass that offers extraordinary backing aid for complicated reticle layout and offers brilliant durability and plenty better surprise resistance to balk
  • heat treated one piece tube gives the scope more energy over multi-piece tubes. A one piece tube also is better at keeping moisture out as a result keeping your scope fog evidence for the life of the product
  • nitrogen purging dramatically reduces the moisture inside the tube and facilitates keeping fog evidence and water-proof
  • plane grade aluminum tube that has remarkable power and advanced mechanical integrity will protect these global magnificence optics regardless of what punishment you throw at it
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in case you ask any hunter they’ll tell you they have got possibly stuffed greater tags within the low-light hours than any other time. The talos scope with completely multi-lined lenses for readability and brightness in low mild, you’ll be capable of upload treasured minutes to every looking day which you’ve labored so hard for. Those scopes, with their 4x magnification range, will give you outstanding versatility whether or not you are searching whitetails inside the dense wooded area or prairie puppies inside the wide open ranges. With its one-piece tube layout, the talos line consists of an collection of distinctiveness scopes for big-game, varmint, msr’s, 22 rimfire, slug, black powder and turkey searching.

key capabilities

fully multi-covered optics correctly reduces meditated light and will increase the transmission of light giving you a brighter picture than everyday single coated lenses.

water-proof to guard the scope in the harshest weather conditions or if accidentally submerged underwater.

nitrogen purging dramatically reduces the moisture inside the tube and enables retaining fogproof and water resistant.



8 reviews for Athlon optics talos 3-12×40 2nd focal aircraft riflescopes

  1. Michael Powell

    I originally purchased the Vortex Crossfire 2 3-9×40 for the same price as this Athlon. Thing is this Athlon leaves that Vortex sitting in the dust at the same price. I was not impressed in the least with the Vortex. The turrets sucked. Flat out sucked, in that they were super mushy and inaudible clicks. Specially the elevation turret. The one thing I was impressed with on the Vortex was the eye relief, it was very forgiving. The Athlon, very nice turrets, you can both feel and hear them and know exactly where you are without even looking at them. The glass is very clear @ this price point and beyond. The Parallax adj at this price point is phenomenal to say the least. Yes it is a little stiff to turn but that’s a great feature and NOT a downside in my eyes on a hunting scope. Would not want to rub it on a tree and turn it. The magnification adjustment is not as stiff as the parallax but feels perfect for me. I have not tracked the turrets a lot but I did do a simple 15 click box test and it returned to zero every time for 3-4 times. Overall the scope is built like a tank and I am very happy with it. Read more

  2. Daniel Alexander

    I can’t think of a better scope for the money. It’s not uncommon for the optics to approach or even exceed the price of what you are mounting it on now days. I do own two scopes that are better than this one, at a similar size and magnification but I also paid WAY more for them- this one is more than adequate with coated lenses and a super clear and crisp view. It took me a short time to sight in, and holds zero well. The “tracking” when you turn the turrets x number of clicks up, down, left, or right is good but off about a 1/4 mil at 50 yards…..which in my opinion is OUTSTANDING for a scope in this price range and I have seen worse for more expensive scopes made by Luepold and Vortex- albeit they were older models but still…. The removal option on the turrets to allow you to zero the shots and set the point of impact at a given distance, then place the dials on the turrets to read “zero” is nice! Side focus on a scope at less than $300, with lenses this clear, and a mildot reticule is hard to find. I would definitely recommend this scope to anyone looking for a clear view at a great price, that also offers a few other nice features…..A+ Read more

  3. Lance

    Pretty good for the money… Very crisp sounding turrets, can zero, pretty clear glass… The difference with this and a high end glass is the tracking… Change elevation and reticle starts to drift somewhat right or left at high moa Change windage and reticle drifts somewhat up or down… Read more

  4. Allan

    This is a really nice scope for the money. It is mounted on a 10-22 target and it wrings out every bit of accuracy and is not too big or small for a rifle this size. The parallax adjustment is a bit stiff but not so much to be a problem and the power ring is about right. Most importantly the lenses are very clear and remain clear all settings. Read more

  5. PFN

    I’d never heard of Athlon but after watching a YouTube review I gave it a try. Really outstanding scope for the money and it is standing up well on my spring air rifle which is notorious for tearing up the toughest of scopes! Read more

  6. NobodyTouchesTheBlue

    I have a Talos 3-12×40 on my 20″ target AR, and a Talos 4-16×40 on my Howa 6.5×55. I am mostly happy with both optics, but there are a couple concerns. The turrets track okay, but when you get near the end of the elevation adjustments the optic is a little bit unpredictable. I was shooting at extended ranges between 600 and 1000 using both optics and experienced a few strange inconsistent adjustments despite the turret not being maxed out yet. Also, the illuminated reticles are a little brighter on the right hand side of the crosshairs, so they’re sort of uneven when lit up. Glass clarity is very good, and the etched reticles are very crisp (when not illuminated). Read more

  7. Francisco Villa

    Excellent glass for the money. Great power range. Clear optics. Power ring and turrets neither too hard nor too easy to operate. I put it on a bolt action 308 hunting rifle. I used medium rings. There were some problems mounting it. The tube was too short to mount on the 1 pc. picatinny type base I was using so I had to modify the forward end of the base to clear the ocular bell. Then the nitrogen purge/fill tube below the turrets is very large and prevented the scope from being mounted because of the mounting slots. So I got out my dremel again to modify that. Finally the knob on the power ring was interfering with the bolt handle so I filed down the knob as well as the bolt handle until it cleared. If you have no experience making these sort of modifications I would advise taking the rig to a gunsmith. After I completed the modifications I was very happy. I zeroed at 200 yds. (about min. of angle groups) and will use the mil dots if longer shots are necessary. I am happy with my new pseudo tactical bolt action 308. Read more

  8. William Bader

    The 40 to bump up from the Neos line is absolutely worth it. The glass is clear and the 4x zoom range gives it a nice range of utility. I personally think the Talos line is Athlon’s best value for the money. These Talos have good eye relief, our very clear, and have a side parallax adjustment. Read more

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