Athlon optics talos four-16×40 second focal aircraft riflescopes

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  • make certain this fits by using getting into your version quantity.
  • completely multi-lined lenses offers you higher light transmission to deliver finest brightness and real color throughout the complete light spectrum
  • reticle etched on the glass that gives incredible backing guide for complex reticle layout and offers terrific durability and plenty higher surprise resistance to cringe
  • warmth handled one piece tube offers the scope extra energy over multi-piece tubes. A one piece tube also is higher at retaining moisture out hence maintaining your scope fog proof for the lifestyles of the product
  • nitrogen purging dramatically reduces the moisture within the tube and enables keeping fog proof and water-resistant
  • aircraft grade aluminum tube that has splendid strength and superior mechanical integrity will guard those world magnificence optics no matter what punishment you throw at it
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in case you ask any hunter they’ll inform you they’ve probably stuffed more tags inside the low-mild hours than another time. The talos scope with completely multi-covered lenses for clarity and brightness in low light, you’ll be able to add precious mins to every hunting day which you’ve labored so tough for. Those scopes, with their 4x magnification range, will provide you with exquisite versatility whether or not you are looking whitetails in the dense wooded area or prairie puppies inside the huge open degrees. With its one-piece tube layout, the talos line consists of an assortment of area of expertise scopes for big-recreation, varmint, msr’s, 22 rimfire, slug, black powder and turkey looking.

key capabilities

completely multi-lined optics successfully reduces pondered mild and will increase the transmission of mild giving you a brighter photo than ordinary unmarried lined lenses.

water-resistant to guard the scope inside the cruelest climate situations or if accidentally submerged underwater.

nitrogen purging dramatically reduces the moisture inside the tube and helps maintaining fogproof and water resistant.

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7 reviews for Athlon optics talos four-16×40 second focal aircraft riflescopes

  1. StarvinMarvin

    Packaged nice; fairly comprehensive owner’s manual, construction seems tight and solid, metal turret caps work great. Adjustments were easy. Very distinct clicks w no play in between and recticles respond very evenly. The “zero” function works great but is still about as tedious to set as with any other scope. I keep mine just about permanently at 14X and the field is very clear, focused, bright, no halos or fringing. Eye relief is perfect for my Howa 1500 with room to spare either way. I’m using it only at the range in a 223 with a heavy barrel, so I don’t suppose I’ll be putting its durability to recoil or exposure to weather and hunting to the test. I bought it almost exclusively for the magnification and the reviews. After 3 trips to the range and about 250 rds, none of the adjustments have slipped. It’s sighted exactly where i left off from the last trip. Lovin’ this scope so far. Read more

  2. Fisher 2

    For reference, I currently own and happily use scopes from many different manufacturers, with models varying greatly in price. I have $40 scopes that work very well for their intended purpose, I have some high end Leupold and Nightforce scopes that are amazing in every way, and I have a lot of scopes in between the two ends of the spectrum. This was my first Athlon scope purchase. My expectations are in line with the product I am reviewing, and comes from a place of experience, owning several models from different manufacturers that compete directly with this scope. I ordered the 4-16 Talos, and my buddy ordered the 3-12 and 4-16 Talos models at the same time. All of the scopes arrive the same day, so he brought his over so we could sit down and compare them together. The windage and elevation turrets felt different on each scope. One had a great elevation turret; positive audible and tactile clicks with no play in the mechanism. The windage turret felt muted, mushy, and sloppy though. Another scope had mushy windage and elevation turrets. The turrets on the last scope both felt rough and inconsistent; it felt and sounded like there was sand in the mechanism. All three scopes had the same fit and finish issues, the most noticeable of which was the front objective ring that mates up to the bell of the scope body. Something in the machining process is not correct, as there was a visible offset for these parts. This is supposed to be a smooth, seamless transition, but instead there was a ridge caused by the ring on one side where it stuck out further than the bell of the scope…and there was a ridge on the opposite side where the bell stuck out further than the ring. The side focus knob on one of the 4-16 models went down to 10 yards, the other 4-16 only went down to 15 yards. The magnification ring and focus knob turned with a varying amount of force from one scope to the next. To be quite honest, we didn’t even take the scopes outside to look through them, let alone bother to mount them on the rifles they were intended for. The lack of quality control for these scopes was unacceptable for both of us, and we ended up sending all three back for a refund. Seriously- the $40 scope I mentioned I own in the beginning of this review was built with more attention to detail than all three of these Athlons were. We really wanted to like these scopes, but the lack of quality control and the inconsistencies between the three Talos scopes we ordered could not be ignored. Read more

  3. Kindle Customer

    So far this scope has proven itself. Bought 2 Athlon Talos 4-16×40 scopes with the intent on putting one on a .223 and the other on a .308, however I just purchased a 35 Whelen and mounted one on it and the other on the .308. So far I am happy with both. I have only ran 20 rounds through each so far, but seems to holding up well with the recoil on both. The glass is great and the illuminated reticle and side parralax adjustments are a plus. After going into a store and looking through both an Athlon scope and a Vortex scope, I decided to go with the Athlon. IMO, there wasn’t much difference between the two and the added bells and whistles of the Athlon sold me. Just my 2 cents. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    I bought this scope in June of 2019 to point on my precision 6.5 Grendel rifle. I zeroed it to 100 yards that day and have shot out to 350 yards with zero movement over 400 rounds or so, of course holding zero is a combination of optic and mount (I’m running an aero precision ultralight mount). But from what I’ve seen, especially for its price point this scope offers excellent clarity and focus. Reticle is sharp although the illumination can be weak in the daylight but it makes sense for a mid-long range scope. My only real complaint is that about 6 months in the o-ring on the illumination dial got out of sorts. Was able to get a new one for just over a dollar at the hardware store. Highly recommend. Read more

  5. Robert F.

    This is a great scope for the money! It has very good glass. The side focus and power adjuster were stiff at first but loosened up a bit with use. I’m sure over time they will improve even more. I mounted this scope in a Benjamin Marauder .25 Synthetic Stock with medium height rings. A perfect fit. Make sure you adjust your fast focus eyepiece. This a perfect scope for my Marauder. Get one of these scopes. You will be glad you did. Read more

  6. Ryan Moore

    The glass is extremely clear and bright. No slop in any turrets or adjustments. I just can’t get a good sight picture without moving my head around a lot to find the sweet spot. I ended up putting it on a rifle I’ll only ever bench rest and it seems pretty solid for that task. This next comment does not mean it’s a bad scope by any stretch, but I’m not sure i’d buy this again with other options pulling ahead even ever so slightly in this competitive price range. It’s a solid performer and probably the brightest of any scope I have. Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    I normally don’t write reviews but I am to save some people some time. I ordered this scope for my 224 Valkyrie on an AR platform. Out of the box the scope looked good and had good clarity. I couldn’t get it to hold a zero so sent it back for a replacement. The clicks are advertised as 1/4 MOA but the clicks were very inconsistent. Same problems with the replacement. I’ve had 2 other scopes on this rifle so I know it’s not the gun or the ammo. Read more

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