Atn auxiliary ballistic smart laser rangefinder w/bluetooth

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  • make sure this suits by using entering your model range.
  • unrivaled accuracy – variety in as much as 1500 yards with the abl 1500. One button operation through your atn clever scope makes ranging simpler than ever
  • smart ballistic calculator – just press one button to integrate together with your clever scope and shift your reticle to the new poi (factor of impact)
  • pairs with clever hd – works with atn’s x-sight ii, x-sight 4k, and thor four collection
  • see the distance in your goal for your films – now not sure how far you have been while you made that perfect shot. No issues your video could have the range tag on it
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atn auxiliary ballistic laser rangefinder

what’s the point for having the new 4 collection atn tool, if the goal is too some distance to shoot at responsibly? Nicely abl is your solution. Mount it in minutes, to the the front of your atn smart sight and turn your scope into any destiny hunter’s dream.

control the abl thru your sight with a simple one button operation. Once ranged in to your goal your poi (factor of effect) is straight away adjusted and you are ready to make your shot. Just don’t neglect to keep the ones fingers steady.

atn smart capabilities

it will take 2 mins to attach the laser rangefinder, simply screw at the front of smart sight.

connect abl laser rangefinder with your smart scope through bluetooth to make all poi changes routinely.

now not positive how a long way you have been when you made that best shot. No issues your video will have the variety tag on it.


1000, 1500

8 reviews for Atn auxiliary ballistic smart laser rangefinder w/bluetooth

  1. Mike

    The first unit came with the front plastic cover cracked, and something rattling inside. Replaced with Amazon. The replacement unit did not have those issues. The instructions are incorrect on direction of battery insertion, and procedure to pair the ABL to the scope. The CR2 battery is also slightly out of spec, so the weatherproofing on the battery slot doesn’t seal using the included battery. Very clunky/unreliable attachment mechanism that makes it difficult to mount level with the scope using bubble levels. Mounting the ABL causes the scope cover that comes with the Thor 4 to no longer fit. The way this ABL attaches also prevents mounting lens covers, and ATN doesn’t seem to make a larger case or any other protective accessories. This unacceptably leaves no viable option to protect the $5000+ optic combination while being transported, or when the host .300BLK SBR is not in use. Read more

  2. Just Me

    Instructions need improvement with how target calibration laser works and when. Calibration laser only comes on when ABL 1500 is Blue-Tooth paired, and scope’s firmware has been setup. Instructions that come with ABL 1500 show battery going in opposite of direction it actually goes in. The generic battery that comes with ABL is too long, and keeps you from screwing battery cap down to where weather seal will work. You will need to buy a brand-name (correctly sized / in spec) battery. Before attempting pairing, be sure you have required firmware installed. Despite having checked a few weeks before that my ATN scope had latest firmware available, firmware would not work. Make sure your model ATN Scope can work with ABL. *** Lowering from two-stars to one-star. *** ATN Laser Range (ABL) 1500 quit working while it was securely stored. Will no longer pair with X-Sight II. Big issue with ATN Laser Range finder is there is No indicator light to verify whether it is actually powered up. Read more

  3. Ty M

    I should have paid more attention to the fact that almost half of the ratings on this are 1 star. Here’s another one to add. I didn’t have any problem pairing this to my X-Sight HD. Thought all was well, until I went to sight it in the next weekend. It was apparently no longer paired, so thinking the included battery was junk I bought another battery (Duracell, $10.99) and slipped it in. The visible laser lasted just about long enough to sight it in, but not quite. It died during the process. I measured the battery when I got it at 3.38 volts. After about 2 minutes of being powered up the battery read 2.89 volts. The only thing this unit does well is drain batteries. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    I’m very upset that when I receive it, I immediately put it on my scope to get it all set up. The battery is brand new but the scope wouldn’t turn on at all. Made sure my scope was up to date on firmware. Tried to pair the ATN ABL 1500 but it wouldn’t work. So where do I stand. I sent ATN an email, and tried to call Amazon. But I guess everyone is on holiday vacation. Read more

  5. Nevada Rocks

    This is a brand new product offered by ATN for their premium scopes. I was excited to receive one of the first units to hit the North American shores and quickly attached the unit to my X-Sight 4K. The physical attachment was as easy as pie and took a whopping three minutes. The bluetooth connection took a bit longer. At first, the unit would not pair with scope after about twenty attempts. Finally, it did indicate that it was paired, but the unit would not allow me to align it using the built in laser. It simply came back with a message to connect the ABL. After checking for a new firmware update at the ATN website, the new version 330 was found and I installed it into the scope. After a few more failed attempts, it finally acknowledged the BT pairing and locked the two units together. The rest of the setup proceeded without any issues and it is now a fast and accurate scope system. I have yet to take it to the range, but I have verified its readings with my Leopold rangefinder and it is spot on. What a wonderful, accurate system! It’s a keeper. Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    The instructions say to press and hold the bluetooth button to link to the scope. All you have to do is click the bluetooth button. Do Not Hold It. It took a minute to figure this out but once I did it linked immediately and has worked perfectly ever since. I have been to the range a couple times and it is spot on. Even with subsonic rounds from a 308!! Haven’t experienced any bugs yet. Read more

  7. Keith A. Farren

    Rangefinder would not syn with scope. Little paper in the package that states it might not and to send both back to factory to syn. No thanks. Got to question why they would have instructions where they picture putting battery in the unit in the wrong direction. Then to ship a battery that doesn’t properly fit. Someone should be getting fired for those mistakes. Its sad because I bought the scope and every attachment you could from the company. But it seems they don’t care enough to make sure everything works. Read more

  8. J. Calouro

    This would not sync with scope at all. Tried via enclosed instructions, tried via online videos, tried by turning off all bluetooth devices in the house, tried everything. Not sure why this product’s review is 5 starts, it was 3 stars when I bought it with 50 or so reviews, now it’s 5 stars with 5 reviews. Read more

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