Atn thor four, thermal rifle scope with full hd video rec, wifi, gps, clean zoom and telephone controlling via ios or android apps

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  • make certain this suits with the aid of entering your version variety.
  • ultra touchy next gen sensor – is able to shooting crisp clean pix on the furthest levels with advanced resolution, higher sensitivity, and smooth gradations even in total darkness
  • ballistic calculator- hunt responsibly by using making sure your shot hits the target each and each time. Range, wind, multiple-weapon profiles, perspective to target, temperature, humidity, plus greater. Facilitates you decide genuine ballistics for expert lengthy-range shots
  • dual circulation video recording – you asked and we listened thor four not most effective streams video for your cell tool at hd decision and can concurrently file to the sd card inner
  • rav (draw back activated video) – cringe activated video (rav) looks after all of your worries. Simply relax and consciousness on your sport and allow the obsidian middle do the heavy lifting.
  • extremely low electricity profile – no extra issues about your batteries dying within the discipline. At 18+hours of continuous operation the atn thor four will last up to you do. Eye relief:90 mm. Zero variety 100 yd. Ballistic coefficient zero. 371
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atn thor four clever hd thermal looking scope

the subsequent era of thermal sensors are here and they may be powered through atn’s obsidian iv twin center. Higher thermal sensitivity, stepped forward contrasts, near silent shutter, and stepped forward decision make the new atn thor 4 smart thermal riflescope the sight to own. Easy to apply and brief to study however with all the functions that you have come to anticipate from an atn smart scope.

the thor four looks and feels much like your more traditional optic. General mounting rings. Long eye-remedy. Smooth to pick out up thermal signature of hidden targets and speedy viewing. But beneath the hood its natural electricity. Strive it – you won’t regret the experience.

atn smart features & add-ons

helps you to determine longer distance objectives, sending the records to the ballistics calculator through bluetooth to make all poi adjustments to your reticle.

is a top notch addition for your thor four. Take benefit of the profile supervisor of your scope, flow it from platform to platform and nevertheless maintain zero.

atn battery percent has 22 hrs of continuous use and lets in you to apply all features of the tool with out changing batteries. Smooth to recharge and can electricity different gadgets.

atn x-trac tactical remote get entry to control system offers control over diverse functions of your atn clever device such as ballistic calculator, rangefinder, and so forth.

technical specifications


384×288, 1.25-5x, 384×288, 2-8x, 384×288, 4.5-18x, 640×480, 1-10x, 640×480, 1.5-15x, 640×480, 2.5-25x, 640×480, 4-40x

5 reviews for Atn thor four, thermal rifle scope with full hd video rec, wifi, gps, clean zoom and telephone controlling via ios or android apps

  1. Matthew

    I used it 4 times and it won’t power up! When reading the warranty, it says that you have to send every piece of the scope back. I just want it fixed but it’s looking like it takes almost two months to get a replacement. Incredibly disappointed in ATN, heard nothing but good things but I apparently bought the defective one. UPDATE: I have received the scope back to find the zoom not working. Took almost two weeks to get a shipping label and since owning it I’ve have it in my possession 20% of the time. They communicate poorly, I asked three times what was wrong with it the first time I sent it back with no answer from the company. Now this second time around I will do the same and see if they answer. UPDATE: 30 September 2019 one of the worst expensive purchases I’ve ever made. Complete buyers remorse! Spend an extra $500 and buy a better one from a different company! Read more

  2. Ranger’s Mom

    Purchased this unit based on reviews, maybe I looked at the wrong website? Unit arrived.I was very excited, but wanted to do everything by the book. Read the manual several times. Charged the battery as instructed. bought a correct micro SD card as instructed. downloaded current firmware update as instructed. Carefully installed micro SD card as instructed. Turned on unit, it did not format as it indicated it should. I looked through unit for a few minutes. Then it turned off and would not turn on again. I called the Customer service #, supposedly located in California. Called at 3:40 pm their time. Got a recording, that my estimated wait time was 3 min. This happened about 5 times and then it dropped to someones voicemail. Not impressed! Hung up and sent this pile of junk back to Amazon. I am now seeing some pretty bad reviews, on other sites. Save yourself some aggravation and DO NOT BUY!!! I am now currently looking at anyone, other than ATN. Read more

  3. Mike

    2020 JULY UPDATE: Been using a Pulsar Thermion XP50 for several months now. The Thermion series doesn’t have laser rangefinder capabilities, though Pulsar makes bulkier thermal scopes that do. The XP50 definitely feels like a quality product in comparison. Getting solid digital zeros out to 300 yards with a 9″ SBR in .300 BLK running supersonics that it likes. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Context: I’ve used a lot of optics at varying price points. This Thor 4 640 2.5-25x is among the most expensive. A week later, the price dropped by almost a thousand dollars, likely due to some of the issues detailed below. Got the scope on 1/25/2019. Hardware/Fitment/Accessories: 1.5/5 Underwhelmed by the NcStar-feeling metal and poor fitment of parts. Aluminum tube quality feels sub-par for a $40 Simmons .22 scope There is a significant gap between the top plastic cover housing the buttons and the electronics of the scope – I doubt it would survive anything other than dry weather, but don’t want to try and find out due to the cost. The USB-C port and MicroSD slots are significantly out of alignment with the holes cut for them, and are mounted deeper than they should be for usability. -This causes only certain USB-C cables to be able to charge the unit, and generally requires that cables be bent/damaged in order to fit deep enough into the port to initiate a charge. -Extremely difficult to insert or remove the MicroSD card. The memory slot is smaller than the fitment gap beneath it. Removing a card requires the use of tweezers until you enlarge the surrounding plastic with a nail file to expose more of the MicroSD port. The rubber gasket providing alleged weather resistance will not fully seat when a memory card is installed in the unit. My example has multiple dead pixel areas on the thermal sensor – an unacceptable amount for glass this expensive. The magnification levels are a half-truth(at best) – the maximum standard magnification is actually 10x (not 25x) – the rest has to be specifically enabled in software, and is exceptionally pixelated – the resulting image at 25x is unusable as far as quality. The “ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Rangefinder 1500” accessory has a very clunky and unreliable mechanism for mounting onto the scope. The first ABL I got came with the front plastic plate cracked, and something rattling internally. It is of similarly poor construction. Will write a separate review for this. The scope cover that comes with the unit cannot be used if you opt for the the ATN ABL1500 companion rangefinder accessory – I’ve found no larger case from ATN available for this scope configuration, and no lens covers or other accessories that would offer in-transport protection to this incredibly expensive piece of glass. This scope also does not come with a QD mounting solution. Presumably, most shooters can’t afford to get one of these scopes for each of their rifles, so this seems like an obvious thing to include at this price point. The scope even has functionality to store multiple ballistic profiles for this exact purpose! Unfortunately, the vast majority of one-piece QD scope mounts will not fit this scope due to the space between the rings that the electronics box requires. The purpose-built (and $100 extra) “ATN Quick Detach Mount for 30mm Scope Tube” one-piece mount is of similarly poor quality, and doesn’t hold zero on anything with even a moderate amount of recoil. Will write a separate review for this as well. Software/App: 0/5 As of this review, is the latest firmware available. The scope crashes semi-frequently before even firing the rifle that it is attached to. Recoil Activated Video functionality/detection didn’t activate recording upon repeated shots on a suppressed .300BLK SBR The companion app is useless – on most phones/tablets, the application doesn’t detect the scope. On the devices that do occasionally detect the connected scope, there’s effectively nothing functional in the app. According to reviews, the feature to get a live view from the scope was disabled in a prior app update because it crashed the scope. Attempting to change the default WiFi SSID or password in the app breaks all connectivity and results in a corrupt network name (“_unknown>” SSID), requiring factory reset of the scope to make it operational again. Downloading pictures or videos from the scope via the app usually throws an error, and crashes the app and/or scope – hence the need to remove the microsd card from the slot every single time. This Android companion app is currently rated two stars on the Google Play store. It really doesn’t deserve such a high rating, as it accomplishes the rare feat of providing ABSOLUTELY NO FUNCTIONAL FEATURES worth mentioning at this time. (Obsidian 4 – version 1.23) Customer Service: ?/5 Attempted to contact ATN about some of these issues upon receipt of the scope and accessories, and haven’t heard back. Overall: 1/5 Total cost for the scope, the ABL, and the QD mount was $5106.27 My example of this system is wholly unacceptable in multiple ways. Will refund unit with Amazon. Hopefully, the software/app experience is improved in the coming months/years, but I’m not especially optimistic. Intending to wait for the next generation of thermal scopes from other brands in the coming months. Read more

  4. Wes R.

    I saw the great reviews on this scope so I decided to purchase it. It worked great for a week then it was dead. Right after my last hunt I turned off the scope to store it away. The next day I was going hunting and tried to turn it on and it didn’t come on. I thought that It may have gotten left on so the battery might be dead. I plugged in the scope to charge over night but it never charged and the next day it still didn’t turn on. I also tried to pair it with my phone to see the pictures and I had no luck at all. I would not buy this scope again. So you pay over 3 thousand for a scope with a three year warranty. So you’re really paying to use the scope for a thousand bucks a year. You really need a good reason to have one of these for that much money a year, high volume hunting. The range finder wasn’t that accurate and it was good for about 130 yards in visible site. Forget it of your going to use this in the daytime, you cant see anything even if you turn up the brightness all the way. Read more

  5. jcv_mi

    I did not have good luck with the ATN X-Sight II that I have previously used but I thought perhaps it was a fluke and went ahead and purchased the ATN ThOR 4 (x1.25-5 Model). Product arrived quickly, that’s where the positive feedback stops. Optic was fully charged before operating, once done latest software downloaded from ATN and attempted to install. The software version that came on the unit was the most up to date so no update would start. That done, I then mounted the optic. It was during this that I noticed if the optic was on for longer than a couple minutes at most it would freeze, either the buttons becoming unresponsive with the display still functioning or the display would freeze with the controls still responding. This happened every single time I powered on the unit within minutes if not seconds of having it on. The final straw was when I attempted to zero the optic, needless to say I couldn’t keep the thing functioning long enough to get through the process of even getting a follow-on shot out. Item was returned same day I tried to zero – I deter anyone from buying this or any ATN optic – I have tried a few now and none of them work very long or well, if at all. Read more

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