Atn thor lt thermal rifle scope w/10+hrs battery & extremely-low energy intake

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  • make certain this fits through coming into your version number.
  • tube diameter: 30mm
  • goal lens diameter: 25 millimeter
  • area of view: eight. 3×6. 2
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atn thor lt thermal rifle scope w/10+hrs battery & extremely-low power consumption

if you’ve ever idea about shopping a thermal scope, you’re likely questioning why they may be so high priced. Thor lt collection had been designed in particular to remedy this hassle. This thermal scope allows you to cognizance on what honestly subjects with minimum efforts, maintaining matters as easy as feasible.

it detects animal body warmness via vegetation or fog and doesn’t require any seen mild to produce a sharp image.

product capabilities

the possibility to change scopes between rifles is completed via flawlessly becoming 30mm rings that preserve 0 at the same time as transferred. Fast attach and enjoy.

lighter than a mean scope, so it’s going to make you experience greater agile and your rifle balanced. Things that make a difference while you’re looking all night.

sighting for your scope has in no way been less complicated. With one shot zero, all you have to do is pass the zero reticle in your first point of impact. That’s it.

batteries are the achilles heel of any thermal scope, but not in this example. For thor lt battery run time is 10+ hours of continuous use.

technical specifications


160 3-6x, 160 4-8x, 320 2-4x, 320 5-10x

8 reviews for Atn thor lt thermal rifle scope w/10+hrs battery & extremely-low energy intake

  1. John D.

    Finally a simple thermal scope at a lower price point. The first scope delivered lost focus on each shot. Then the screen went unstable. After 20-30 shots, the screen froze after each shot and had to be restarted. Amazon replaced the scope with a new one. After about 30 shots on the new scope, this screen locked up after each shot and had to be restarted. I don’t think this scope is built well enough for actual use. Great concept, but poor execution. Trying to get a refund, but the value on the second scope is $0 since it was a replacement. Can’t seem to get Amazon to understand. ATN is willing to take a look at it, but advises that their service department is backed up several weeks. Probably want to pass this one by until they get the bugs worked out. Read more

  2. jennifer s.

    I’ll try to keep this as short as possible. I did a lot of research about sensor resolution and differing specs of all the brands. So when I decided to try this unit I was hesitantly excited. Love the idea of just a plain thermal scope without all the bells and whistles at a good price as I sure as heck can’t afford the good units @ $5k+. THe initial test looked good at 100+ yards so took out to hunt. Things I noticed: 1. Supplied charge cord would not plug into the scope, plug housing was too big for the scope, so I had to use my Samsung charger. 2. Took over 24 hours to charge on a 2amp charger. Third and final…..Took it out several times with a full charge to use at night and would not turn on even after multiple tries even with the 15 second power button protocol. It would only fire up when I had it plugged into my charger at above freezing temps and the battery icon would show a discharged battery. Not sure how it goes from fully charged to drained within an hour of being fully charged and turned off. Again tried several times and same effect. Theory is there is a battery issue below freezing temps. But no where near the -20 that the specs state it will operate in. That was enough for me to decide that this was a $1300 paperweight. With all the efforts and opportunity for this thing to work, it appears that these units have not been thoroughly tested and QC’d to ensure a good product is shipping to the customer. It may work ok for those south of the mason Dixon line in warmer temps, but in Nebraska, it’s no gouda. Read more

  3. Mike60

    I have had my score less than one month & it will be returned. First, the one shot zero process is BS. Took me at least 3 shots to get on the board. After completing the process, I went back the next day and the scope was off by 18″. Repeated the process and it is fine now. Now, it will not charge/ hold the charge. Read more

  4. btrouble

    The scope worked for two month and then would not turn on Before this happen 30 yds was about the best it would do I would not ever buy another Read more

  5. Jeremy Gibson

    Very light weight as they advertise but horrible visual quality freezes up regularly and flashes a bright light blinding you at night. Read more

  6. James Dismukes

    Stoped working after six months. All I see are black and white horizontal lines. I tried to contact ATN by both phone and email to get product warranted (3 yr. manufactur warranty as per literature) but have received no response. Prior to this it worked great for the money. Read more

  7. Brian D. Kuehl

    I am 49 years old and I like technology but I don’t like all kinds of bells and whistles. I wanted a thermal scope to try to help take care of a skunk problem that I have on my hobby farm in the country. I don’t need video, GPS or any of the other features that a $3-5,000 scope provides, I just want a good clean image from a scope that is easy to use. This scope delivered that perfectly. I mounted it on my Ruger Charger 22 and it is perfect. I put a black metal target out in the sun for an hour against a snow bank backdrop and the one shot zero took me a two shots to dial it in perfectly. The scope is crazy accurate on my 22 from 75 yards out. I had fun shooting targets yesterday afternoon and was ready to hunt some skunks just before daylight this morning. Unfortunately, they must have heard me yesterday as none were out. However, I could see deer in the field at least 200 yards out. There is two focus adjustments on the scope and it is clear to pick out differences in animals as I was identifying our cats and dogs from a good 100-150 yards away (just to check the scope, not for shooting purposes). I really like this scope. Read more


    This is a good scope for the money, short answer. I am having problems with the screen blanking out after each shot, and it will go out of focus after a shot occasionally. I will send it in for a replacement, but I have a feeling it may do the same thing. Its clear, the one shot zero is dead on, battery lasts forever. It just needs to be on a long barrel bolt gun. Read more

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