Atn x-sight 4k buckhunter smart daytime riflescope, black, one size

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  • ensure this suits by coming into your version wide variety.
  • ultra hd sensor – ultra hd 4k sensor with our obsidian 4 twin core processor brings you cutting part generation with higher decision, quicker optics, and tens of millions of vivid hues
  • ballistic calculator – hunt responsibly with the aid of making sure your shot hits the target each and whenever. Range, wind, multiple-weapon profiles, angle to target, temperature, humidity, plus greater. Enables you determine actual ballistics for expert long-range pictures
  • twin stream video recording – you requested and we listened x-sight 4k buck hunter now not only streams video in your cellular tool at hd decision and may concurrently record to the sd card internal
  • ultra low electricity profile – no extra worries approximately your batteries dying in the field. At 18+ hours of non-stop operation the x-sight 4k buck hunter will last as long as you do
  • rav (draw back activated video)- flinch activated video (rav) takes care of all of your issues. Simply relax and awareness for your sport and let the obsidian core do the heavy lifting. This scope will routinely start to file a video before and after you take a shot
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atn x-sight 4k buckhunter clever extremely hd daylight searching scope

the x-sight 4k buckhunter will change the manner you hunt your recreation. Designed for the inquisitive deer hunter this clever optic will provide you with the capability to not simplest make the right shot with the constructed in ballistic calculator but document the complete occasion in lovely 1080p video with up to 120fps. Want to see the final moments in sluggish movement, the x-sight 4k is your tool for the job.

the x-sight 4k appears and feels similar to your extra traditional optic. Popular mounting earrings. Lengthy eye-relief. High resolution and speedy viewing. No pixilation when you zoom. But below the hood its pure energy. Attempt it – you gained’t remorse the revel in.

should have accessories

helps you to determine longer distance goals, sending the information to the ballistics calculator via bluetooth to make all poi adjustments in your reticle.

is a great addition for your new x-sight 4k. Take gain of the profile manager of your scope, circulate it from platform to platform and nonetheless maintain 0.

atn battery percent has 22 hours of non-stop use and lets in you to apply all features of the tool without converting batteries. Easy to recharge and may strength other devices.

atn x-trac tactical far off get entry to control device presents manipulate over various capabilities of your atn clever tool along with ballistic calculator, rangefinder, and so on.

technical specifications


3-14x, 5-20x

8 reviews for Atn x-sight 4k buckhunter smart daytime riflescope, black, one size

  1. Amazon Customer

    First ATN 4K Buckhunter scope; I began with a 5-20 and spent a significant amount of time and money to enable mounting to my rifle. Spent a couple hours updating firmware, entering ballistic data, and familiarizing myself with the many functions. Before even taking one shot, upon a subsequent power-up, it lost the heads-up display widgets. The video was live, but no widget display or controls to correct the problem. Even after a hard reboot and a lot of web research, no controls were ever re-established. The scope was returned and refunded. Second ATN 4K Buckhunter scope; I chose a 3-14 and went through the same process with favorable results. Tested it for many power-ups and operations before testing it on the range. After the first shot the screen went out of focus at target. The distance focus was manually readjusted. The second shot also made the display go out of focus. After that, focus could not be re-established. The scope was returned and refunded. Although the ATN 4K Buckhunter has many desirable features, the technology is obviously not able to deliver the promise. With all the time, expense, and effort that is invested in a big game hunt, one cannot afford the poor reliability of this equipment. I unfortunately will not purchase another ATN product after this experience. Read more

  2. Greg Shepard

    This scope has great potential. The only problem I had was during the initial setup, I had an issue with the firmware update where the screen would freeze. I sent an email to the support center stating the symptoms that I had noticed. The next morning I received a prompt reply about the issues I was having and what to do to update the firmware. I have not had any issues with the scope at all since the firmware was updated successfully. Thank you ATN this is a very nice addition for my rifle collection! Read more

  3. Vincent Volpe

    I was very excited to check out this product after reading all about it and watching several videos. Upon trying it, several of my initial concerns were realized. Like any camera lens, all full or even half zoom power, the image gets blurry and fuzzy and will not focus. The built in rangefinder is all over the place and unable to accurately range anything. This was probably a factory defect. I updated to the latest firmware as required. The “one shot zero” feature did work great and as long as you input the range manually, the scope performed ok at shorter distances. I should note that I installed it on a Weatherby rifle chambered in 7mm rem mag that I have shot quarter size groups at 200 yards with as well. Overall, I was not impressed with the product and returned it. For the money, get yourself a decent Leupold or Nikon scope, a Kestrel 2700 and a cheap laser rangefinder. You’ll have much better results. Hope this review helps someone. Thanks. Read more

  4. Kris De Brabanter

    Awesome scope , bought ATN 4k buckhunter for 2019 deer season to mount on my Marlin1894 44mag . I can’t say enough good things about this scope. The one shot zero is amazing, saves so much ammo. Input the right data and you’ll hit what you’re aiming at. Updating the firmware is easy and fast. The other awesome perk is the atn forum. This forum is full of helpful info if you’re having a hard time or just to get the most out of your scope. You will not be disappointed when buying this scope. Only minor point is that (currently) the ballistic solver does not take the twist rate, bullet diameter and length into account to calculate spin drift. I hope ATN will incorporate that in the next firmware updates. Read more

  5. Clarence

    Awesome scope , bought atn 4k for 2019 deer season to mount on my .450 all American. What a combo I can’t say enough good things about this scope.. The other awesome perk is the atn forum. This forum is full of helpful info if your having a hard time or just to get the most out of your scope .. The one Big NEGATIVE I have is “ it ended my deer season to fast “!!!!! Buy it you won’t disappointed Read more

  6. Ben_e001

    This scope is everything you need to make long distance shots. However as your looking through the scope don’t expect the clairty to be as good as a quality glass scope. I can barely see a .30 caliber hole in paper at 100yds. As the barrel got hot it just got a bit worse. However the video quality is great. And the tech is outstanding. Read more

  7. Mike

    This scope froze up the first time I linked it to phone on viewfinder. Couldn’t get it to shut off or anything so rather than wait for the battery to drain I just boxed it up and returned it. Never even got to fire the gun with it. Also please note the Buckhunter is not night vision. You have to get the Pro for that. Read more

  8. Howard Marquardt

    Scope looks nice and sorta works. Could not get the app working with scope. Researched for days for solutions. Updated firmware etc. Contacted ATN multiple times with no reply. Rubber cover over sdcard slot does not stay on when sd card plugged in. If you push the cover in the sdcard ejects. Bad design. Read more

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