Atn x-sight-4k pro version smart hunting rifle scope

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  • extremely hd sensor – extremely hd 4k sensor with our obsidian 4 dual middle processor brings you cutting aspect generation with better resolution, quicker optics, and thousands and thousands of brilliant shades
  • ballistic calculator – hunt responsibly by making sure your shot hits the target every and each time. Range, wind, multiple-weapon profile, attitude to goal, temperature, humidity, plus greater. Helps you determine actual ballistics for professional long-variety photographs
  • dual circulation video recording – you requested and we listened x-sight 4k pro now not simplest streams video in your cellular tool at hd resolution and might concurrently document to the sd card internal
  • night imaginative and prescient mode – the x-sight 4k pro gives an stronger hd night vision mode. Do not permit the darkness gradual you down
  • ultra low power profile – no extra concerns approximately your batteries death in the field. At 18+ hours of non-stop operation the x-sight 4k will last up to you do. Running temperature:-20°f to +120°f / -28°c to forty eight°c
  • rav (draw back activated video) – takes care of all of your issues. Simply loosen up and focus in your game and allow the obsidian center do the heavy lifting. This scope will mechanically start to record a video earlier than and after you’re taking a shot
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x-sight 4k seasoned is the most recent step forward from the corporation that introduced you the virtual searching revel in. The x-sight seamlessly blends within the contemporary generation with the more traditional scope form to deliver you the quality from each worlds. Powered by means of a twin middle processor with a low mild 4k sensor the x-sight 4k seasoned offers unprecedented photo overall performance with the latest clever features that one has come to assume from an atn scope.

  • extremely hd sensor – ultra hd 4k sensor with our obsidian 4 twin core processor brings you cutting facet generation with better decision, faster optics, and millions of brilliant colors
  • ballistic calculator – hunt responsibly by way of making sure your shot hits the goal every and whenever. Range, wind, more than one-weapon profiles, attitude to target, temperature, humidity, plus more. Facilitates you determine precise ballistics for expert long-range photographs
  • dual movement video recording – you asked and we listened x-sight 4k pro no longer simplest streams video to your cell tool at hd decision and can simultaneously file to the sd card inner
  • night time imaginative and prescient mode – the x-sight 4k seasoned gives an improved hd night imaginative and prescient mode. Don’t let the darkness gradual you down
  • extremely low strength profile – no extra worries approximately your batteries loss of life within the subject. At 18+ hours of continuous operation the x-sight 4k will last up to you do
  • rav (recoil activated video) – flinch activated video (rav) looks after all of your issues. Simply loosen up and awareness to your game and let the obsidian middle do the heavy lifting. This scope will mechanically begin to file a video before and after you are taking a shot
  • the x-sight 4k seems and feels much like your more conventional optic. Widespread mounting earrings. Long eye-alleviation. High resolution and speedy viewing. No pixelation when you zoom. But underneath the hood its pure energy. Attempt it – you received’t remorse the revel in.


    3-14x, 5-20x

    4 reviews for Atn x-sight-4k pro version smart hunting rifle scope

    1. Devan Clark

      First lets start with what did work. The new diopter system and internal visual screen is excellent and the new parallax ring on the objective lens got me so excited for this product that after turning it on and mounting it i immediately ordered a second. The one shot zero is as advertised and unfortunately the good ends there…. Not a single other advertised feature was without issue and this product from a software standpoint is alpha at best. The menu layout puts nightvision as the first option and makes you press a sequence of 3-4 buttons just to change your range. Which feature will u use more? Clearly the range finder…. The scope would not hold zero at all. I would use the scope shut it off and when powered back on the point of impact would change by more than 6 inches at 50yds. And worst of all when i go to my zero it shows the xy coordinates that were zero’d. So its not deleting the zero its changing the coordinates of the zero which is a clear software problem. The buttons are another issue. If u dont push on the center of the power button u can push the corners of the rubber into the scope body. For an $800 device i would expect buttons i didnt have to worry about breaking everytime i use it The biggest issue with this scope is the constant freezing. I was unable to get more than 20 minutes of constant use before it would freeze and require me to push the power button for 30+ seconds until it finally shut off. I think this product has promise, other than the buttons all of the real issues are software related. The most disappointing thing about this scope is that it is so close to being a great product. When it’s working its fun as hell to use, unfortunately it rarely does Read more

    2. TEKnight Rider

      PREFACE – Before buying I literally read every single review on Amazon and read countless others on other websites, along with numerous videos. So below I will also address some of the previous concerns I’d read about from other reviewers (Spoiler Alert – ATN has obviously fixed or corrected everything thing that I’d read about). 😉 NIGHT VISION – Is Amazing!!! Basically, the night vision I’m seeing certainly seems to be VERY comparable to other “Night Vision” Scopes that cost MUCH more ($2K to $3K). So I am VERY impressed so far. Also unlike “regular optical night vision” (which is green) this system (which looks gray scale) does NOT get damaged if left out in the sun, nor does it have to be protected from light. Plus, the same scope is used during the day (double bonus). And, even when the infra-red illuminator is OFF…I was actually surprised…it was still MUCH better than I thought it would be (it does NOT need much light to be effective). So then, when the infra-red Illuminator is turned ON (even at its lowest power)….it really lights up everything like it is daylight when it is pitch dark. I am SUPER impressed.

It’s so good, I’m going to mount it to Quick Disconnect Rings, so I can use it as a Night Vision Monocular (even when not attached to a firearm or airgun. MULTIPLE ‘PROFILES’ – What a game changer…something only a digital scape can do. Essentially, a person can enter different Profiles for different firearms or Airguns and/or ammo…and with a Quick Disconnect (sold separately) it with be a cinch to switch. MICRO SD (sold separately, I got a SanDisk Ultra Plus 64GB) It is important to READ all instructions (which I did), where my friend did not. He and few reviews said they had Micro SD problems…well it’s important to do the Formatting in the Scope (it likes that). Plus, it will also be nice, as a person can “backup” their profiles to the Micro SD card, too. FIRMWARE UPDATES – Again, it’s important to READ all instructions…every single thing I’d read about or saw as an early model 2018 “glitch” has obviously been addressed with Firmware Updates. There was a Firmware Update for mine…and right away I got a super cool “Smart Reticle” that I did not have 1 minute earlier. So follow the instructions. And that “Smart Reticle” changes as you Zoom…again, things that only a digital scope can do. TWO (2) LIL’ ISSUES – That Oliver Vallero at ATN Corp Clarified and Fixed for Me… The USB A to USB-C charging cable that came was way too big to fit in the Scope’s USB-C slot. My buddy that also bought one, a day after I told him about mine…his also came with a USB-C that was too big. He and I are both Apple Techs, so we know it was not a matter of being tight…it was too big. Yet, being and Apple Level III Tech we both had other USB-C cords I/we could use until Oliver sends out a new cable. Plus, I supposed I could have cut away on the plastic on the USB-C end, but I’ll wait and see. 2nd thing…Oliver mentioned that the Manual’s suggested torque of 38 in.-lbs. was too MUCH for the Fixing Screw. So for everyone out there use 22-25 in.-lbs. / 2.485-2.824 Nm for the 30mm Scope Fixing Screw…and for the 30mm Scope Ring Screws, use 15 in.-lbs. / 1.694 Nm. Then finally, for the Infra-Red Illuminator use 22-25 in.-lbs. / 2.485-2.824 Nm for the Fixing Screw, and the Infra-red Illuminator Ring Screws use 12 in.-lbs. / 1.355 Nm. PHOTOS & VIDEOS – I’m really not planning on using it for photo’s or recording video to the SD card (but broadcasting to an iPad might be interesting with shooting buddies). WI-FI & ATN OBSIDIAN 4 App (Tips & Tricks) – The Obsidian 4 App is great for me and works GREAT with the iPhone 11 Pro. I’ve got it set up with a mount that holds my iPhone 11 Pro around my neck and puts the screen where I can see it like a heads up display w/no-hands…so for hunting rats at night…I just put the Umarex Synergis w/ATN X-Sight 4K Pro on a Tripod w/a Vanguard U-Yoke ($14.99 w/Free shipping) and I do NOT even have to look through the scope…I can just watch my iPhone and when the rats come out…POP. This is sooooooo cool!
 Well, that was long and detailed, but that’s me…hope it helps others! 🙂 Read more

    3. Pim Berkhout

      Don’t buy the ATN X-Sight 4K pro. The after sales, service or guaranty of ATN is bad or actually not existing! In the box a small item was missing. The ring for the connection between optics and eye cup. Estimated costs 3 dollar and some stamps to send it in an envelope. I got really annoying answers. All sorts of cannot, will not etc. After really persisting an other official answered my mail. Again another form of will not and cannot. If this is the policy of ATN with minor issues, how will they handle real costly guaranty matters. The scope itself is fine, but it is definitely not a miracle of technology. My other scope YUKON, or my friends Armasight are as good but different features. Both scopes never had problems. While scanning through internet it seems that more customers have had problems with ATN’s service and guaranty matters. Conclusion: Don’t buy ATN, if you have problems they will not help you. You will be better off with an equally as good scope of another provider who will provide service. Read more

    4. Miguel Rodriguez

      With all the hype of this scope it took me several months to finally make the decision to purchase it. It came in yesterday the box and until looked like it may have been a referbished unit. The memory card slot is a terrible design I lost two memory cards in side the unit because the slot has to big of a gap. The only way to get them back is to take it apart which I don’t have the tools to do so. The APP is unstable and would never pull up the scope view. I am very disappointed with the quality of this unit. Just stick to purchasing a regular scope. Read more

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