Balancefrom ab mat instructor stomach system workout crunch curler exercise exerciser

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  • make sure this fits by using entering your version variety.
  • this ab instructor facilitates you selectively train your belly muscle groups, whilst stimulating your metabolism and activating fat burning
  • your returned is optimally protected through the gentle motion, consequently the health instructor is supremely appropriate for everybody
  • the ab trainer gives numerous education alternatives – you can for that reason fully teach top, lower, and side stomach muscles
  • robust, ergonomic design will assist take away lower back and neck pressure frequently related to crunches
  • all proper balancefrom merchandise are protected by means of a one hundred% balancefrom pride and a pair of-year balancefrom support

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your again is optimally included via the gentle motion, consequently the fitness teacher is supremely suitable for all people.

the ab teacher offers diverse education options – you could for this reason fully teach upper, lower, and aspect abdominal muscles.

sturdy, ergonomic layout will assist remove returned and neck pressure frequently associated with crunches

balancefrom ab teacher

review: this clean-to-use ab exerciser is the ultimate tool to tone and sculpt your center muscles. Enables you selectively teach your belly muscle mass, whilst stimulating your metabolism and activating fats burning. The ab trainer is special. Whilst its goal place is the core, you continue to rely on natural movement and motion to get an advantage. Ab machines usually are designed for working the center muscle tissue.

measurement: 20in x 21in x 22in (l x w x h)

weight: 5 kilos

  • light weight
  • ergonomic design
  • clean to collect
  • balancefrom ab teacher stomach system exercising crunch curler exercising exerciser

    foam deal with for easy and at ease grip.

    the ab trainer fits most length people.

    foam head protection for protection.

    your back is optimally included via the gentle motion, therefore the fitness trainer is supremely appropriate for all of us. The ab teacher offers numerous training options – you can consequently fully teach top, lower, and facet belly muscular tissues. Robust, ergonomic design will help eliminate again and neck strain often related to crunches

    at a glance:

  • mild weight
  • ergonomic design
  • smooth to gather
  • product description

    balancefrom ab teacher belly machine workout crunch curler exercise exerciser

    8 reviews for Balancefrom ab mat instructor stomach system workout crunch curler exercise exerciser

    1. James Nicholas

      I bought this because my Health Club is closed due to the Covid 19 virus quarantine. I’ve used a similar trainer daily for years and saw this on Amazon so I decided to purchase it for home usage. Great product and feel the ‘hurt’ from not working my abs regularly over the past two months. Very satisfied with this piece of equipment and looking forward to regular usage again. If you’re looking for something to strengthen your stomach muscles, I would strongly recommend you purchase this item. It’s well worth the money. Read more

    2. HM

      Feels lovely! It was easy to put together after finding the instructions and even more so the free gift! After putting it together I used it as instructed and as shown in the photo! 🤭 It worked my abs and lower back. Light in weight and portable are a good feature. Overall the exercise and the pain relief during the use of this device is well worth the cost of it. If you are considering to get this, for what its worth, you should. #StayHealthy UPDATE: October 5, 2020 I have found several methods to apply the usage of this device! I use it to help my lower and mid back as shown in the “HOW R U” “Wonderful” photo. I have used it to help decompress my neck as shown in the photo with my face on it. I use it for my abs! Which has become easier to do after doing the other two listed uses first! I sometimes hang my knees from it and amazingly decompresses my mid and lower back! I am about 130lbs and under 5.5. Read more

    3. PNW

      This is a good product. Doesn’t feel cheap or clang around when assembled. I’m used to one very similar at the gym that’s fixed in place, that’s the only downside to this one. It moves around a little bit and just takes good form and strength to keep it in place perfectly. Thankful for it while we’re all stuck at home. It really gets the perfect crunch vs just calisthenics. Read more

    4. Analyst1

      I recently purchased this for $27+. This was made in China and it is completely useless. Very fragile and disoriented. When I tried I was getting neck pain due to disoriented design. Importantly it does nothing for Ab!. Does not roll over more than 20 degrees due to its design constraints. I used a piece of similar equipment some time ago, used that for 10years, and thought this looked very similar on amazon. Don’t buy this and don’t waste your money. Read more

    5. Jennifer Troche

      I was looking for something that was simple yet effective to help with my at-home ab workouts. This really helps with my form and ensures I am not using my neck. It was really to assemble and is lightweight. I am so glad I purchased, oh and it’s a great price! Very happy! Read more

    6. Natalie H. Rogers

      From the moment I picked up the box and felt the heaviness of the AB Trainer, i was surprised at the heaviness of the weight. For a product that was so inexpensive, yet wrapped so meticulously it told me that the product was substantial and not a flimsy piece of junk . I found that putting it together was a bit challenging because i am 86 years old but I finally did it. I lost one of the screws, so I think you should include a couple of extra screws in the package just in case. I love doing the exercise .it is very simple and at first, I put the training video on my laptop on the floor next to me so i had a private trainer and I loved that. It seems as if you thought of everything. and that made it so easy to learn all of the steps.I am completely happy with this ab Trainer and thank you. It is ther best purchase I have made this year. Read more

    7. Sherry B Sanyang

      You get what you pay for. Equipment not sturdy at all. CHEAP PRICE ,CHEAP EQUIPMENT. I would return it but that would require me taking it apart . Read more

    8. Mary A.

      This is a great piece of exercise equipment at a very reasonable price… plus you get a 2 Year warranty!!! Read more

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