Balancefrom all-motive weight set, forty lbs

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  • make certain this suits by using coming into your version range.
  • this terrific dumbbell set totals 40 lbs. And consists of 14. 5” dumbbell bars, four collars, and eight weights (4x 7. Five lbs, 4x 2. 5 lbs.)
  • the 2 14. 5” bars are contoured (ergo) for clean and secure handling exercise
  • environmentally-pleasant powder coating adds resistance and sturdiness
  • what’s blanketed: 4x 2. Five lbs and 4x 7. 5 lbs vinyl cement plates, 2x 14″ dumbbell handles and four collar locks

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from the producer

the fine a part of schooling with dumbbells is it allows the athlete to educate thru a more range of movement than barbells on some physical activities.

understand that it’s far sometimes more precious to alternate heavy weights (barbells) for more game-precise actions. Kettlebell exercises demand the use of a couple of joints, which engages all the larger muscle mass of the body.

compound kettlebell movements burn calories faster than isolation movements, which only paintings one muscle.

balancefrom vinyl dumbbell set, 40 lbs

dumbbells require more stability than training with barbells or machines, and stability is vital for optimal performance.

dumbbells also require greater muscular control than barbells, accordingly enhancing kinesthetic focus.

what’s covered:

  • 4x 2. 5 lbs and 4x 7. 5 lbs vinyl cement plates
  • 2x 14″ dumbbell handles
  • 4 collar locks
  • 40 lbs weight set
  • collar locks covered
  • vinyl coated
  • object is available in pairs. 20 pounds each dumbbell, forty pounds for a couple.

    contoured (ergo) handles are designed for easy and secure handling.

    4x 2. Five lbs and 4x 7. 5 lbs vinyl cement plates, 2x 14″ handles and 4 locks.

    vinyl covered plates are completely rust free.

    those dumbbells suit all reason of training.

    handles are more long for protection reason.

    product description

    balancefrom simple dumbbell weight set, 40 lbs

    8 reviews for Balancefrom all-motive weight set, forty lbs

    1. Mark

      Very nice. The perfect weight amount to build up your arms, back and shoulders without a risk of injury if you are careful when exercising. You should start with the small weights, then when you are ready, just the large weights, then when you are ready, all weights on each bar.The way to build real muscles and strength you can actually use is to repeat the lifts more times with lighter weights not a few times with very heavy weights. Nice appearance, good grip. Quality product. They have a good feel. The distance between the weights is just right. I have used these types before. They are not solid steel, like many weights they are some type of heavy material filling in plastic. These will be stored on my porch on the coast so I did not want steel or iron that would rust. DO NOT drop these. If you mistreat them like you would steel weights they might break open. Place them down gently and they should last a lifetime. Not dropping them also prevents damaging the floor. Read more

    2. Stuffguy

      These are solidly built. They do have a small flattened area on the edge to prevent them from “rolling” away should you not have a weight caddy which is an unexpected and very nice touch. Very stable in the hands and a breeze to change the weight load. An excellent value. Read more

    3. Alisha

      The product is as I expected. Nice set. One of the collar locks is cracked but seems to be working fine. I figure I’ll just order or buy another when need be. Paper said I’d get a free set of loop bands if I left a review so we will see. Read more

    4. DD

      My set included only two of the four collar locks it was supposed to include. So for the time being I can use only one dumbbell at a time. Seems like a nice set for the price otherwise. I requested the missing parts from the manufacturer and will update this review based on how it’s corrected. Read more

    5. Mark C

      The are cheap plastic filled with cement. Even while taking them out of the box, I could tell they would fall apart in no time. Now I have to lug the 40 lb package down to UPS to return them! Read more

    6. amanda lawrence

      These adjustable dumbbells are really sturdy and easy to put together with no issues. Very satisfied with the pruce and the product Read more

    7. luvshopping

      40 lb weight set is nice but when I took plates out of the box 1 plate was damage and another plate slightly damaged. Not sure what happed during shipping but other than that I like the dumbbell set. Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      For less than $50, really well made product Read more

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