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  • make certain this fits by means of getting into your model wide variety.
  • sold as pair
  • bumper plates are built of excessive density rubber with solid chrome steel inserts that could resist repeated drops and with minimal leap
  • every bumper plate has an internal ring with a diamter of 2″ and fits any olympic barbell, dumbbell bar or sled with a 2″ diameter
  • every bumper plate is shade coded for easy identification and labeled in both lbs and kgs
  • vital – 10lb plates can bend whilst dropped on my own at the same time as on a barbell
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bumper plates, or simply bumpers, are olympic-sized weight plates which can be fabricated from thick, dense rubber for the reason of allowing a loaded bar to be competently dropped without threat of destructive your lifting platform, the plates themselves, or the ground.

10 kilos, 15 kilos, 25 kilos, 35 kilos, forty five kilos, 55 kilos.

normal essentials color coded olympic bumper plates, pair

essential – 10 pounds plates aren’t designed for use alone. To make all plates in equal diameter, all trendy 10 kilos plates are skinny, so they may bend if you use them on my own. This will damage your 10 kilos plates.

high density rubber plates with stable stainless steel insert can resist repeated drops. They’ll no longer simplest protect any sort of flooring, however also protect your bars. Colour coded primarily based for smooth identification. Weight is categorized in each kilos and kilograms.

  • 2″ internal ring diameter
  • overall diameter: 17. 75″
  • high density rubber plates
  • strong stainless-steel insert
  • shade coded
  • all are same diameter for easy workout.

    quality rubber plates are for durable.

    for all bars with diameter of 2-inch or much less.


    Black, Color Coded


    10 lbs Pair, 15 lbs Pair, 25 lbs Pair, 35 lbs Pair, 45 lbs Pair, 55 lbs Pair, Set: 160 lbs, Set: 210 lbs, Set: 260 lbs, Set: 370 lbs

    8 reviews for Balancefrom everyday essentials coloration coded olympic bumper plate weight plate

    1. kenpo saber

      I purchased a pair of 55lb plates, they came earlier than promised. I purchased them to use for deadlifts so I could get more wt. on the bar with less plates. They are solid plates and dont bounce much. I tried them on my hex bar and they work great, however they take up a lot of space. One thing to note is that they are a very smooth finish and dont have edges to grip on to load/unload them so must be careful handling them. Read more

    2. Vianey Charles

      I am in love with these weight plates! It reads ‘everyday essentials’ and that detail motivates the mind that much more, also the white colorway encourages me to knock the dust off the weights and workout! I am definitely going to work hard and get strong enough to own the full set! WOW! These plates are so aesthetically pleasing to me, I even set a goal to own it all. These may seem like small details about the product but mentally, throughout my everyday routine, these details matter. If you want to see this fitness journey I am embarking on, add me on Instagram and subscribe to youtube !! also, keep your head up humans!, we’re doing great. @officiallyvianey Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      I am building a home gym and bought a pair of 55 pound Everyday Essentials bumper plates. They arrived earlier than expected. I was pleasantly surprised with the looks and sturdiness of the pair. I have bought more bumper plates of different weights from Everyday Essentials after receiving these. Read more


      Coming along great, just waiting on my 45lbs plates….Great Product… Read more

    5. enea ceku

      It’s not going to crack your floor or break your toes. It’ll work great as a flower stand or a place for your cats to sleep on when not in use. Read more

    6. Sean Tamura

      Just what I was looking for to add to start up a home gym for whole family to workout with. Feel like it was a good deal considering I live in Hawai’i and shipping can add up real fast especially for weights. They don’t look perfect like some of the other reviews say but they are bumper plates and are gonna get dropped, they definitely do the job. Read more

    7. William J.

      I got these for my apartment gym and these are working great so far and very high quality. I will definitely be ordering more bumper plates from them in the future! Read more

    8. Judy pulera

      Love these plates! Good quality and really like the stainless steel insert. Purchased another pair 15# (orange) Read more

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