Balancefrom gofit all-purpose weights

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  • make sure this fits by means of getting into your version wide variety.
  • high excellent solid cast dumbbell encased in rubber
  • strong metallic chrome finish contoured (ergo) handles
  • protects floors and equipments
  • hexagon shaped dumbbell heads are designed to save you rolling and provide less difficult storage
  • offered as unmarried
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product description

evaluation: education with dumbbells allows you to choose resistance education sporting activities based totally on their similarity to actual movements that takes place at some point of sports activities. Dumbbells require more stability than training with barbells or machines, and stability is crucial for highest quality overall performance. Dumbbells additionally require greater muscular manipulate than barbells, as a result improving kinesthetic consciousness. The high-quality part of schooling with dumbbells is it permits the athlete to teach via a greater variety of motion than barbells on a few physical activities. Remember that it’s miles once in a while extra valuable to change heavy weights (barbells) for more recreation-precise moves. Kettlebell sporting activities call for the usage of multiple joints, which engages all the larger muscle tissues of the frame. Compound kettlebell actions burn energy faster than isolation actions, which only paintings one muscle.

patterns: rubber coated dumbbells (unmarried): from five-pound to 100 pound rubber covered hexagon shape dumbbells; vinyl coated kettlebells (unmarried): from 5-pound to one hundred pound coloured vinyl lined kettlebells;

at a look: wide selection of weights; dumbbells are hexagon fashioned; kettlebells are coloured vinyl lined; 2-yr guarantee.


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8 reviews for Balancefrom gofit all-purpose weights

  1. Cameron L.

    It’s weird that the different colors of each weight aren’t shown in this listing, they’re not all pink. Anyways, this was significantly cheaper than anything/anywhere else, even less than most of the non-vinyl coated options out there, which is awesome. However, there are some aesthetic imperfections with the vinyl coating, though it’s tight and firmly attached throughout. Also, the handle has no sharp seams anywhere but some scattered rough spots in the finish (not bad, I’d actually prefer the whole handle had the rough finish). Then the iron itself is a bit deformed (just sort of dented) at the base, so on a hard surface there is a slight wobble, it’s just not quite as stable as you might want if you were going to balance your weight on it. None of these flaws make any difference to me so I’m thrilled with the price. But these quality control issues explain why it didn’t cost two or three times as much, so they seem worth mentioning. Read more

  2. ed

    The odor from the rubber was so bad I could not keep them in the house. Try to contact Everyday Essentials to see what could be done about the odor. No response from Everyday Essentials. Had no choice but to return the items. Read more

  3. Drew

    These are nice weights, bought them for sale, could be more comfortable. Note: I do not have PRIME since does NOT stand behind their BS mark-up service and have become WORSE since they started pushing it so much at delivering non PRIME items. I bought them for the price point they are fairly standard and have held up fairly well. I wish the grips were more comfortable with either some padding or some rubber material on them as well. Note: I do not have PRIME since does NOT stand behind their BS mark-up service and have become WORSE since they started pushing it so much at delivering non PRIME items. Read more

  4. Ubereem

    Browsing around for new dumbells, I was worried there would be some defect—especially when it comes to heavier weights. The set of 70 lbs I ordered exceeded my expectations. They physically look great—albeit, they are bulky units, especially compared to my 80 lb CAP dumbbell. They equally both weighed in at approx. 70.8 lbs on my digital scale, each. I was worried they would be each slightly be underweight, and taking into account a possible 1 lb differential of my digital scale, 69.8 lbs is still very good. ESPECIALLY for weights at this price. They have a very “rubbery” smell, akin to a gym mat. But, really, it’s nothing that should dissuade you. Overall, incredibly happy. Recommend highly. Read more

  5. kelly

    This is a perfect kettlebell. I ordered it at the start of covid and has been such a great item for at home workout for the past six months. There handle is smooth (no “seam” or bumps) allowing for it to swing with ease. The coating on the bell is a bonus for me. I have since gotten another kb but without the coating and I definitely prefer this one. Read more

  6. Mk1015

    great and compact. I use it for home workouts. I really like how small it is. will be buying more from this brand. Read more

  7. CGH

    They function as intended and the handle grip does the job. Those complaining about the odor…this is normal for rubber. I’m surprised people are shocked by the odor. Read more

  8. Iréne

    A thirty-five pound weight in super flimsy, shoddy cardboard, torn, shipping label torn, busting at the seams, hole in box, box taped again by UPS, didn’t hold because of shoddy packaging and the new item I was supposed to receive was all scuffed up. Hey, I know it’s only a kettle bell, right?, but it should have arrived in new condition. Read more

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