Balancefrom gofit all-reason dumbbells in pair, or set with rack

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  • make certain this fits by way of coming into your version quantity.
  • set of two high high-quality strong solid dumbbells encased in coloration-coded vinyl to guard both ground and dumbbells
  • hexagon formed dumbbell heads are designed to save you rolling and offer less difficult garage
  • contoured (ergo) handles are designed for clean and secure dealing with exercise
  • shade-coded vinyl for easy recognition of the weight and higher looking
  • all genuine balacnefrom products are included with the aid of a 2-12 months warranty
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from the manufacturer

all actual balancefrom products include a 2-12 months assurance and 100% balancefrom pleasure assure to make your buy worry loose. Without a doubt touch us or your vendor when you have any questions.

  • huge choice of dumbbells
  • hexagon shape
  • color vinyl coated
  • is available in pair
  • 2-12 months assurance
  • balancefrom vinyl dumbbell pairs

    training with dumbbells permits you to choose resistance training sports based totally on their similarity to real movements that happens all through sports activities.

    dumbbells require greater balance than schooling with barbells or machines, and balance is important for most beneficial overall performance.

    dumbbells also require more muscular manage than barbells, as a consequence improving kinesthetic focus. The excellent a part of schooling with dumbbells is it permits the athlete to educate via a extra variety of movement than barbells on a few physical activities. Keep in mind that it’s far every so often extra precious to trade heavy weights (barbells) for greater recreation-unique movements.

    offered in pairs and to be had in 1, 2, three, 4, 5, 6, 7, eight, nine, 10, 12, 15, and 18 lbs. Lined with coloured vinyl for ground protection.

    hexagon shaped dumbbell heads and contoured (ergo) handles are designed for smooth storage and safe dealing with.

    the vinyl finish makes them smooth to grip, easy to easy and smooth to identify with color-coded weight markers on them.

    product description


    education with dumbbells lets in you to select resistance education sporting events based totally on their similarity to actual moves that happens at some point of sports activities. Dumbbells require more stability than education with barbells or machines, and balance is essential for best overall performance. Dumbbells additionally require greater muscular manipulate than barbells, for this reason improving kinesthetic recognition. The satisfactory a part of education with dumbbells is it lets in the athlete to teach via a more range of motion than barbells on a few sporting activities. Take into account that it is from time to time more treasured to change heavy weights (barbells) for more recreation-specific movements.


    at a look:

  • wide selection of dumbbells;
  • hexagon shape for easy storage;
  • units come with dumbbells and stands;
  • vinyl dumbbells come at a couple;
  • 2-year guarantee.
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    (8-Pound, Pair), 12-Pound, Pair

    8 reviews for Balancefrom gofit all-reason dumbbells in pair, or set with rack

    1. Becky

      During my first session using these, one of the dumbbells broke in HALF! The only thing connecting them now is a tiny bit of the rubber coating. Thank God I was able to hold both pieces in my hand and keep it from tumbling to the floor. These are dangerous — if the pieces had actually fallen, they could have broken whatever was there: face, chest, foot, child, pet, floor! I’ll never buy this brand again. Read more

    2. SW

      I ordered this as a gift for a family member- set of weights 5, 8, 12 lbs with stand. Pretty embarrassed when I learned the 5lb weights were missing from the set. What’s worse is that the customer support website doesn’t work. The customer support phone number goes directly to voicemail (it’s a apparently a cell phone?!). The mailbox is full and I’m unable to leave a message. Do not recommend! Read more

    3. Wendy Edington

      These have obviously been used!!! I took these pic directly after taking them out of the box. If I wanted gross used ones I would have just bought a pair off Craigslist for 5 bucks and taken the chance of being murdered. Read more

    4. Quinn

      I have had this 50 lb weight set for 11 days and have been using it daily for my morning exercises (~1 hour long). I’ve added some pictures so you can see what the stand and weights look like unassembled and assembled. I started working out at the begging of the summer. I had a 2 lb and a 3 lb from a family member but once I got more used to this type of exercise, I wanted heavier weights. For a full month I would hold one 2 lb and one 3 lb weight in each hand. It was doable but uncomfortable. So, I started shopping around. Initially, I was looking for a 10 lb and 15 lb weight but those are vary expensive and hard to come by. I found 10 lb weights that were over $50 each!! I found this product (the 50 lb set) and despite some of the negative reviews, I tried it out. I also gave less weight to the reviews because they were the lighter sets. The stand has been holding up well too. You do have to put the stand together with no instructions but it was simple and obvious (for me at least). The nut goes on one side and the screw goes on the other and the wrench is provided too. I’ve also lifted the stand up with all of the weights in them and it holds up well. The reviews for the 50 lb set were positive and here is another happy customer! The weights are made from material some that doesn’t slip in sweaty hands and allows you to keep your grip throughout the workout. AS A BONUS, I am able to keep my 3 lb weight on the top shelf and a 2 lb weight on the floor in between the 12 lb weights 🙂 Read more

    5. ut oh

      Don’t care for the smell. Stinks up the entire house. After having been out of the house, I can smell them every time I walk back in the door. I can only assume the manufacturers uses a cheap vinyl coating material. On the plus side, they work as expected. Fit and finish were acceptable. No runs or drips in the vinyl coating. But the cast iron could have used a little more finish work along the seems before the vinyl application. Both weights were 10 pounds right on the mark. Plus or minus 0.2 pds by my scale. Not sure exactly how accurate my scale is though. 🙂 Would NOT order them again based on the smell alone. They’ve been in my house for 5 days now. Can only hope the stink diminishes with time. Would suggest the manufacturer reevaluate their vinyl material. Other weights I’ve had don’t stink like this. Read more

    6. Leah Martin

      Not at all what I expected from the pictures. The dumbells are tiny, cheaply made and full of defects and dents. The weight does even feel evenly distributed from one dumbell to the other. Read more

    7. Marc K. Nutt

      Nicely packed from the manufacturer. Each weight individually bubble-wrapped, each pair in a box inside a larger box. The rack was packaged with a bag holding the nuts and bolts and wrenches to assemble the rack. Each pair of dumbbells is covered in neoprene for a nice no-slip grip. There are minor blemishes in the surface of the weights but none on the grip area and none that damage the integrity of the coating. The grips bulge slightly in the center. The weights are well balanced. I wear large size gloves and the grips on these weights just fit the breadth of my hand. If you have larger hands, the grips might be too narrow. I really liked the weights’ appearance and price on Amazon. This is what prompted me to buy. I read a lot of reviews that complimented the set of dumbbells but gave the entire set a 1 for the accompanying rack. I figured anything I got out of the rack was either a bonus or something to toss depending on its actual functionality. The rack that came with this set is surprisingly sturdy and useful. I work out on my back porch so I leave the weights there in the corner. When I am ready to work out, I can easily move the entire set to where I need it. Weights come out of and return to the rack easily. The handle has padding on it. The weakest part of the rack is probably the handle as it seems to bow a bit when I carry the set. The rack is adequate for moving from one area to another at home. I waited until I threw the box away to write my review. That’s when I know I’ve bought a product worth keeping. Read more

    8. Polly B

      I needed 1 pound weights & these seemed like a good option. I like the color & the compactness. They have a chemical smell. I put them outside hoping it goes away completely. After several weeks there’s still a smell if I hold them to my nose but not when I use them. Compared to when they arrived they aren’t bad. If you are sensitive to chemical smells you might not want these. Had it not been the smell I would have given them 5 stars. Pros. They are the perfect size & are well balanced. I chose these dumbbells because of the easy clean coating. Cons: The vinyl coating has a chemical smell. Read more

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