Balancefrom multi-characteristic dip stand dip station dip bar with progressed structure layout, 500-pound potential

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  • ensure this suits by coming into your model variety.
  • design: made from heavy obligation steel with stepped forward shape layout for safety, weight capacity: 500 pounds
  • protection: non-slip foot pads shield the floor and make sure your protection, foam padded grip handles growth friction and minimize your hand fatigue
  • adjustable: top is 40. 15-51. 18 inch, with dimension of 27. Ninety five” extensive and 29. Fifty two long
  • multi-function: perfect for bar exercises, dips, pull ups, push ups, leg enhance, bench press and more
  • happiness: all proper balance from merchandise are protected through a one hundred% stability from pride help and a pair of-year stability from help
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layout: product of heavy responsibility metallic with stepped forward shape layout for protection, weight capability: 500 pounds. Non-slip foot pads defend the floor and make certain your protection, foam padded grip handles growth friction and decrease your hand fatigue. Best for bar physical activities, dips, pull ups, push ups, leg improve, bench press and greater.

balancefrom multi-characteristic dip stand, 500-pound ability

  • advanced design
  • non-slip foot pads
  • adjustable height
  • top is adjustable.

    premium steel for safety.

    progressed design for balance.

    non-slip foot pads for protection.

    3 shades to pick from.

    foam take care of for better grip.

    product description


    Gray, Red

    5 reviews for Balancefrom multi-characteristic dip stand dip station dip bar with progressed structure layout, 500-pound potential

    1. Nick G

      Definitely a sturdy piece of equipment and worth the price. Very simple to put it together. Only issue I had was that it was a little wider than I’d like. I bought it to do dips primarily using my triceps.. However, Due to the width, I felt it worked more my chest. So, I had to modify it a bit. I simply put a couple washers on the lower bolt that holds the upright bar and the connecting bar, on either side. The washers needed to be between the two bars to create a space and result in the upright bars having a slight tilt. Enough to cause the two top handles to end up closer together. In fact, due to the angle I created, I can now adjust the height of those handles .. and it also slightly changes the width depending on if Imove them up or down. If anyone should decide to try this, realize that it probably affects the overall strength of the equipment since is no longer “square” however after using mine for a few weeks.. I don’t feel the slight “out of square-ness” makes it unsafe. It still feels super sturdy Read more

    2. Chris

      I might be being over critical, but the first thing I noticed when I pulled the pieces out of the box was that it was a very poor weld job. There are long thin gaps in all the welded joints, which is not unheard of but slightly alarming… considering the purpose of this equipment is to help you hoist your body in the air. If one of the joints were to fail while you were in the air, which is logical since that would be when you’re applying the most pressure to the part, that would be pretty bad. That being said… the supplier claims the assembled equipment can support up to 500lbs. Assuming they built in a factor of safety.. I’m going to put it in God’s hands and continue using it. The screw lock tab for adjusting the heights actually tore threw one of the welds as I threaded it in!!! I was very disappointed. I will add a picture for clarity. I gave it a 4 for ease of assembly. Only reason I didn’t give it a 5 is because the assembly instructions were wrong. But they have enough information that the owner should know where to put everything. Everything else is pretty straightforward and anyone that’s every assembled any piece of hardware or equipment in their life will have an easy time of it. ***just remembered! I also didn’t bother using the wrenches they provided. I pulled out my socket wrench and the size of the bolt head listed in the assembly instructions was incorrect. Luckily I had an adjustable set of socket wrench heads and played around until I found the right size. So I’m dropping their score down to a 3***. I’m giving it a 3 for sturdiness for now, but I’m willing to upgrade that score as time passes. The poor welding job is always going to be in the back of my head but I’ve used the equipment about 3 times now and it seems to work. The one tab that tore through the weld is slightly more loose because it’s now threaded in at an angle. That bothers me a lot, but I don’t want to disassemble and ship the part back to the supplier if I can get it to work. If I could find a local machine shop that would be willing to weld that material back in place I might do that. I gave it a 3 for value for money because, let’s face it, it costed like 50 bucks? Maybe 60. So in all honesty I can’t really complain. You get what you pay for Read more

    3. Oliver

      I’ve been doing dips for >30 years at the gym, it’s great to now do them at home. Product is easily assembled (15 mins), don’t really even need the instructions if you have some comfort with nuts and bolts, otherwise instructions will suffice. Two wrenches come with kit and honestly if you have a socket wrench you’ll make quicker work of the task of assembly. I’m 6′ tall, 220 lbs, perhaps slightly above average build, couple extra pounds on my frame (55 years of brilliant living). A couple of the reviews note the width of the frame and this placing more emphasis on the chest workout rather than the arms. I don’t disagree with that assessment. What I will suggest from my experience is that most people do attempt to use dips as more of an arm exercise than it’s meant to be. Dips are a large muscle group exercise of chest, shoulders and arms. It would be handy if the handles were more angled such that you could move yourself in or out depending on what you’re after from this exercise, no doubt cutting angles in metal are probably more expensive. One review noted getting some extra washers from the hardware store and adjusting the lower bolts on the crossbar to put an angle into the uprights thereby bringing the handles closer together and for smaller individuals or others wishing for a more arm based workout I can see that making sense and working nicely. Overall though I’d have to say I was a bit skeptical given the price and free shipping but after just a week I’m kicking myself for not going this years ago. Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      Good value for a home gym. Wider than I would like & not adjustable in width. Does adjust in height. The foam grips have a very strong chemical odor. My wife will most like make me remove the grips due to the smell. I will have a shorter center bar fabricated locally to narrow the dip station. I’m afraid the wide grip may stress my elbows in a bad angle. Read more

    5. Edward Y.

      A standard dip station at the gym is ~18 inches wide but this product is 26.5 Inches wide.. unless you want to blow your shoulders out and injure yourself, I would recommend you search elsewhere. I’m not sure how this product has such a high review, but I wish I looked at what other people said before buying the product.. smh. I guess you can cut the bar in the middle to lengthen the width down, but you’d also have to go to a professional welder and and spend another couple tens of bucks(idk how much welders charge). I would just recommend that you look for another product instead of having to go through all the hassle.. Read more

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