Balancefrom rubber encased hex dumbbell in pairs, singles or set

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  • ensure this suits by getting into your model number.
  • dumbbells are widely utilized in gyms and houses for diverse workout functions, a terrific tool for both complete frame workout, or particular muscle groups
  • high first-rate stable cast dumbbell encased in rubber, dumbbells will closing all through the years whilst shield your ground
  • solid metallic chrome end contoured (ergo) handles designed to in shape simply. Textured manage gives a decent and relaxed grip
  • hexagon form rubber encased heads assist prevent rolling and and offer easier storage
  • dumbbells are available in pairs or singles at your choice
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from the manufacturer

dumbbells additionally require greater muscular control than barbells, consequently improving kinesthetic focus.

the quality a part of training with dumbbells is it allows the athlete to train via a more variety of motion than barbells on some exercises.

balancefrom rubber encased hex dumbbell

overview: schooling with dumbbells permits you to choose resistance schooling physical games based on their similarity to real actions that occurs at some stage in sports.

dumbbells require greater balance than education with barbells or machines, and stability is critical for ideal overall performance.


  • pairs: five-25 pounds
  • singles: 30-50 pounds
  • hexagon shaped dumbbell heads are designed to save you rolling and offer easier garage.

    solid metal chrome finish contoured handles are designed for clean and secure coping with.

    rubber coat protects floor also can lessen the harm from losing.

    dumbbells additionally require more muscular control than barbells, for that reason improving kinesthetic focus. The fine a part of schooling with dumbbells is it permits the athlete to train through a more range of motion than barbells on some physical activities. Remember that it’s miles sometimes extra precious to trade heavy weights (barbells) for more sport-specific moves.


  • pairs: five-25 pounds
  • singles: 30-50 pounds
  • at a look:

  • multiple patterns to pick out from;
  • rubber encased;
  • hexagon shape heads;
  • contoured handles.
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    10 Pounds, Pair, 15 Pounds, Pair, 20 Pounds, Pair, 25 Pounds, Pair, 30 Pounds, Single, 35 Pounds, Single, 40 Pounds, Single, 45 Pounds, Single, 50 Pounds, Single, Set: 200 Pounds

    8 reviews for Balancefrom rubber encased hex dumbbell in pairs, singles or set

    1. Saskia

      Waited 2 months for the delivery, but it was worth it. These weights are brand new, has no scratches or cracks in spite of the poor packaging. It’s understandable that the outer packaging was damaged since it was in transit for over a month. Nonetheless, I am happy with my purchase and highly recommend them. Just what I needed and more. Read more

    2. Ms. J

      I suggest you allow the dumbbells to sit outside for a few days because they had a very strong rubber smell. Otherwise, they are very helpful with my workouts and they are worth having. So buy it! Read more

    3. SandraEche

      We really like these BalanceForm rubber encased dumbbells but we had to wait two months for these 20lb pair. They have a good grip to them. Since my husband and I workout together, we almost have two sets of 5, 10, 15, 20 lbs BalanceForm dumbbells. My husband also has the 25lb pair. However, we bought the majority of the dumbbells not on Amazon. Read more

    4. Belle45

      I have been working out at home for over 15 years. I was going to purchase several weights & equipment but I hesitated; and then COVID happened. After every seller sold out, I was able to find these on Amazon. They have a comfortable grip and match the dumbbells I already own. They are an overall good set of weights but overpriced as many retailers are at this time. I hope they last heavy usage like all the other items I have purchased in the past. Read more

    5. aj spells

      Got these dumbbells for a good deal, has a strong plastic smell but goes away as soon as it airs out of the box. Read more

    6. Sonja Murray

      I’ve been looking for good quality 15lb weights for a few months and finally came across these 🙂 They are the best quality I’ve found for the price (even compared to used weights). Would highly recommend, thanks! Read more

    7. Ryan Miller

      Got the product and absolutely love it. My only complaint is that the center piece is a bit rugged, so it can rip your hand if you’re not careful. I would recommend wearing gloves or wrapping it with a towel. Also, unlike similar dumbbells I have, it did have a bit of a “manufactured” scent to it, so if this is an issue for you, I don’t recommend you buying this, but I still believe they are a great value and an excellent product. Read more

    8. Ernest Wendling

      return Read more

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