Barska 1. 5-four. 5×20, tactical mil-dot riflescope , black

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  • make certain this suits with the aid of coming into your version wide variety.
  • tactical scopes performance features like side adjustable parallax knobs and primary focal aircraft mil-dot reticle that allows you to estimate variety at all power settings
  • proprietary accu-lock device makes use of coil spring placed inside scope to securely affix internal tube, allowing scope to live locked dead-on to goal, after repeated photographs and severe cringe
  • 1. 5-to-four. 5x magnification, one-inch tube diameter, 20-millimeter objective lens, 11. Nine-to-four. Four-millimeter exit scholar, 10. Three-inch duration, and 12. 6-ounce weight
  • water-, surprise-, and fog-proof; side adjustment, target-fashion knob for windage and elevation; consists of scope caps, mounting rings, and lens material
  • includes confined lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee

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  • item: ac10770
  • field of view(feet@100yds): seventy five. 7ft@ 1. 5x, 24. 5ft@ 4. 5x
  • eye comfort: 3. 3 inch
  • go out student: 11. 9-4. 4mm
  • click on value: half of moa
  • focal plane: first
  • length: 10. 3″ ; weight: 12. Fifty five oz ; 1″ tube diameter
  • protected: mounting earrings ; scope caps ; lens fabric
  • 1. Five-four. 5x20mm scope with first focal plane mill-dot reticle

    the 1. 5-4. 5×20 ir riflescope from barska is an ideal desire for shooters who are searching out as tons manage as feasible for intense type capturing. This scope has been designed for accuracy, reliability and sturdiness, offering an 1″ unmarried tube production with an illuminated mil-dot reticle in the first focal aircraft, permitting the scale of the sample to boom because the magnification is improved. The rifle scope’s unmarried tube production offers high flinch functionality with larger calibers.

  • 1. Five-4. 5x magnification
  • 20mm objective lens
  • first focal aircraft (ffp)
  • mil-dot reticle
  • absolutely multi-coated optics
  • five/eight” mounting earrings
  • accu-lock device
  • water-resistant, fogproof and shockproof
  • durable, mild weight riflescope

    this 1. 5-four. 5×20 first focal aircraft riflescope is durable and lightweight, ideal for close distance searching or goal practice.


    the scope comes with included 5/8″ mounting earrings, scope caps, and lens cloth.

    zoom adjustment

    1. 5-4. 5x adjustable zoom allows users to stand up close to the goal, appropriate for mid- to brief-variety targeting.

    glass-etched reticle

    the scope comes with first focal aircraft mil dot glass-etched reticle, allowing reticle to maintain the same measurements at all magnifications.

    7 reviews for Barska 1. 5-four. 5×20, tactical mil-dot riflescope , black

    1. MeteorMagnet

      “Reading between the lines” is easy with this optic, since the reticle crosshairs are nearly invisible at lower magnifications. If you’re familiar with second-plane or “fixed-view” reticles, this can be a tough thing to deal with. At 1.5x, you’re probably looking for both-eyes-open rapid acquisition. And that’s where the reticle all but disappears. Which is a shame, because this is not a bad little scope. The optics are fair for the price range, and the turrets have nice, positive detents. But the turret caps seem to have been threaded as an afterthought — very shallow, soft threads that are hard to square-up to the turrets. With gloves on they could strip in a week … Compare this scope with the SightMark 1.5-5×30, which is what I did. They take a different approach to essentially the same equipment. For roughly the same price, the SightMark has nice, chunky, clearly-marked (resettable-zero, but non-lockable) target turrets — and a reticle (also first-plane) that is clear throughout the magnification range. The important part to understand here is that the crosshairs will be large at 5x, larger than you might expect. That’s the price of having them actually be visible at 1.5x. My reasoning (yours is likely to differ) is this: At short range, 1.5x is perfect for sudden, close targets. More distant targets allow a bit more time, so the “fatter” reticle doesn’t annoy as much as the “wispy” other one does at close range. Neither of these has an adjustable objective, so you’ll need to be careful about parallax with whichever you choose. Read more

    2. Nickolas E Faul

      I’m not sure what the other reviewers had a problem with. It is a first focal plane scope, which means the reticle will shrink as you decrease the magnification. If you don’t understand what a feature is, try looking it up first. The reticle is obviously meant for use on full magnification, but I was able to see it clearly doing ready up shooting with my hk91 at 10 to 30 yards on 1.5 magnification. At that range you don’t need a heavy reticle, you just need to see the damn target. The clarity of the scope is just fine and target aquisition was quick. As I have already stated, it’s mounted on an hk91, and holds zero dead on. It was putting down nickel sized groups all day using federal american eagle, M1A match rounds. As for the complaint about tactical knobs, they are worthless on a scope of this magnification, and more of a tacti-cool feature. When shooting out past 600, yeah, you need target knobs, but not for a battle rifle, which is what this knd of scope is made for. Any long range shooting or infantry experience would tell you that. Your not going to be using this past 500m, so windage adjustments is just holdover at that point. Its half the point of using a mil dot reticle on an optic of this magnification. It’s a cheap sturdy little scope, that holds it’s zero on a rifle shooting. What do you expect for $105, a Leupold? Read more

    3. cecil

      have it on min 14 works great Read more

    4. M. DiMeo

      Holds zero on a .223. The mil dot reticle is good, but nearly invisible in low-light situations. .5MOA clicks are really more like .7MOA on mine, but it’s consistent. The rings it comes with are soft, junky metal. Read more

    5. K. Terry

      A lot smaller mil dots than I was planning on and this thing is HEAVY! It’s going on a pcp .25 hatsan rifle so it’ll do for now. Read more

    6. todd

      Turrets to adjust crosshairs were backwards. Up was left left was up. Read more

    7. Scott C. Smith

      Very low quality. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! I’m disappointed that amazon would carry such an inferior product. Read more

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