Barska 20-60×60 water-resistant immediately spotting scope with tripod , black

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  • ensure this suits through entering your model range.
  • 20x-60x zoom magnification
  • one hundred percent water resistant and fogproof
  • clean focusing knob
  • completely-coated optics
  • consists of pan-head tripod and soft sporting case

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  • glass: bk-7
  • fov: 106. 5ft / 35. 5m@20x 46. 9ft / 15. 4m@60x
  • near cognizance: 26ft / 8m
  • eye comfort: 14. 5mm – eleven. 2mm
  • exit pupil: 3mm – 1mm
  • 20-60x60mm wp colorado recognizing scope

    the 20-60×60 waterproof colorado spotting scope homes multi-covered optics in a rugged climate sealed housing. The wide zoom variety makes this optical device ideal for looking and chicken looking, in addition to recognizing on the rifle variety and even lunar observations. Use the 20x magnification to survey the entire panorama, then zoom to better magnification and cognizance on exceptional info.

  • compact and transportable design
  • absolutely-lined optics for superior detail
  • wide 20-60x zoom variety
  • turn-down lens cowl
  • immediately frame design
  • capabilities that beautify capability

    boasting a effective 20-60x zoom variety, the colorado spotter is well-ideal for a extensive range of viewing situations. At 20x, the spotter may be used for popular commentary. See some thing thrilling? Fast and without problems zoom to 60x magnification to get a more targeted look.

    when viewing at such excessive magnifications, it’s essential to have a focusing gadget with a purpose to supply unique adjustments. The adjustable goal lens allows the person to make great adjustments to the spotters awareness putting while preserving a visible at the target object.

    an included tabletop ensures consistent viewing in any scenario. The included tripod mount will suit maximum wellknown tripod mounting screws, allowing the spotter to be used with both the blanketed tripod or your personal!

    maintain your colorado spotter covered on the cross or whilst saved with the covered smooth case. This handy tender case can without problems save the covered accessories, together with the tabletop tripod, lens cloth, and more.

    product description

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    barska 20-60×60 water-proof directly spotting scope with tripod, colorado series is perfect for birders, hunters and naturalists. This recognizing scope grants amazing brightness and readability for finest viewing. The barska 20-60×60 spotting scope capabilities variable 20x-60x zoom magnification that allows you to fasten on to your subject and then zoom in for extra detail. This barska spotting scope has a 60mm absolutely covered objective lens that reveals photographs in foremost contrast, shiny colour, and with sharp decision. The barska colorado collection recognizing scope is one hundred percentage waterproof and fogproof, housed in a rubber armor protecting to protect the scope from harsh climate conditions and includes an attached lens cowl for added protection. Accessories consist of pan-head tripod and smooth carrying case.


  • water-proof recognizing scope with tripod
  • completely lined lenses
  • rubber armor housing
  • 100 percent water-proof and fogproof
  • housed in rubber armor overlaying for safety
  • includes connected lens cowl, tender wearing case, pan-head tripod
  • 20x-60x magnification
  • 60mm absolutely coated lens
  • lifetime assurance
  • 6 reviews for Barska 20-60×60 water-resistant immediately spotting scope with tripod , black

    1. 101010101010

      Not bad for a $60 scope . I bought this just to use an outdoor rag . I really didn’t want to pay 600+ for a good one. The scope is really good . Yes the quality and the sharpness is not there but I did not have a problem seeing my targets at 100 yards plus. I will add a picture to show you how it looks at 100 yards. Read more

    2. GerryH

      Great Spotting Scope for the price. I received it 3 days ago. I set it up and tested it at about 100 yards. I could read the alarm company sign in a neighbors yard on the next block. I used it today at the shooting Range. I could see .22 and .223 holes on paper at 100 yards. I could also see the hits great on shoot n see targets at 200 yards. That is all I needed it to do and it did Great. The tripod worked fine for me. I set it up where I needed it to be, on the table. I had it focused on My target and my buddy was on the target to the left of me. I could look at my target, or just look from the right side of the eyepiece and see his target. So I could spot for him without moving the scope. No issues with the tripod, it swiveled and locked when and where I wanted it too. However I will put it on my camera tripod next time I take it out. A Quality scope for a Great Price. *Update* I used this spotting scope last night to view a Full Moon. WOW, It worked Very Well. Crisp and clear view. The adjustments worked Great. I’m impressed. *Update* Today I got to use this spotting scope at 300 yards to spot .223 holes in a reactive target and on paper. I could see ALL of the .223 holes on the shoot&see target center. I could also find Most of the .223 holes on the paper once I Fine Tuned the focus. Next Stop.. The 500 Yard Line. I’ll update at that time. Read more

    3. JR

      Overall, this is not a ‘great’ spotting scope. But for the price, and if you only plan to use it at shorter ranges, it’s well worth it. Pros: – Optics (short range): Decent optics at near distances (less than 400 yards). Clear enough to easily read road signs and make out rust and medium to fine detail at those distances. – Overall Build: The waterproofing seems to work well. I haven’t left this in a strong storm, but I have had it in drizzle and damp conditions without any fogging. And overall the housing seems well made and reasonably sturdy. – Price: Getting this level of quality at the price I paid is extraordinary. Cons – Optics (long range): At longer distances (350+ yards), the optics become difficult. There’s a hazy or fuzzy quality once you hit 500 yards that makes you lose any fine detail no matter how carefully you focus it. You can still make out what objects are down to items maybe six or eight inches in size, but the clarity is not there. For target shooting or serious bird watching, I wouldn’t recommend using this scope much past 300 yards. – Focus and Zoom: The controls for focus and zoom are a bit sticky and the grip ring on the zoom will continue to turn past the stop points with very little effort. – Tripod: This is not a quality tripod and you should not depend on it if you want to enjoy your scope. Spend thirty bucks on a decent camera tripod and you will be much happier. Read more

    4. DaveDubya

      I bought the scope in 2013 used it about once every few months since. When new, I found image clarity was good enough to see a .22lr hole on a white paper target at 100 yds in bright daylight. In the last 6 months I started noticing the image was a bit hazy and getting worse with time. Yesterday, (02/11/2016) I took a close look at the scope and found a pronounced hazy film partly coating the inside of the front lense. Given the scope wasn’t useable at this point a destructively disassembled it to get to the backside of the front lense. What I found was what looked like a very thin white lithium grease coating the lense. Whatever it was it wasn’t water soluble, but came off with alcohol. My guess on the cause of the defect is an excessive internal lube migrating to the lense. Since the scope was never exposed to excessive temperature, vibration, pressure, moisture or impact the defect was solely in its design or manufacturing. In summary, I liked the scope when it was new and it worked for a couple years, but failed to prove durable due to a manufacturing defect. Given the reliability of product I cannot recommend it. Read more

    5. Danielle

      The only complaint i have is the eye relief, it is non existent, my eyeball has literally touched the eyepiece a couple times trying to see though it. While you are laying in the prone trying to assess shots, the eye relief is unbelieveably frustrating because you cant just lean over and look through it, you have to pull the whole thing over and take yourself off of the gun to get set up enough to see through it. the zoom is decent, the clarity is ok; you get what you pay for, it’s all about expectation management. Read more

    6. Tommy D

      I like this spotting scope for the price of $60 or so. I have been using it to spot targets at the shooting range and it has been fine but I have not really pushed it further than 50 yds. or so. Regardless of what I have read from other reviewers, it has worked very well at that distance. I am not a “telescope guy” or someone that knows about these types of tools. This is the first one I have ever had and it meets my expectations just fine. The only reasons I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it really is very lightweight and feels like if it fell once on a hard surface it may be the end of it. I don’t want to find out but it really feels a bit too lightweight. The other reason is that the eyepiece is on the back, designed horizontally, in line with the scope. I am using it to check shots at a shooting range and would have really preferred a spotter with the eyepiece on top, designed vertically so I could more easily just glance down the eyepiece as opposed to sliding over and having to bend and look through the eyepiece. Overall it works very well and looks great also. For the $60 price range I would recommend purchasing this item. Shipping arrived one day ahead of schedule and packaging is excellent. Read more

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