Barska ac10550 10-40×50 severe 30mm scope illuminated reticle with earrings and sunshade

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from the manufacturer

  • item: ac10550
  • fov: nine. 4ft / three. 1m @10x, 2. 6ft /0. 9m @40x
  • tube diameter: 30mm
  • eye relief: 3. 6 in
  • exit student: 5. 0mm – 1. 3mm
  • focal plane: 2nd
  • period: 15. 7″
  • weight: 31. 4 oz
  • 10-40x50mm ir swat rifle scope

    built to perform below the maximum traumatic situations, the swat series of barska riflescopes gives you premium overall performance at severe distances. The swat 10-40×50 ir scope capabilities advanced multi-lined optics for an extremely clean view, and an illuminated mil-dot reticle keeps you on the right track in any lighting fixtures state of affairs. The 30mm monotube production lets in for extra mild transmission and presents the scope with a shockproof creation.

  • illuminated glass etched mil-dot reticle
  • adjustable reticle brightness
  • facet adjustable parallax
  • lockable windage and elevation adjustments
  • 1/eight moa click on adjustments
  • aspect parallax adjustment
  • capabilities

    parallax adjustment lets in consumer to modify in step with distance they’re shooting at and comes with external lockable 1/eight moa windage and elevation.

    consists of flip up scope caps, sunshade, and picatinny jewelry.

    10-40x adjustable zoom permits consumer to get up near the target.

    illuminated glass etched mil-dot ir reticle with adjustable brightness.

    product description

    constructed to operate beneath the maximum traumatic conditions, the acute collection of barska riflescopes promises top class performance at extreme distances. The extreme 10-40×50 ir scope capabilities superior multi-lined optics for a very clean view, and an illuminated mil-dot reticle maintains you on the right track in any lighting state of affairs. The 30mm monotube construction lets in for greater light transmission and gives the scope with a shockproof creation. The extreme 10-40×50 scope is completely water resistant and fogproof, and is derived whole with 5/8″ high see-thru rings, 5″ sunshade, and flip-up scope caps.

    8 reviews for Barska ac10550 10-40×50 severe 30mm scope illuminated reticle with earrings and sunshade

    1. ZZZReview

      I purchased the BARSKA 10-40 X 50 for use on a Mosin Nagant build. The 7.62 X 54R round has sizeable recoil and I was concerned about this scope standing up to the sustained recoil of the rifle. I mounted the scope and scope mounts on a Rock Solid Rail and went to the range with two hundred rounds of 182 grain Prvi Partizan Match Rounds. The scope was not zeroing after ten rounds so I taped the Up and Down zeroing knobs with a small plastic screw driver handle after making each adjustment and brought the rounds into the center of the bull in another six rounds. I fired another 20 rounds and went on to another rifle that I am also working up. Everything seem to be OK until my next range session when after 12 rounds the I was all over the target. I checked everything to see if anything was loose and gave up because I couldn’t tell. I went home took the scope off and examined the scope and the mounts and reassembled it and went back. I got it sighted in in ten rounds to a 1 inch group. I had some medium Loctite with me this time and took the scope ring screws out one at a time and used the Loctite. Should have thought about it the first time. The screws tightness just didn’t hold up to the recoil. After about six hundred rounds, I have not had any additional problems. I am shooting two hundred meters using some 174 grain BTHP Sierra bullets that I reload for the Mosin and holdin one and a half inch groups. I have re-sighted the scope for 150 grain Prvi Partisan rounds and 148 grain Wolf and some 203 grain Wolf rounds. I always lightly tap the knob setting after each adjustment and then tighten the locking ring. In case anyone is interested, the outside diameter of the 50mm optic measured 57.93mm. The scope has performed very well. The problems were a learning curve for me and applying past experience with other scopes. I didn’t mention setting the focus but if you follow the instructions and get it set on a clear view and just leave it alone you’ll be fine. The Lens Shade works well with this scope. I shoot in a lot of different sun conditions and this was important when I made the purchase. Saves having to buy one and it is an excellent fit. The lens caps are not the best. The problem that I have with them is this kind of popping noise they make. In the dark and out in the field, the sound carries a long way. I recommend a good set of Butler covers. It is a worthwhile twenty bucks or so. I have owned a lot of scopes over fifty years and I have some good ones that cost four times this one. The optical quality on some of them are better. Some of them have failed me. I have been shooting this one for a year now and I am pleased with it. The recoil of the Mosin has certainly put it to the test. It took the recoil of the 203 grain 7.62 X54R rounds better that my shoulder. I have recommended this scope to two of my shooting buddies and after being at the range with me, they have ordered one for themselves. They ordered the Butler lens caps at the same time. My other reason for ordering this was knowing that if it didn’t work that I could return it. I am not hesitant to return something that doesn’t work. Poor quality is poor quality regardless of the price. I give this four stars but only because of the Lens Caps. FYI! I bought a Gen II BARSKA 10-40 X 50 SWAT and have it mounted on a AR15 build with a 22 inch HBAR barrel and I zeroed it in 5 rounds. Scope in a better quality than Gen I. The Gen II was bought for a different use than the Gen I and the built in lens shade is exactly the fit wanted for the AR. The Lens Covers on the Gen II are worse than the ones on the Gen I. Because the front of the built in lens shade is angled, I haven’t found a solution. Read more

    2. Mike

      Bottom line If you purchase this scope get get some locktite and good rings, and it will work great. A little back story a buddy of mine recommended this brand, and yeah I was thinking the same thing you are, “a $650 scope for $225, no something has got to be wrong with this thing.” I read just about every review out there on this particular scope and other products. I was getting the scope for my newly purchased remington 700 SPS Tac .308. After my research I said to myself what heck why not give it a chance. Got the scope, got some good rings and locktite, mounted the scope, let it sit over night and took it out the next day. Started my zeroing at 25 yards and got it centered with a few rounds. Took it out to a hundred and was putting rounds on top of each other (where I was aiming of course). Last I took it out to 300 yards and was still putting rounds where I was aiming. I have put about 300 rounds through it in the last 6 months and still spot on. No bull I’m throughly surprised in how my scope handles. Of course do your own research but also take in account the reviews from others. If they used the junk rings that came with the scope, didn’t use locktite or duct tape the scope to their rifle yeah I understand the 1 star reviews. For all of you out there that know how to mount a scope give this brand a chance and I’m sure you will be surprised in what you get for your buck. If you don’t know how to mount a scope ask a friend or watch one of a hundred U tube videos. Good luck safe shooting. Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      I could not get this zeroed for anything! And the eye relief would constantly blackout on me! I tried to call Barska, They kept telling me to file an email claim and I could never get ahold of anyone to talk to. They have never returned my calls honestly their customer service sucks! At this point I feel I have a $300 paperweight! Which I have now taken off of my Ruger Precision and replaced it with an Athalon. Read more

    4. Sean Haney

      I love this scope, I don’t understand all the bad reviews? I installed it with the factory mounts and rings, I really snugged them down, I shot close to 100 rounds last weekend!!! Never lost zero!!! The 5” sunshade really makes it look BIG. If I had anything negative to say it would be of my own ignorance for not buying the 6-40×50, the 10-40×50 is just a little more power than I need for the target shooting I do. Slightly fuzzy at longer distances… crystal clear at 100yards Read more

    5. GSFixit

      I put this on my DPMS 7.62 and have had great results. I would recommend a little Loctite as you should with mounting any scope. With this scope I can see my bullet impacts at 100 yards with no effort. To zero, I fired one round at 50 yards, aimed the rifle back to my original aim point, and adjusted the turrets. That gave me bull’s-eyes at 50 yards. Moved to 100 yards, and did the same thing to fine tune it and get amazing results. Read more

    6. christina

      I do not like the optics at all, the further you zoom you can never get it to be clear. Soon as you lose light you can’t see out of it. Where I’m for we have exotics you hunt at night time and this scope is extremely horrible for it. It had great reviews but I was very disappointed with it. I have scopes I have spent less money on that are way better. I wish I would’ve used it sooner so I could’ve returned it. Read more

    7. Rich

      Put this on my Henry Long Ranger 223 Amazing Buy it you will love it if you’re shooting long distance Adjustability is excellent Read more

    8. B. Caton

      price is unbelievable, for quality u get,works very well, atruly great prduct Read more

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