Barska binocular tripod adaptor

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  • ensure this fits by getting into your version number.
  • standard adapter: the adapter suits maximum binoculars equipped with adapter screws, allowing them to be hooked up on a tripod.
  • smooth attachment: stable and sturdy, the lightweighted adaptor is suitable for out of doors activities which includes bird or nature viewing.
  • tripod mounting: the thread at the bottom lets in you to without difficulty attach your set up binocular to tripods or window mounts.
  • sport kind: searching

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binocular tripod adapter

the barska binocular tripod adapter offers an smooth manner to fit your binoculars on top of a tripod for stable and confortable viewing experiences.

clean mounting

strong and strong, the adapter suits maximum binoculars geared up with adapter screws, and may be used with tripods or window mounts.

smooth mounting

stable and strong, the adapter suits maximum binoculars geared up with adapter screws, and can be used with tripods or window mounts.

smooth mounting

stable and robust, the adapter fits maximum binoculars equipped with adapter screws, and may be used with tripods or window mounts.

clean mounting

solid and strong, the adapter fits maximum binoculars geared up with adapter screws, and may be used with tripods or window mounts.



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product description

binocular tripod adaptor, fits maximum binoculars equipped with adaptor screws.

8 reviews for Barska binocular tripod adaptor

  1. Paul M. Ondra

    I have a pair of Celestron 25×70 binoculars. They are 3 lbs and HEAVY! So the plastic tripod adapter that came with the binos was okay but not very solid. So, I purchased the CELESTRON Metal Binocular Adapter but I HATED the FLAT screw and it could NEVER get it snug enough to the binoculars. The Barska adapter is PERFECT. It is ALL METAL, the SCREW HEAD is LARGE and coated with RUBBER. The adapter is nice and tight when it is attached to my Celestron 25×70 binoculars. So much so, there is no shifting or wobbling at the point of contact as there was with the Celestron Adapter. Read more

  2. Josh W.

    I bought one of these hoping that it was going to work for my binoculars and my tripod. It fit my binoculars just fine, however it did not fit my tripod. The threading was too big so my quick release plate would not screw on. So when I started the return on this product, Amazon offered to send me a replacement. So I chose that option and when the replacement came I tried to put it on my tripod. However, once again the threading was stripped or just too big for my standard tripod plate. Thinking that maybe I was in the wrong, I grabbed my camera and tried to thread my tripod plate on to the camera and found that it worked just fine. 0 out of two. That is the level of their QC. Read more

  3. David F.

    When I purchased my Celestron Skymaster Binoculars it came with a plastic Tripod adapter. Oh my goodness hard to believe if you are a beginner like me….but there is no comparison….spend a few dollars to purchase this metal adapter. It fits perfect onto my Amazon Basics Tripod and now as I look at the moon or Stars and planets through my binoculars all is steady as a rock. With the plastic one it was extremely hard and took time for it to remain stable….so there was shaking going on. It is hard to express the vast difference it this simple adapter. An absolute must for anyone who is using a plastic adapter. Yes I am amazed by the simple things…..same binoculars, same tripod….but this adapter and you won’t regret the difference and the steady viewing it provides. Read more

  4. Matthew Ransom

    I just rec’d this new tripod adapter, and immediately tried it out (just in case I had to immediately return it!). So far, it is excellent. There is no vibration between the tripod and the binoculars through the adapter. I shouldn’t have to say this but, of course there will be vibration if you hit the tripod and/or push your face into the binoculars. Some reviewers have complained about the depth of the recess of the threading, or the rubber pad where the adapter mounts to the tripod plate. I’m using a Manfroto 3275 tripod head, and the plate’s mounting screw went right in to the base of the adapter and secured just fine. As for the mounting screw that attaches to center of the binoculars, I find no problem with it. The threading was correct, length of the stud was fine, and they give you a nice thick rubber knurled thumb screw to tighten it with. Other reviewers had mentioned that this adapter was too thick or bulky to mount to the middle of the binoculars. I’m using Skymaster 15×70 binoculars, and there is plenty of room to spare on either side of the adapter-to-lens assembly. Maybe a very small pair of binoculars would have trouble mounting to the adapter, I’m not sure. As I said, this is my first impression review. I will update it with any comments, good or bad, if I notice anything that should be brought to a potential buyer’s attention. Read more

  5. Twister

    The threaded socket on the bottom is slightly recessed making for a less secure attachment if the screw on the tripod is not very long.and is more likely to strip the threads out. Read more

  6. Jennifer G.

    Just tried this out. Blows away the Celestron metal tripod adapter — which still had twist & wobble but not as much as the plastic one. This BARSKA is rock solid and doesn’t twist/wobble at all. Attached is a photo comparing the two. You can see how much thicker the BARSKA (on the left) is compared to the Celestron (right). Read more

  7. JM

    The threading on the bottom where you connect this adapter to your tripod is ridiculously *deeply* recessed. To make things worse, there’s this weird textured padding on the bottom (You can see it in one of the product pictures), which increases the distance. Doesn’t connect at all with my pistol grip head. It did -barely- connect with my video pan head, but I was only able to turn the screw one and a half turns, which obviously isn’t stable at all. Wound up stripping the screw entirely. It’s a shame because the adapter seems durable, well made, and doesn’t feel cheap at all. But it has a very critical design flaw. Read more

  8. Roger

    “Frequently bought together” lists BARSKA binocular tripod adaptor. Yes, buy it when you buy the Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15×70 Binoculars, because the plastic adaptor that comes with the binoculars will function, but it wobbles so much, you will want a metal adaptor. I bought a FIZZ, it is okay too, no wiggle wobble. BUT! because of the smooth surfaces on the screw socket of the binoculars and the mating surface of the right-angle adaptor, plus the lack of torque you can put on the small thumb screws, WHEN YOU ATTACH YOUR CAMERA TO THE LEFT OCULAR, the mechanical connection slips, and the binoculars list to the left. You need a lock washer, and you need to carry pliers. A couple of recommended lock washers appear in the attached image, but I have not tried them yet. Read more

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