Barska gladiator 20-140×80 zoom binoculars (inexperienced lens) black

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  • make certain this suits through getting into your version quantity.
  • zoom binoculars: the zoom binoculars features wide variable variety of 20-140x magnification that permits clean focused on and then zoom in for a closer and distinctive look.
  • exceptional optics: the binoculars comes with bak-four prism, multi-lined optics, and big 80mm objective lenses, bringing you bright and crystal clean views.
  • distance commentary: the binoculars is suitable for long variety terrestrial and celestial viewing, and plays nicely under low-mild conditions.
  • clean wearing: the zoom binoculars comes with sporting case and neckstrap and also has a constructed in tripod mount to for smooth viewing.
  • recreation type: searching

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from the manufacturer

  • ab11184
  • fov: 54ft / 18m @ 20x
  • close awareness: 87ft / 29m
  • eye relief: 21 mm
  • exit scholar: 4 mm
  • legnth: 14 in
  • weight: 70. Four ounces
  • 20-140x80mm gladiator zoom binoculars

  • multi-lined optics
  • braced-in tripod mount
  • protecting rubber armor coating
  • fold-down eyecups
  • bak-4 porro prisms
  • features

    20x – 140x magnification lets you get up near any object.

    binoculars are o ring sealed and argon purged for complete water resistant and fogproof safety.

    the built in tripod mount makes the binocular best for viewing gadgets a long way away even celestial viewing.

    carrying case, neck strap, and lens fabric.

    product description

    the effective 20-140×80 gladiator zoom binoculars from barska have been designed in particular for long distance terrestrial and astronomical viewing. The 20-140x magnification variety of those barska gladiators allow the viewer to experiment a huge discipline of view and then zoom in on the chosen object for a more in-depth appearance. A zoom thumb-lever allows the consumer to quick zoom in or out while not having to take their eyes off of the binoculars. Massive 80mm objective lenses assist boom light transmission in low light situations to supply a stunning view day or night time, and the gladiator’s multi-lined lenses and bak-4 prisms offer most appropriate readability for greater unique viewing. The barska 20-140×80 gladiators additionally feature a sturdy mounting brace that lets in the consumer to attach those binoculars to a tripod (sold one at a time) for a stabilized viewing experience.

    8 reviews for Barska gladiator 20-140×80 zoom binoculars (inexperienced lens) black

    1. L. Doan

      This set arrived broken. Adjusting the collimation screws wouldn’t even bring them close enough at it’s closest adjustment. Using just one eye they are fairly good and built solid. Barska has not responded to my support requests. Read more

    2. SirSetsAlot

      Was a little disappointed with these. Compared to my spotting scope 20-40×80 vs these 20-140×100 my thoughts would be these binoculars would outshine the zoom in. Nope. I may still use them as a backup. Read more

    3. Robert K

      No tripod included. Clearly implies the tripod is part of the purchase. No tripod. Read more

    4. Lamhe

      Was able to see Jupiter and 4 moons! Can’t see Saturn rings though. ( : Read more

    5. mach2.2

      Nice, They do what they are supposed to do, and do it well. If I had to do it again, I would not opt for Zoom Binoculars… The zoom feature of ALL these type of binoculars reduces the field of view at all magnifications. Read more

    6. richard mattingly

      Not light but I bought to use on a tri-pod so I could zoom in on wildlife on the lake . Best zoom and focus. Crystal clear. Excellent purchase Read more

    7. q290378gh9f

      Stay away from these. I’ve been an Amazon customer for over 10 years, and these binoculars are my very first returned item. The images are just completely and unacceptably hazy. I spent 2 hours with a tripod in my living room looking out across a field, and eventually determined that I could see no more detail at any magnification than my pair of 10×30 binoculars. And by the way, the magnification at anywhere near the 20x and 140x extremes was a farce. I’m guessing that the usable zoom range is maybe something like 30x to 60x, although there are no numbers on it to tell me what the zoom level actually is. And gosh, again, I just can’t emphasize enough how hazy the images are, no matter the amount of tinkering you do. It’s not a focusing problem nor an alignment problem; it’s a lens quality problem. Like they used some cheap old plastic lenses in there somewhere from 1902. And for that 21 mm eye relief spec… I really don’t know where they got that, and it is a complete joke. It seems much, much shorter, at any zoom level. The 14 mm of eye relief on my other binoculars works much better. I kid you not. If you have the money to spend on these, get something else for the same money, even if the quoted specs on that something else are much less. I suppose that it could be possible that a mediocre pair of binoculars cannot be made with these listed specs at this price. But if that is true, then they shouldn’t try to sell something like this at all. I’m really not picky. I buy cheap when I can, and accept the usual corresponding drop in quality. And I’m usually happy doing that. But trust me, the drop is just too large with these. Again, spend your money on another pair with lesser specs and better glass, or accept that you need to pay a lot more money for better binoculars. For example, I would bet that a pair of Barska Gladiator 12-60×70, for about 1/3 the price, simply can’t be any worse than these (although after this experience, I wouldn’t give Barska another chance on those 12-60×70’s). I was torn between giving 2 stars and 1, because they do seem to be made well. But giving 2 stars would imply that they are reasonably functional, and they are not. These are really worse than whatever pair of plain-Jane binoculars that you already own. Read more

    8. Emmanuel R.

      My very old Tasco 12 X 60 binoculars is better than this Barska 20 X 140 binoculars Read more

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