Barska gladiator binocular with ruby lens

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  • object width: three. 1 inches
  • object length: 8. 3 inches
  • blanketed additives: unit
  • preparation guide
  • recreation type: searching
  • effective zoom with exceptional magnifications ideal for all outside activities and wearing events
  • fully covered optics for crisp and sharp photographs with ruby lens to limit glare
  • large goal lens to maximise mild transmission
  • ergonomic layout with shock-soaking up rubber armor
  • consists of wearing case and neckstrap
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  • ab10762
  • fov: 156ft / 52m @12x
  • close attention: 32. 8ft / 10m
  • eye alleviation: thirteen mm
  • go out student: 6 mm
  • duration: 8. 3 inches
  • weight: forty one. 6 ounces
  • gladiator 10-30x 60mm zoom binoculars

    the ten-30x60mm gladiator zoom binocular from barska is designed for long distance terrestrial and astronomical viewing. The variable magnification variety of the binocular permits the viewer to experiment a massive area of view and then zoom in on the selected object for a better and more distinctive look. A zoom thumb-lever for making short and smooth magnification adjustments is featured. Fold-down eyecups are integrated into the eyepieces for consolation viewing with or without eyeglasses.

  • levered zoom magnification
  • bk-7 porro prisms
  • anti-mirrored image multi-covered optics
  • center focusing wheel
  • tripod mountable
  • features

    10-30x magnification lets you rise up near any object

    optics are completely multi coated for sharp and clear images.

    those binoculars are each compact and light weight making them the precise portable binoculars to deliver with you on your travels.

    carrying case, lens covers, neck strap, and lens cloth


    10-30×50, 10-30×60, 8-24×50

    7 reviews for Barska gladiator binocular with ruby lens

    1. David Loya

      Too much chromatic aberration for me (after proper focusing). Not sure if this is an issue that could be fixed by collimation, even then it’s not something I would want to spend time on given that I don’t have tripod mounting at the moment. The amount of aberration is enough to notice racked out at 10x magnification, and at 30x it’s not worth the time. Knew there where consistency issues with these, I was hoping to be surprised but they got put back in the box and back they went inside an hour of taking them out of the box. Not to say that some folks are getting a good experience/ value for the price, just didnt happen for me. To be fair, I did NOT reach out to Barska for technical support. Read more

    2. just a man

      For the price your getting quite a bargain. Is this comparable to Zeiss or Swarovski binoculars?, no. What you get for the price is a low cost variable power binocular that is quite a bargain. This has got be one of the best “bang for your buck” variable power binoculars out on the market today for under $100.00. On the minimum (10X) setting you will find crisp clear detail with good light transmission even at lower light levels, a bargain at this price range. As you roll up in power you will notice the focus may require minor adjustment and clarity will degrade, but this is completely acceptable given the price of this unit. This is not your top of the line binocular for truly professional use, this is an entry level binocular for the budget minded user. This binocular is better than not having one at all. One caveat with Barska is the hit or miss quality associated with this brand. I don’t doubt the negative comments posted by some reviewers with this particular binocular, nor do I doubt the glowing comments posted by others. You could be pleasantly surprised with this model binocular. If your looking for a variable power binocular for under $50.00, look no further than the Barska Gladiator 10-30X50mm. Keep in perspective the price range of this unit when evaluating performance. I too have very expensive binoculars so I don’t need a lecture on the professional aspects of a quality binocular. I am simply providing an honest comment of this particular model binocular and how it performs in the (under $150.00) category. Pros: Price (under $40.00 SH included.) Variable power. Useable. Does the job good enough. Cons: Weight is a little heavy, but expected due to price. Clarity suffers as power goes up and requires focus adjustment, but is good enough for most. Fragile. I would not drop this thing from five feet up without expecting problems to arise. Read more

    3. Todd

      When I received it the prisms were not collimated. After watching a few youtube videos and reading some articles, I figured out that you need to adjust the lenses by turning the set screws under the rubber armor. After messing around with these for about a half hour I was able to collimate it. Kind of an unwanted hassle, but nothing that can’t be fixed. The picture is okay, except for in low light settings and at x24. Lighter weight than they look. Good feel with the rubber armor, easy to adjust focuses. I compared them with my Tasco 10×25 compact binoculars. These are definitely better at night, with the wider lenses that allow more light to enter. However I’d have to say the Tascos had a better image during the day. The Barska’s picture was a little more gray than the Tascos and the Tascos appeared to have a wider field of view, in spite of how small they are. Overall not a bad product if you can get past the collamating of the prisms. Read more

    4. Ernie Beckley

      These are inexpensive binoculars. If you are purchasing a Chevrolet Aveo expecting a Maserati, then I don’t know what to tell you. That being said, and keeping in mind the price point of these binoculars, I would have to say these are quite good. The focus is smooth, as is the zoom. Yes, you have to refocus after zooming, but my $2000 DSLR has to do that as well, it just does it for me. Of course, at anything above 10x, you’re going to need a steady hand or a tripod (mount is extra). I tried holding these in my hand at 30x and the shaking was so bad I couldn’t see anything. Still, the zoom is nice. A few other comments: – The optics are clear. My binocular was perfectly collimated. They are neither too heavy nor too big. – The strap is useless. I had a leftover camera strap from my DSLR that works much better. – The lens covers are so-so. There are four of them, and they are not connected. Seems like losing one is just a matter of time. I’ll probably modify them so they stay together (somehow). – The case will mostly keep the dirt and dust off, but it won’t protect them any other way. If you’re rough on them, the case isn’t going to help. I’ve tried them with birding–so far, so good. Also gave night time viewing a shot–not very good without a tripod. I already ordered the tripod mount (should have done that in the first place). Bottom line: for casual users, and for the price, I’d recommend these wholeheartedly. Read more

    5. TN

      Arrived damaged. My thoughts are it was damaged prior to or during packaging because the box was not damaged. One lense was cross threaded, and jammed in so tight it cracked the underlying piece. Was able to get lens threaded better, but it still does not focus well. Might have been able to rate higher but don’t know if focus issue is due to damage or?? Read more

    6. SteveS

      Bought these as a Christmas present for my wife for an Alaskan cruise in May. I didn’t try them until on the ship and found that the zoom lever does not work. I realized this when I picked up a pair in the ship’s camera shop and realized what the lever was supposed to do. We moved shortly after and forgot all about it until I was updating all my reviews just now I am going to have to start a warranty but I have to find them now. Read more

    7. glenn Jepperson

      Images was clear and crisp on the right eye and not too diminished at 30 power. However the left eye would not focus at any range. Clearly just a mechanical problem with this unit but after reading about all the other problems people had with this set I decided to return and buy better Read more

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