Barska nvx100 3x night imaginative and prescient monocular with built in digicam

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  • make sure this suits via getting into your version wide variety.
  • 4 gb micro sd card, mini usb cable, av cable, neck strap and tender wearing case
  • exit student (mm): 20, minimal attention range (ft./m): 0. Three/1
  • display photographs and films on television and without problems switch files to pc
  • lights device luminance and ir wavelength: 3w infrared led and 850nm
  • video recording layout: that264
  • surely see as much as 3x magnification inside the darkish. Refer to the user manual under earlier than use.
  • infrared illuminator lets in viewing in the darkish
  • statistics pictures and video
  • show pics and motion pictures on the television and without difficulty switch files to a laptop

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  • object: bq12388
  • fov: 328ft / 100m
  • objective lens: 14. 5mm
  • go out scholar: 20mm
  • weight: eight. 71 oz.
  • battery want: aa x4 (not protected)
  • consists of four gb micro sd card, mini usb cable, av cable, neck strap, and soft wearing case
  • nvx-100 night time imaginative and prescient infrared illuminator virtual monocular

  • 3x magnification with 2x virtual zoom
  • 3w infrared illuminator lets in viewing within the dark
  • lights gadget ir wavelength: 850nm
  • durable weather and water resistant housing
  • screen resolution 640 x 480
  • easily transfer files to a laptop
  • data snap shots and video
  • functions

    those binoculars are each compact and light weight making them best for a huge kind of midnight uses which includes surveillance, middle of the night looking, and widespread nighttime commentary.

    the infrared binoculars provide 3x magnification viewing in daylight or whole darkness the use of powerful infrared illuminators.

    glance through the binoculars to capture an photograph or report a video, and then view files directly inside the binocular’s inner screen or share documents to be regarded at the television or laptop.

    product description

    virtually see as much as 3x magnification inside the darkish with the brand new barska nvx100 night imaginative and prescient monocular. The nvx100 supplies high magnification for better photograph decision and a clearer view of goals inside the distance. The infrared illuminator allows viewing inside the dark up to 328ft/100m and is right for a extensive type of nighttime uses consisting of surveillance, midnight hunting and widespread statement. Requires 4xaa batteries (not blanketed). Subsidized by way of barska’s one year restricted guarantee.

    8 reviews for Barska nvx100 3x night imaginative and prescient monocular with built in digicam

    1. Michael Cast

      Okay, the reason I gave this night vis monocular/camera/video recorder five stars is because of the fact that for a very decent price you get a device that is fairly solidly built, it is simple to operate, and it does, in fact, give a very sharp and clear picture in TOTAL darkness. The picture is black and white instead of the usual grainy green you might be used to on some other night vision devices. But the picture is super sharp. The focus capabilities are really good. Even if you wear glasses, this device can be focused separately just for that. For instance, within a hundred feet or so, you can see just what kind of bottle someone has in their hands… much to the dismay and chagrin of my son and his buddies who thought they were safely hidden in the driveway just because it was pitch dark out! He’s 25, so he is a grown man…the issue was not that he was doing something that is frowned upon in our house , but it really creeped him out that I COULD SEE EXACTLY WHAT HE AND HIS FRIENDS WERE DOING! BUSTED! Ha ha! Seriously though, we have a lot of critters that like to come off of the park and nose around the house. It’s amazing to watch a coyote, racoon, or fox waltz around like they own the place. Within fifty to seventy five yards, with the zoom on 3X you can pick out the finest details. You can even make out vague images further out until the devices invisible light gradually fades with distance. If some one coughs up the big bucks ($1,200 all the way up to military grade T.Vision or I-Red that can cost $8,000 or more) they will be able to see this devices beam shinning out like a flashlight beam, but to the naked eye, you can’t see a thing! YOU OWN THE NIGHT! You can take a load of pictures with it. The video capacity for the one gigg chip is about ten minutes or so (that’s a guess) …not bad for less than $200. I bought it (and use it) as a way to see around the property in the dark. Nothing moves that I can’t see. The darker, the better. Read more

    2. iinformative

      I’ve owned three of these low end $100-$150 price range night vision monoculars. This one is by far the best. The others were more green and I had a lot more trouble getting them to focus at distances. This once focuses very well out to 100 feet or more. Instead of green it looks more like my blink cameras black and white but oh such good vision plus it stores snapshots or video and uses up to 2X digital zoom. Once you get the hang of it this night vision camera is just amazing and convenient. Even came with a 4gb micro SDD memory chip installed and neck strap and bonafide carry pouch. I would highly recommend to anyone seeking to just see things in the dark around their ranch at night when the dogs bark. You have to learn how to turn it on it’s not a simple switch you have to press and hold the side slide for two full seconds THEN release to turn ON or OFF. You also will want to learn your way around the laser boost that makes it really shine. I always use the laser light boost. It’s like strapping one of those laser focus flashlights to your binoculars (what I did before I got this) only you can’t see the flashlight laser because it’s nearly invisible. That is how it can see so well! If you are uncertain, try this one give it a good fair trial and I think you will be happy with the end result. I took off a star because it’s 4.5 stars and it could be better just not sure how. Better zoom maybe Better menus maybe, not made in China perhaps would earn a 5th star for sure. Read more

    3. Jason B

      They work good for the price . They take a little to get used to but once you get it focused and learn what everything does they are pretty darn good for under 200 dollars Read more

    4. donkey-boy

      Great for seeing t night . These are not stealth like army nvg’s as a 100% sure give away red laser type light is emitted to allow pretty darn good night sight. The advantage of using these over a spotlight at night is unless you are within 50 yards and looking at the red light no one or no animals will detect your presence. My boys easily snuck up on me on a moonless and overcast night in a field because I had no idea they were behind me. Read more

    5. P. Kelley

      Excellent device. Amazing that you can see in complete darkness with this. I have had Russian made generation 1 NV device which is Total garabage. This night scope is a geration 1 on steriods in comparison. Really clear black and white view. Good up to a hundred yards. Very light device and nice padded carry case for neck or belt. Good for locating target and then using million dollar heavy night scope to aim. For the price, truely a bargain for what you get. Read more

    6. Manders57

      Got my NV-M today and couldn’t wait to use it!. Waited til 8pm est. To use it outside. The unit didnt disappoint! Could see everything within my surrounding area with close to zero visibility. My only negative… if using for personel surveillance, the IR is (potentially) very noticeable and the buttons are plastic and make a click when depressed. If only they were rubber. But thats if you’re just trying to super spy on a budget. Records and snaps photos! I am very satisfied with the unit and cant wait to use it some more! Best quality for the money you pay! Read more

    7. jwallz

      amazing. works very good for the price. takes a little getting used to the adjustments. probably not as good as the high end models but good enough for us Read more

    8. D. Tholen

      I was unsure about how this would work but so far it works great. Have been able to see my cat at night when he goes outside when there isn’t any light from sky. Really cool! It does do a weird thing with the eye one is using to look through, so caution with that. I had it not shut off one night, the ON switch is a little glitchy, but other than that it is fun and makes me feel a bit more secure. Read more

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