Below armour men’s magnetic closure golf belt

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  • comp1: 50% nylon,27% polyester,23% rubber
  • imported
  • magnetic closure
  • gadget wash
  • adjustable, reduce-to-suit sizing (one size fits all)
  • elastic webbing gives greater stretch & flexibility
  • tonal, raised jacquard sample
  • long lasting plastic buckle with magnetic closure that can also act as a ball marker for steel markers
  • elastic belt loop with wordmark detail
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product description

adjustable, cut-to-fit sizing (one length fits all). Elastic webbing gives more stretch & flexibility. Tonal, raised jacquard sample. Long lasting plastic buckle with magnetic closure that also can act as a ball marker for metallic markers. Elastic belt loop with wordmark element.


One Size


Black (001)/Black

6 reviews for Below armour men’s magnetic closure golf belt

  1. Scott C

    Belt clip comes undone frequently. Extra webbing is tough to get through belt loops. Same with clasp. Ripped one belt loop off. This belt is just too wide for most men’s pants… Read more

  2. Chrystian Martinez

    If you wear any size between 28 and 38 this would be a good belt for you. I wear a 34 and this belt feels amazing. Great belt. It does stretch also. So maybe if you wear a size 40 pants it might fit a bit tight but maybe that’s a reason to hit the gym. But I highly recommend. Read more

  3. Alg

    Good quality Read more

  4. Andy

    This belt doesn’t stay tight. Had to return it for a different one. The magnet was nice to hold my ball marker, but it doesn’t matter if my shorts are around my ankles. Read more

  5. JKL930

    Love this bill high-quality looks great! Read more

  6. tmcncr

    For my boyfriend who has two prosthetic arms. Thought a magnet belt would be a nice change from the cumbersome oldie but goodie style of belts…yep, great design, works well and is easy on/off. May order more! Read more

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