Bionic body soft kettlebell with take care of – 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 lb. For weightlifting, conditioning, strength and center training

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  • ensure this suits by getting into your version wide variety.
  • heavy-responsibility and tender materials — this kettle bell is built of smooth substances that save you damages and accidents from unintended drops. It’s far a reliable and sturdy health partner a good way to offer a safe but powerful exercise in your private home fitness center.
  • massive take care of for superior grip — because of its ergonomic deal with, this kettlebell permits you to perform large movements. The kettlebell’s offset middle of gravity guarantees a completely unique and flexible exercising experience with most efficient grip and advanced manipulate.
  • numerous sizes for customized exercises — this kettlebell collection comes with varying weights, making it ideal for any pass-education application. You could effortlessly customise your loose-weight workouts to suit you.
  • compact and easy to transport — developed to store area in your own home fitness center, this kettlebell capabilities a compact structure that lets in you effectively perform current pass schooling and hiit inclusive of swings, squats, deadlifts, turkish get-u. S. And plenty of extra.
  • -yr manufacturer’s limited — the bionic body soft kettlebell comes with a -yr. This training gadget offers fitness fans with dependable workout equipment that’s to be an exquisite addition to any domestic health club.
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bionic frame tender kettlebell with deal with – 25 lb.

burn fat and tone your muscle mass like by no means before with the bionic frame soft kettlebell. Built of soft fabric to save you damages and accidents due to losing, this kettlebell offers a safe yet powerful domestic health club energy training exercise.

a big durable take care of designed for optimum consolation continues the load in vicinity as you train and the kettlebell’s offset middle of gravity ensures a unique and flexible exercising enjoy. Kettlebells come in 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb and 30lb types so that you can effortlessly customise your free weight workout routines to suit you.

  • kettlebells are available in 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb and 30lb sorts
  • fabricated from smooth substances to prevent damages and injuries
  • large secure cope with for easy grip
  • tough handle holds weight in vicinity for the duration of workouts
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    BLK – 10 lbs, BLK – 15 lbs, BLK – 20 lbs, BLK – 25 lbs, BLK – 30 lbs, BLK – 35 lbs, BLK – 40 lbs

    8 reviews for Bionic body soft kettlebell with take care of – 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 lb. For weightlifting, conditioning, strength and center training

    1. Mick Dodge

      Yoish! I have been waiting to find some kettle bells like these for years. I like to go on deep bare foot training quest into the mountains. I have been carrying iron kettle bells for years, wrapped in a canvas bag for padding, stash them up in a cave. Then when I get up to my cave, I have them to train with. These bells being made out of leather are just what I have been hoping for so many years. Take a rope, strap the kettle bell to your back and then hit the trail. I ordered from the ten to the thirty pounder, I wish they had even heavier, you need progression. The ones that I have. I have put to the test, moving through glacial rivers, deep old growth forest, climbing trees, in the rain and the snow. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you a out standing idea and product. Mick Dodge Legend Of Mick Dodge National Geographic Read more

    2. Rachel Simmons

      I use this kettlebell very heavily during my workouts. I mainly bought it over the iron kettlebells so I could drop it without ruining my flooring. It’s an excellent product! Only wish they would go up in weight! I would like a 35-40lb. Would definitely by it again! Read more

    3. Bob D

      This Kettle Bell is a fun variation of the standard metal Bells. I own a “fleet” of metal Bells from various manufactures. So, I have no real preference – only that the club iron and coating are a good quality for the money. The softness of the Bionic Bell allows for a more comfortable workout on your forearms as you attempt various swings that you normally would not try with a metal bell. The quality appears to be very good. The added size to the Bionic Bell from its material and construction allows for a very manageable distribution of weight when practicing “unique” swings and patterns. Read more

    4. Bernard Eisenfeld

      These guys look like decorative works of art. Beautiful and well made so I bought the 15 pounders also. Oh and sometimes I use them for excercise. Read more

    5. Joseph P. Janosek

      It is not 30 lbs as stated. More like 27. It is very comfortable and will not scratch my hardwood floors. Read more

    6. Lily

      When you use the 25lb kettlebell to do a squat, the kettle bell touches the floor before you finish a squat which makes your form and posture incorrect for the exercise. It’s causing lower back pains because of it. The kettlebell’s height too much which is causing the problem. The cushion is nice for the hardwood floor, but I wish I could return this, however, I don’t have the packaging anymore. Read more

    7. Bob D

      One thing that is awesome about this softer version of the ‘cannonball with a handle on it’ is the myriad of additional movements and exercises that you can do that are normally tough to do with an iron KB. As an example, snatching from a plank position. Also, if you’re trying KB flips and drop the bionic KB, you’re less likely to look at it in your basement through hole in your floor. 🙂 If you’re starting to learn snatches, this KB is a great way to start because the soft leather ball is more forgiving on your forearms. So… get creative and start swinging! Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      I got this because there were no cast iron available. So I have done one workout with it. It is very solid even though it isn’t metal. It is bigger than a cast iron 35 lb kettlebell. It is good for doing russian swing but I found that with american swings, the handle is slippery, no grip like the cast iron have. When I was at the top of the swing, the kettlebell flipped over in my hands from the straight up position. This could cause some issues if you have shoulder problems, (which I do) plus it was a little scary because of the size of it and it generally is not as compact as the cast iron so it felt a bit out of control. I wanted to do clean and squats but it is difficult if not impossible due to the leather wrapping that comes up on the sides of the handles, you can’t slide your hands down on it. Goblet squats were a bit difficult too because of the leather, so I opted to hold it a different way. Some type of grip tape on the handle would help with the Kettlebell swings but I don’t think there is anything I can do to make this work for clean and squats. I also did one arm rows which were fine. All in all, the product is good, seems very well made and will definitely work for some of the exercises that I do. Read more

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