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  • ensure this fits with the aid of entering your version number.
  • with the flip of a dial, robotically alternate your resistance from 8 kilos all of the way up to 40 pounds
  • swiftly transfer from 1 exercising to the next, and perform a extensive sort of full-body physical games
  • area-efficient design replaces up to 6 kettlebells
  • adjust in small increments with weight choice dial to regularly boom your power
  • weight settings include 8, 12, 20, 25, 35 and 40 pounds
  • get entry to 24 trainer-led exercises that target foundational kettlebell teqniques extensive weight range offers a diffusion of exercises which include swings, rows, squats, twists, and extra
  • ergonomic deal with with durable molding round metallic plates
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with the turn of a dial, you can effortlessly regulate from eight to forty lbs., rapidly switch from one workout to the following, and perform a extensive range

overall performance & exceptional

area-efficient design replaces up to 6 kettlebells with weights at 8, 12, 20, 25, 35, and 40 lbs.

consolation & usability

extensive weight variety offers a diffusion of workout routines together with swings, rows, squats, twists, and extra.

general-body benefits

presents aerobic, power, and conditioning while toning your fingers, legs, and center.

get admission to 24 teacher-led movies

access foundational kettlebell strategies for beginners and athletes alike at bowflex. Com/selecttech.


Bowflex Kettlebell 8-40lbs, Bowflex ST 1090 D-Bell (single), Bowflex ST 552 D-Bell (pair)

4 reviews for Bowflex domestic fitness center collection

  1. Mason

    EDIT: Hey everyone, PLEASE read this if you’re buying these. I thought mine were broken out of the box like so many others. For whatever reason I decided to actually call the manufacturer or in my case the distributor Nautilus (Amazon has a button that says get product support). I was frustrated and ABOUT to just return them, but they actually taught me that them locking up out of the box is a safety feature. They don’t tell you this, they should, I have no idea why, but I went through a few minute unlocking process and now they seem to work great. I’m actually happy now. Essentially you turn them upside down with all parts attached to the base, smack the base with your hand and turn them to 5lbs, after smacking upside down they should release. Take the plates out after pressing a hidden release button on the bottom of the dumbbell, inspect, and place the plates back in the base. Place the handle back in the base and test each weight. It worked for me. Yes, it’s plastic inside but that is some sturdy plastic I honestly suspect it should work for a good amount of time and apparently they come with a 2 year parts warranty. If you wouldn’t mind, upvote this to save time and frustration from all the others who thought it was broken out of the box. The distributors number is 1-800-605-3369, they answered after about a 4 minute hold with me. Below is my old review that is no longer relevant. They really need some unlock instructions in the box. I’ve adjusted to 3 stars because of the lack of instructions lol. OLD REVIEW: I’m a smart user and a gym user, so this isn’t user error. I’ve never owned weights like these, I’ll probably still buy some just to save space but unfortunately these ones don’t work, straight out of the box which surprised me because I assume Bowflex is a good reputable name. I’m just getting on now to contact Amazon on fixing this. I’ve had probably 6-7 friends come over who thought they could get it to work but nope, they all realized it’s actually not working either. Only one of the dumbbells doesn’t work, the other one does like half the time. We lined the numbers up correctly and everything. Come to think of it, the fact that both of these are either partly faulty or completely faulty makes me think it’s a bad batch or this isn’t a good brand for these. Read more

  2. Edwin Dombrowski

    I purchased a set of 552’s earlier in the year when they were on sale for just over $200. I have had Power Blocks in the past and liked them but my wife hated having her hand inside the block and she was going to use this set of adjustable dumbbells as well. I ended up getting these and the stand and so far they work great but i have a few concerns. Essentially it is a mostly plastic design. We are very good to our home gym equipment, no dropping weights or throwing around but they feel like they are going to have a limited lifespan. I may be wrong but there are a fair number of reviews that stated they had problems. In addition, the other thing i don’t particularly like is the wobbly nature of the plates on the dumbbells while you are working out. They do move a fair amount. Its not a big deal but definitely different then a solid dumbbell. For the good, the grip is very comfortable and you can change them very rapidly if you are doing circuits that require you to change the weights frequently. They come in and out of the weight stack pretty easily but i tend to do it very cautiously as that seems to be one of the actions that could damage the catch mechanism if forced. About a month after i bought these I was scanning Craigslist for some other equipment and saw a pair of barely used Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells for sale locally. During the month that i owned the 552’s it also became clear that i needed to be able to go to at least 75 lbs. I bought the Ironmasters and they are an entirely different level of product (but they come at a different level of price as well). The Ironmasters come with a lifetime warranty and when you adjust them tightly they feel like a solid dumbbell. There is no comparison. Where they fall behind the 552’s is in the ease of adjusting the weight. Now that i have had them for a bit i can change two dumbbells in about 45 seconds but the same adjustment on the 552’s takes about 5 seconds. That’s the only negative on the Ironmasters. I know those are a lifetime purchase. We are keeping both for now and it has worked out well. We tend to use the Ironmasters for heavier sets or if we are not doing circuits that require quick changes and use the 552’s for lighter sets or circuits. My wife and i work out together very frequently and do a lot of circuits so two sets of dumbbells actually makes sense. What i think it really comes down to is what you are looking for in terms of price point and longevity. I have been working out at a gym consistently for 30 years now and just decided to build a home gym. I am 52 and wanted equipment that is gonna stay with me until i just cant do it anymore. In that case the Ironmasters are the right choice. If you are new to working out or setting up a home gym and are not sure you are going to stick with an exercise program its probably hard to justify double the money for the Ironmasters and the Bowflex 552’s would be a great place to start. Just go easy on them and hopefully they will last. I would also strongly consider Power Blocks. They are solid and fast to change. Kind of the best of both worlds but some people do not like the design of the hand inside the block position. Hope that helps if you are looking at the big three options. Read more

  3. BBD

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I only used this a few times. One of the two dumbbells is stuck with one of the “disks”/ weights on it. It doesn’t twist so I can not remove or add any weights. So unusable. If anyone has any tricks to get it twisting again let me know. I don’t want to spend tons of money on shipping to use the warranty Read more

  4. EricTX

    I’ve had these for about a year bought from Amazon. I also have the lighter 552 set. With the 552s, I’ve never had a problem with them. However the 1090 have a very important design difference. If you look at my first picture, you will see that the 552 plate has an actual metal tab that the handle locks into to secure the weight. The other two pictures show the molded tabs on the plates of the 1090s. You can see in my year of personal use, that the tabs on these two plates have worn down, and the handle will no longer pick them up. Meaning those plates are useless. I have bought one replacement plate (high cost) already, but now that I have examined the other tabs I see they are wearing down as well. So basically I spent over $600 on dumbbells that are completely unsafe. I did call Bowflex customer service and was told this is part of normal wear and tear. Do NOT, I repeat do NOT but these dumbbells, even if you are impressed with the 552s. Total was of money. Read more

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