Burris droptine riflescope with ballistic plex reticle, four. Five-14x 42mm

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  • make sure this suits via getting into your version range.
  • 200077 ballistic plex, the largest scope in the droptine family, the burris droptine four. Five-14×42 mm scope is designed for individuals who need to increase their moral and correct capturing distance with out breaking the bank.
  • the simplest droptine version with adjustable parallax recognition: important while objectives are similarly and further away.
  • excessive-grade optical glass gives awesome brightness, clarity, and lasting sturdiness
  • water-resistant, nitrogen-crammed scope tubes prevent inner fogging even in bloodless and rain
  • durable, incorporated-eyepiece layout has no-slip grip for smooth adjustment inside the subject
  • droptine four. Five-14x42mm
  • ballistic plex reticle
  • 1″ essential tube
  • finger adjustable, low-profile adjustment turrets
  • double inner springs

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8 reviews for Burris droptine riflescope with ballistic plex reticle, four. Five-14x 42mm

  1. Rusty Shackleford

    This is a preliminary review. I have yet to mount it on a rifle, but package arrived intact. Product inside was well packaged both by seller, and inside the original packaging by Burris as well. Not just thrown in a cheap box like many other reputable optics manufacturers will do with more expensive glass. Instructions are easy to read and comprehend as well. I like the adjustable objective because being left handed makes adjusting the parallax on a side focus setup awkward. With the AO it is just an easier process for me. Scopes with AO’s are getting more difficult to find. I was planning on paying more for a scope to mount on a deer rifle, but given the lack of quality optics with AO my options were narrowed down to a few. Of them, Burris has maintained a reputation for quality over decades so here I am. The only real drawback to running a scope with an AO, in my opinion, is when using flip up lens covers, for obvious reasons. While it has yet to be mounted, I have thoroughly checked over the scope, and it appears to be good quality. Both the AO and the power adjustments rings are a bit stiff out of the box. A few cycles and they are already better. I anticipate they will continue to get better over time. Glass appears to be very clear for the price point. The reticle is crisp and clear, not too busy in the sight picture, and seems practically useful. It is not a long range sniper scope that uses mil or moa, it has 1/4″ per 100yd click adjustments, which are a bit mushy and not well defined. The capped turrets are finger adjustable and incrementally marked but don’t appear to be re-zeroable once set. This is a set it and leave it scope, not something designed to be dialing for elevation and windage in long range solution applications. It is a hunting scope, plain and simple. If you’re shooting paper or steel at 1,000yds+ there are undoubtedly better options out there. I purchased the scope to hunt medium to large game at ranges under 400yds, an application for which this scope seems particularly designed. I am anxious to get this on the rifle and do some bench testing with it, and will update my review when that happens. The only con I can see so far is that there isn’t a lens shade extension included. Burris does offer one for purchase separately though, and I will be buying one. Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    Do. Not. Buy. This scope isn’t worth the money. Spend your money elsewhere. I mounted it on multiple guns, wouldn’t zero. Windage adjustment broke. Sent back to Joe Bob outfitters… charged me a 90 dollar restocking fee. I won’t purchase anything from them again. Do not fall victim like I did. Read more

  3. MEE

    Have been buying Burris scopes for 41years. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    Very clear well made Read more

  5. Christopher

    Great on my ruger American 6.5 Creedmore. Have put 100+ rounds down range holds zero no problem. Read more

  6. Walter M. Heimes Jr.

    Great scope. The optics are clear. I am shooting sub 1 inch groups at 100 yards with factory ammo. Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    Great scope. I use it on a .220 Swift and have it sighted for 250yds. As soon as I put my eye to it the reticle is clear and on target. Seems to work just fine in low light conditions. Read more

  8. Trevor

    Great value Read more

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