Burris eliminator four-16x50mm laser rangefinding rifle scope with ballistic calculator

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  • make certain this suits by using getting into your version quantity.
  • sport kind: hunting, taking pictures
  • 25 ft at 100 yards (low) to 9 ft at a hundred yards (excessive) area of view
  • 10. 5 millimeters (low) to three. 5 millimeters (high) go out student
  • 50-inch at 100 yards maximum alter
  • 13-inch long
  • weighs 26 oz.
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eliminator iii laserscope four-16x50mm

the eliminator iii laserscope four-16x50mm combines great optics, pinpoint laser range locating, and precision trajectory repayment for the precise ammunition you pick out to your hunt. It gets rid of most of the variables and guesswork that often motive hunters to head home empty-handed. Plus has improved ballistic software that makes it a triple threat within the woods.

it extensively extends the variety and accuracy of your preferred rifle. No different riflescope combines the extent of fine, technology, accuracy, repeatability, pace and effectiveness. It will greatly growth the distance at which you could make an moral shot.

  • magnification: 4-16x
  • reticle: x96
  • coloration: matte black
  • period: 15. 5 in
  • weight: 30. Four ounces
  • battery: cr123a
  • features

    the eliminator iii laserscope capabilities a push button that lets in you to instantly calculate the space to the goal. It has a range functionality out to 1200+ yards with a reflective goal, out to 750+ yards with non reflective goals.

    it is perfect for those who frequently shoot up, or down, steep hills.

    the included inclinometer adjusts up to forty five degrees, imparting for more accuracy.

    the eliminator perfectly calculates the holdover at your specific distance on your genuine cartridge. All you have to do is push the button and a brilliant-purple dot shows your new aiming point. It’s as smooth as that!

    as many of adjusting your shot for wind can be the biggest mission of all. The eliminator would not measure the wind, however it is aware of exactly what your bullet will do on the variety you are taking pictures. This records will help you get a extra accurate wind preserve off.

    the x96 reticle offers plenty of via-the-scope facts that will help you get that ideal shot. It suggests a shot of 500 yards, with a wind fee of zero. Nine preserve-off factors, and the holdover dot has moved all the way down to the exact purpose point for 500 yards.

    the eliminator 4-16×50 no longer handiest features an non-compulsory far off cable, it also has more suitable ballistic software program. It works for centerfire cartridges, and most rimfire, muzzleloader and slug guns as properly.


    Eliminator III

    8 reviews for Burris eliminator four-16x50mm laser rangefinding rifle scope with ballistic calculator

    1. donald bucklin

      I love the burris eliminator 111 scope it is the best scope I ever used. I am 65 years old and have hunted for over 35 years with various scopes but none could compare to Burris. I zeroed it in at 100 yds programmed in my ballistics from shell box. Shot at 200 yes it was right on. Tried it at 550 yds.3 shots in the bulls eye. Unreal the optics are so clear I can see the hairs on a deers nose at 100 yds. I hunted antelope in South Dakota with rifle in gun rack with extreme rough trails the scope took a good five hour bouncing and beating then shot a antelope at 300 yds dead on. Any other scope I owned would have been bounced way off bulls eye and would have to re adjusted. I have since bagged 5 white tail bucks all in one shot each. Burris makes the best scope I have ever used on a rifle. I have used it 4 years and never had to re adjust the settings it is always right on.I would highly recommend a Burris scope for any rifle. Read more

    2. shooter

      These scopes are great for what they do but tend to get blurry at high magnifications. I thought my must have been damaged and wrote Burris. He said that is normal. That you have to give up some quality because of the computer inside. Thought that was a poor excuse. Read more

    3. Leslie L.

      This scope is for real – no s–t for real! I was hopeful and after taking the time to set it up the system was drop – dead accurate! (I rarely use exclamation points too.) I used Hornady’s four degrees of bullet freedom to get my 750 yard drop data when I zeroed at 100 yards, chronographing over 20 rounds as I refined the zero. Having that data and the BC for the bullet I use it was easy to program the computer. That done it was out to the country and steel gongs at different (unknown) ranges – 554 yards one shot ‘ding!’ Same over next four shots. Different ranges – first round hits. Different people tried the system to same effect. Bottom line – if properly set up (it’s easy) and the trigger-puller does his or her job properly there’s a very high probability of first round hits! It’s worth the money. (I’m taking this optics system on my Savage 110BA Stealth, .300 win mag to Gunsite.) Read more

    4. Shannon Shoemake

      Buy it ! After chroning my reloads I entered the info on the Burris ballistic calculator online. Sighted in at 100 yards, then shot at 300 dead on, then shot at 700 dead on again. This scope sends target turrets to the stone age! Read more

    5. Kenneth P.

      Only the model 20019 is capable of accepting the remote. The 20016 will not! Unfortunately, the Burris marketing literature states “The Eliminator III 4-16×50 not only features an optional remote cable, it also has enhanced ballistic software” it does not specify that this is only for the model 20019. I emailed Burris and there response was ‘sorry’. I would have expected some concession since I explained that I purchased specifically wanting the remote and expected such based on their own marketing literature. Very disappointed. It is still a great scope, and will not knock the scope quality. I will knock the marketing clarity and customer service from Burris Read more

    6. Ashley T.

      Like how it comes with a book for all your inputs for your drops. However at first you need to start sighting it in at about 20ft because it’s so off straight out of the box. We were just glad to get a good deal on it. It does add some weight but it’s not cheaply made. Read more

    7. Andries

      I cannot explain in words how this scope has helped me succeed in the field. I have become an excellent marksman overnight. Optics are clear and the range finder is brilliant! Would recommend this to anyone who is shooting not just long range but also 100 to 200 yards. Read more

    8. Wade W Hicks

      Scope works very well took a little bit to figure out how to get it cited in very accurate Read more

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