Burris veracity five-25x50mm searching rifle scope, premium high light-transmitting optics

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  • ensure this suits by means of getting into your version quantity.
  • accurate rifle scope – push the boundaries of long-variety hunting, and pull double duty in lengthy-range goal and precision.
  • the most effective searching scope – ideal for varmint searching and different very lengthy range concentrated on wherein pinpoint accuracy turns into critical.
  • specific longer distance shots – depend on this scope’s trajectory compensation that has been calculated out to 700 yards.
  • fast target acquisition – our flexible 5-times zoom device affords a larger field of view at close degrees and higher goal acquisition at lengthy degrees.
  • multi-flip target knobs – provide up to 15 moa of adjustment according to rotation
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  • is the reticle illuminated?
  • query: is the reticle illuminated? Answer: no it is not by using eurooptic ltd supplier on august 7, 2017 collapse all answers

  • what length is the tube ?
  • query: what length is the tube ? Answer: 30 mm tube. Clear optics! Through a. Ok. Hall on november 3, 2019 didn’t get solutions. See more answers (2) fall apart all answers

  • what reticle?
  • question: what reticle? Solution: the product info for this web page imply the list is for s #200650, which means it would have the ballistic plex e1 ffp varmint reticle. With the aid of steiner o. Manufacturer on september 11, 2020 didn’t get answers. See greater solutions (1) fall apart all solutions

  • please confirm if the reticle is ballistic plex e1™ ffp
  • query: please verify if the reticle is ballistic plex e1™ ffp answer: showed. And you may use their app to see in which the hashtags correspond along with your rounds 0 and drop by using daniel c. Riley on march 21, 2018 did not get answers. See more answers (1) fall apart all answers


    Ballistic E1 Reticle, Ballistic E1 Varmint Reticle, SCR MOA Reticle

    8 reviews for Burris veracity five-25x50mm searching rifle scope, premium high light-transmitting optics

    1. Kim L

      Mounted on a .224 Valkyrie upper for future long range shooting. Impossible to zero scope @ 100 yards after 2 attempts a week apart. Started @ 25 then 50 yards. Returned to Manufacturer. Hope they follow through and return a more satisfactory unit. To be continued….. Read more

    2. Friendly64

      Item came well protected. Mounted it on a Winchester 70 Featherweight bore sited it and only took a few shots to zero at 200 yards. The FFP works great and the focus is so clear. Am taking it on a Deer hunt in the fall. I think this scope is hard to beat. My 70 is a 308. Also purchased the next lowest one for my Remington 700 BDL 243. Read more

    3. Kurt

      Awesome glass, unbelievably clear! Read more

    4. Richard Burson

      loved it thanks Read more

    5. JW

      Amazing scope at an amazing price. My friend has a Schmidt and Bender. Of course it’s a bit better, but not by much. I feel like you’d have to pay an extra grand or two to get something a little bit nicer than this. Holds zero very well. I’m new to long range shooting. My wife bought me a sweet custom gun for our anniversary, and on my first outing after zeroing the scope, I was shooting .5 MOA consistently. Read more

    6. Michael Shires

      Like the features,could be more compact.Burris makes great products Read more

    7. Amazon Customer

      solid Read more

    8. 450 Bushmaster optic

      FFP and zero stop clear glass threw all magnifications excellent scope, only down size stiff adjustments and not great clicks Read more

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