Burris water resistant scope cowl

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  • guard your scope at some point of garage
  • these water-resistant scope covers prevent corrosion and fogging
  • crafted from splendid-soft, breathable cloth that shields your scope from dust and dings
  • suits scopes 8. 5 in. To 10. 5 in.
  • suits objective bells to 39 mm
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product description

scope covers provide water resistant protection and are built of a breathable neoprene that allows to save you external fogging. Features: – protects scope – helps do away with outside fogging


Small (8.5 in – 10.5 in), Medium (10.5 in – 13 in), Large (13 in – 17 in)

8 reviews for Burris water resistant scope cowl

  1. Charlie

    Fit my Burris scope perfectly. I’ve been using Burris scopes all my hunting life and they are on all my rifles, six to be exact. This cover is made well, fits great no sagging or having to stretch out of shape to fit. This is a soft case made for storing your firearms to protect from dust in your home or safe. It is not made to protect in travel or to carry to your stand or hunting area, please understand that. If you’re looking something to take in the field, look at products like a Butler Creek bikini or flip caps. I’ve seen reviews on this where the purchaser needed the later for his purpose. Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    cover is not neoprene, it’s fleece and is not waterproof, also does not fit over 40mm objective, basically entire ad is untruthful, good as a dust cover in the house, that’s about it Read more

  3. Yoda

    Fits RT6 perfectly Read more

  4. Cut-AWAY

    I just needed a cover to protect my large 50mm 15.5″ scope from minor scuffing while stored in my safe or during transport. This fits the bill perfectly under $15 mark. No such thing as waterproof cover for this scope cover water can always seep in through the bottom opening but water resistance from light rain is possibility but I have not tested it. Bad description in my opinion! I cannot comment for durability yet but the material seems rugged enough! Read more

  5. John

    Material feels good, but the product says 8.5″ to 10.5″ and 27mm to 39mm lens. The scope this will be covering is a Scout Squad LER. Overall length 9.7″ with a 32mm lens. and the small cover is REALLY tight im not sure if these are made this way to stretch over time. it feels like im going to tear it trying to get it over the scope. I will be keeping it and i will update after having it on the scope for awhile to see how it holds up. Read more

  6. KA Nielson

    Needs to be larger in diameter to cover the parallax and windage turrets and not slip up over the turrets and leave them unprotected on the burris XTRII 3-15×50. Discription says it’s made of neoprene so I was thinking of wetsuit type material, this is not the case. It is thinner and has no neoprene rubber at all. Only a lightly padded cloth material. Disappointed in the size and materials. Read more

  7. van

    The scope cover looks good and fit my Burris scope perfectly. Unfortunately, the stitching is very poorly done and a seam opened up immediately. I returned the product to Amazon. This is a good idea, and I like the fleece material, but the one I received was poorly put together. Read more

  8. Dustin

    Very nice scope cover, not your typical cheap style. This scope cover fit my Burris Enfield II 4.54.5-14X42MM scope with a Burris sun scope as well. It was a little tight and requires stretching the cover but it fits everything well enough. Read more

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