Burris xtreme tactical jewelry

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  • make sure this fits
  • through entering your version wide variety.
  • burris 420182 excessive tactical scope
  • jewelry, 1 inch, high, matte
  • this product is synthetic in usa
  • 3/4-inch size
  • 1 inch pair of earrings
  • matte black finish
  • non-brief detach model
  • made of aluminum
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  • what is the weight for a couple of 1″ extra excessive jewelry?
  • what is the weight for a couple of one” more high earrings?

  • could i have to use a “high” mount like this for a 40mm scope, or could a medium paintings. It’s for a mod seven hundred.
  • could i have to use a “excessive” mount like this for a 40mm scope, or might a medium paintings. It’s for a mod seven-hundred.

  • i need to mount a 3-9x50mm leopold on a flat pinnacle ar-15. Would these mounts offer the clearance wished? I do not see an option some thing taller.
  • i want to mount a 3-9x50mm leopold on a flat pinnacle ar-15. Would these mounts offer the clearance wanted? I do no longer see an choice whatever taller.

  • simply offered this to mount my xtr ii, did any of you have to do any lapping to those jewelry? Did you mount your self or take them to a smith?
  • congratulations on buying an first rate scope jewelry. If you matched the precise bore length to the barrel of your scope (ie 1 inch, 30mm, 34mm) you have to now not must do any lapping. I established numerous scopes the usage of these jewelry, and it isn’t always all that hard. First try to decide the eye comfort that works for you. Prop up the firearm, ideally in a firearm mount or firearm vice, however as long as it is supported and solid. Take a torpedo lever, and degree the pinnacle of the firearm in which the scope mounts will attach-ensuring it’s miles level and genuine. Put the decrease part of the scope mounts on the firearm just hand tightening them. With the firearm propped up and solid, lay the scope inside the lower mount “saddles”. Double take a look at your length of pull, and push of pull the scope until the eye remedy is accurate and mark the barrel of the scope with a bit piece of overlaying tape alongside one fringe of one of the scope jewelry to mark “sign in”. Placed the pinnacle halves of the jewelry at the lower, and lightly tighten them. Next take the torpedo degree and vicinity on top of the scope turret, adjust the scope until it’s far degree. Double check the attention comfort and if nevertheless in the suitable function, lightly tighten the scope earrings beginning with the center screw, alternating aspect to facet. There are possibly utube videos displaying this system, however that is how i mount them. Hope that helps. Suitable capturing! See less


    1", 1.25"H, Alum., Set of 2

    8 reviews for Burris xtreme tactical jewelry

    1. frank

      Not the lightest rings available, they’re pretty bulky. These rings in High are the only rings I buy for AR platform rifles, they put the scope as close to the barrel as possible while still being high enough. These are thick and solid, these are very tough rings. I’ve tried the extra high’s before, they work but I found myself slightly raising my head to see through the scope properly. I’ve been buying these rings for years and will continue buying them.Read more

    2. Terry

      These are very good rings. If you have a 34mm Burris XTR 2 and are mounting it on an AR type rifle then these rings are the correct ones for you. The high height (1.50 inch) 420192 are the correct height for an AR rifle if you have the 34mm tube. if you get anything lower than High Height Burris rings then your 34mm tube probably wont clear the top of the receiver. Burris xtreme tactical rings are made from either aluminum or steel. However, if you don’t mind aluminum rings I would also look at Burris XTR Signature rings. They are about half the price of the xtreme tactical rings and they use polymer inserts to adjust cant for longer range shots than your scope has adjustment for. Also the polymer inserts are said to not scratch your scope like typical metal on metal rings may do.Read more

    3. W. Zide

      These rings are milled aluminum, rather than cast and provide a precision fit for any 1″ diameter scope to be mounted to a Picatinny rail. The description does not state it, but the bottom of the (High) ring sits .75″ above the top of the rail. “Extreme” is the right word to describe these rings. The ring itself is 1″ wide and uses a lockwasher to secure the nut on the base. There are 3 screws on each side of the ring top to secure it to its base. I use blue Locktite on each screw before tightening. Recommend torgue for the ring top screws is 20 in lbs and the base nuts 65-100 in lbs.Read more

    4. B.

      Height of rings was perfect for 50 mm scope mounted on AR15 Picatinny rail. Has about 1/16 inch clearance. Easy to install and seam to be light weight but very sturdy. Only gave it four stars instead of five because I haven’t fully tested it too see if it will hold steady after few hundred rounds. I don’t think it will be an issue though the rings appear to be pretty solid.Read more

    5. Keith Tracy

      I had cheaper rings I put on my .450 Bushmaster and the scope slipped in them.These held the scope in place perfectly.Read more

    6. Ross R. Witte II

      Product arrived quickly and in perfect condition. This is my 2nd or 3rd set. They are always used on magnum bolt action rifles. Aligning and bore sighting are never a problem. When at the range these rings held up great against repeated heavy recoil. I know I can trust them.Read more

    7. Jeffro

      hum, I wondered why these were so much more than then standard tactical mounts, but now I know….they are thick and heavy and with a lap tool will perform to expectations. I WAS going to go with ken farrell mounts and rings, but for a .17 wsm it isn’t necessary…..over kill.For a .17 G mag et all, they are better then expected. J-Read more

    8. David S.

      Great ring for my 308 perfect fit and great priceRead more

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