Bushnell 784405 vehicle window mount, black

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  • car window mount
  • attach your recognizing scope to the window of your automobile
  • made through bushnell
  • -manner pan head for handy adjustment and panning
  • matte black end
  • non-slip rubber toes
  • clamps effortlessly to the window with rubber pads

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product description

car window mount for securely attaching your recognizing scope to the window of your vehicle. Made by way of bushnell

8 reviews for Bushnell 784405 vehicle window mount, black

  1. Movieskinny

    I got this to attach an external flash for car window mounting at a bird refuge. I wasn’t really prepared tech wise for this, BUT it worked perfectly for what it is. That said, I also want to say, the pictures for this item do not do it justice. I originally passed over this mount to look for something a little more beefy or stable. NOT to WORRY, the minute I pulled this out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised. Bushnell has always had a great name for quality gear, and this is quality too. The window mounting portion is VERY secure. Tolerances of all moving parts seem expertly machined. 360 degree swivel, lockdown, and up/down movement is precise. This is a truly nice hefty piece of equipment for the lowly price in the $20-$30 range. Once you put this in your hands, it feels like a more expensive hunk of machinery. The picture on Amazon looked a little frail to me, NOT! Unit allows for mounting on other things too, with a wider opening than just windows. I cannot imagine another product competing or rivaling this item at the Amazon selling price. Get it!! Read more

  2. Gmanfal

    This one is way better than the first one I had bought with the single hinge and broke it the second time I used it I saved a little money and bought this one that had been returned I would have given it 5 stars but it has a set screw in it that the instructions failed to mention at all that’s why It was sent back someone screwed the set screw all the way in tight and then wondered why it didn’t move left to right and scarred the shaft up you have to back it off one or two revolutions and then put a couple drops of blue threadlocker on it and then it works great Read more

  3. Mark R Kahler

    I like this as I look out my truck windows at elk or deer. The only thing is I’d suggest a straight through spotting scope instead of the angle aperture. Read more

  4. Maha-Guru

    This is a hard review to write. It was such a mixed bag! I bought this support to hold my Canon Vixia camcorder. I often go out to the bird refuges in northern California, and you are not allowed to leave the car (which is your “blind”) – hence shooting from the car is your only option. Hence – I needed a small, cheap, car-window support… I guess I expected a tripod head, and this is anything but. PROS: – Small, lightweight – Strong enough to hold a small spotting scope and a camcorder – Usability – you don’t need a manual to know how it works… pretty intuitive all right – Cost – can’t beat it! – Reliability – looks good enough so far CONS: – The handle moves along one axis only! Don’t expect to use this as a tilt/pan head! – The base that holds on to the glass. This was a surprise! Most of today’s cars are aerodynamic, hence have curved windows in the front. If you notice the base us “square” and therefore cannot rest on a car window. It slides and tips all over! The two pieces of metal and rubber that are supposed to hold the glass are too far apart, and the hold is weak – A spirit level costs nothing, and I was expecting a built-in level. No such luck! All in all, you may want to get this in order to mount a spotting scope on the car, but this is certainly not amenable to any photography Read more

  5. J.M.Bays

    I could not use this. With window in lowest possible clamping position I could not get my eye to the eyepiece on a spotting scope. Maybe if the window was about 6” taller…. would work for a camera when you look through the rear but not a spotting scope. Read more

  6. TJ.

    This showed up today…So I was kind of disappointed to open it and see the size of the screw head thread on the screw as i appeared too big to mate with my scope way too big for my Bushnell spotting scope. So on seconda look it was a multi fit screw (i.e. a screw inside of a screw). I removed it and it fit great on my scope also fits on my Nikon D50 (be it old as it is still takes great pictures……… Great product Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    Solid window mount for my 20 x 60 spotting scope. Nice addition to the tripod & scope kit Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    Purchased to use w/ spotting scope for wildlife viewing. Works great. Reasonably priced. Vertical and horizontal adjustments are easy. For safari style viewing/driving it be great if scope could be attached to mount or the mount to the window with some sort of “quick connect” rather than screws. Read more

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