Bushnell have interaction looking laser rangefinder

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  • 2x brighter: 50% larger objective lens paired with an all glass optical machine
  • arc era: perspective range compensation (arc) accounts for terrain attitude
  • exon barrier
  • covered add-ons: durable sporting case, para twine, and lanyard tether
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all-glass optical device for a brighter photo

the bushnell engage 1300 looking laser rangefinder is designed with a 50-percent-large completely multi-covered goal lens that successfully draws in light to the attention for a brighter photograph, making this rangefinder an crucial tool for hunts at sunrise and nightfall. The sharp display has terrific mild transmission to optimize overall performance in all environments, in particular in low-light scenarios. The all-glass optical gadget features ultra-huge band coatings that provide shiny, true-to-life colorations, so that you can really see your goal.

because your ranging desires can trade depending to your target, the engage 1300 hunting laser rangefinder functions distinct modes that can be modified with the simple press of a button. While looking small targets, use bullseye mode to avoid inadvertently ranging different gadgets in the history. And for objectives at a distance, use brush mode to disregard foreground gadgets like brush and tree branches.

this rangefinder with arc technology is mainly designed to account for angled terrain, supplying you with the genuine distance for your target no matter whether or not you are above or beneath it. Scan mode updates tiers four times per 2d, turning in instant, real-time comments for your shot. This 6x24mm laser rangefinder measures distances up to at least one,three hundred yards reflective, 800 yards to tree, and 600 yards to deer.

designed to get up to the factors, this laser technology rangefinder capabilities an exo barrier coating at the outside of the lens. This defensive barrier is molecularly bonded to the glass to repel water, oil, fog, dirt and particles, making sure that your rangefinder by no means clouds up before a essential shot.

intelligent scan

bushnell: the industry leader in excessive-performance sports activities optics

since 1948, our guiding principle is to provide the best-satisfactory, most reliable and cheap sports optics in the marketplace. Our award-prevailing merchandise beautify the leisure of every outside pursuit and empower everyone to get out and revel in their passion. Combining current layout and performance with a commitment to being accessible to all, bushnell is the maximum recognized and legit sports optics logo in the global.


LE1300SBL, Le1700sbl

8 reviews for Bushnell have interaction looking laser rangefinder

  1. LGL

    This review is on the Bushnell ENGAGE LE1300SBL Laser Rangefinder, which is the NEW version – mine was made in May 2019. If you look elsewhere, or for reviews, you will probably find the Bushnell PRIME LP1300SBL 1300 Laser Rangefinder –which is the older model. I did not find many differences. . The optics appear as they claim to my eyes: very bright and very sharp. The LCD information screen is typical: under most situations readable and fine, but in shadowed areas a little hard to see–but usable. . The accuracy is significantly better than my 4 YO Leupold TBR Laser Rangefinder (expensive), but that may be to better technology. This rangefinder gives you consistently accurate readings while in the ARC Mode (angle range compensation), which is on the LCD screen just below the line of sight distance, out to the 40 yards I have verified (that I know the angular distance from Stands and the line-of-sight distance. I also checked it against measured targets at 15 yards, 25 yards, 30 yards, 40 yards, 220 yards, and 470 yards (that have been ranged by multiple devices and different people). This range finder was dead on, and never misread the distance as long as the “bulls eye” or “brush” setting was correct–very nice job here. I assume that it will work great out to their “claimed” 600 yards for deer (See Picture Diagram). . It is all black, but dull, excepting the 2 front lenses–I added camo the wrap to the front. It is smaller than other rangefinders I have used, but fits comfortably in your hand–nice job with that. It had only 2 buttons, so once it is setup, it’s fast to use. . However, setting it up is an issue. Ditto with the “instructions.” . The only usable instructions were how to attach the lanyard, and the FTC statement. There was NO user manual. The 2 pages of paper had only this information in several languages. The small “user” card was basically an advertisement of features. This must be a sick joke . . . . I found a Bushnell manual online for the older model (Bushnell Prime LP1300SBL) and was able to put together enough information to set up the menus. This PDF Bushnell manual is confusing; poorly organized; and, had images / captions in poor relationships. They really need to have a Technical Writer overhaul their manuals and put some emphasis on “logical and clarity”. . . . . The 2 PRIMARY settings you’ll need to adjust are marked with the Red and Green Boxes in my Picture. . If you can manage to get these settings the way you want them, you’ll be good to go for most bow hunting and rifle-hunting situations: . Angle Range Compensation Modes : • Bow Mode • Rifle Mode . Targeting Modes: • BullsEye Mode • Brush Mode . Overall, this was a good purchase. I looked at all of the Rangefinders under $200 (including the Vortex Optics Impact 850–and I really like Vortex optics), and I think I made a good choice. The Optics and Technology is there in this Newer Bushnell Rangefinder, but user-friendly instruction is sorely missing. . . It will be a pleasure to use in the field. ______________ If you want to use their Ballistic-table values, the list of calibers is minimal: Bushnell’s list of Popular Caliber & Load Combinations: Federal Cartridge.224 dia. 22-250 Rem, 55 gr. Bear Claw at 3600 fps G Federal Cartridge.224 dia. 22-250 Rem, 60 gr. Partition at 3500 fps F Remington Arms .224 dia. 22-250 Remington Arms , 50 gr. V-Max at 3725 FPS H Remington Arms .224 dia. 22-250 Remington Arms , 55 gr. PSP at 3680 FPS G Winchester .224 dia. 22-250 Rem, 55 gr. Ballistic Silvertip at 3680 FPS H Winchester .224 dia. 22-250 Rem, 55 gr. PSP at 3680 FPS G Federal Cartridge .277 dia. 270 Win, 150 gr. Ballistic Tip at 3060 fps F Federal Cartridge .277 dia. 270 Win, 150 gr. Partition at 3000 fps F Remington Arms .277 dia. 270 Win, 140 gr. PSPCL Ultra at 2925 FPS E Remington Arms .277 dia. 270 Win, 150 gr. SPCL at 2850 FPS D Winchester .277 dia. 270 Win, 150 gr. Partition Gold at 2930 FPS E Winchester .277 dia. 270 Win, 150 gr. PP-Plus at 2950 FPS E Federal Cartridge .308 dia. 30-06 Spring, 180 gr. AccuBond at 2700 FPS D Federal Cartridge .308 dia. 30-06 Spring, 180 gr. Bear Claw at 2700 FPS D Remington Arms .308 dia. 30-06 Springfield, 180 gr. A-Frame at 2700 FPS D Remington Arms .308 dia. 30-06 Springfield, 180 gr. BRPT at 2700 FPS D Winchester .308 dia. 30-06 Sprg, 180 gr. FailSafe at 2700 FPS D Winchester .308 dia. 30-06 Sprg, 180 gr. Partition Gold at 2750 FPS D Federal Cartridge.308 dia. 300 WSM, 180 gr. AccuBond at 2960 fps F Federal Cartridge.308 dia. 300 WSM, 180 gr. Bear Claw at 3025 fps F Winchester .308 dia. 300 WSM, 180 gr. Ballistic Silver Tip at 3010 FPS F Winchester .308 dia. 300 WSM, 180 gr. Fail Safe at 2970 FPS F Remington Arms .308 dia. 300 R.S.A.U.M., 180 gr. PSPCL Ultra at 2960 FPS E Remington Arms .308 dia. 300 Wby Mag, 180 gr. PSPCL at 3120 FPS F Read more

  2. Joel R.

    Holdover/under values are incorrect. For example: group D for a .308 at 670 yds with a +5 incline shows a holdover of about 28″ when it should be about 160″. Returned one rangefinder and the replacement did the same thing. Read more

  3. Wesley Cosner

    I didn’t like that I couldn’t see the distance number any better in low light than with my old range finder and at 30 yards it showed a 3 foot difference then my old range finder. It is also is heavier. I sent it back for a refund. Read more

  4. Little FR

    I love the extra magnification over my old 4x. However this thing is very reflection sensitive. For archery shots I’ll range a tree 3 times and it will give me 3 different distances (give or take a couple yards) with same aim point. It won’t do a thing in the rain. Most folks probably aren’t bow hunting in thunderstorms but I never had much sense. Other than that at longer distances it does well. Farthest I’ve gotten a reading in KY with our humidity was 1200 yds. My 1200 rangefinder never went past 800yds here. The ARC angle feature is great. The brush feature is difficult to get readings you trust, I just don’t mess with it. It’s a rangefinder not a miracle worker. Read more

  5. j

    It doesn’t really have great instructions so at first I looked through it and thought it was a POS, it was all fuzzy and out of focus. I went through the paperwork and decided to just play around with it and see what happens, eventually I found the focus adjustment and actually started seeing what I was pointing at. It seems fairly accurate, I checked side by side with my buddy’s vortex range finder, the bushnell did dance a little, I ranged 150yds 4 times and got 150yds 2 times, 149yards and 151yds. It was lighter, and faster than the vortex, not quite as clear of glass but it will definitely work for what I want to do with it. I would recommend. Read more

  6. Jeanie Jackson

    I know nothing about it except that it met my criteria it wasn’t too expensive compare to others and my husband was pleased. I haven’t used it and hunting season hasn’t arrived so that is all I can say. Read more

  7. Twodogs

    Works easily and intuitively; no need to to refer to a manual or learn it all over again each time it’s used. Just pick it up and press the button. Seems accurate and gets readings when expected. Read more

  8. Phillip

    This is a great range finder for the cost! It is very clear. I did not have any issues seeing the text. I didn’t experience any issues others have expressed. The range accuracy is better than +/- <2yds out to 60 yards. This is great for any bow hunter. I haven't been able to confirm any long distance, but my confidence is high! Very bright image at dawn and dusk. The angle compensation is fantastic for the terrain I hunt. I would recommend to good friends. Read more

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