Bushnell laser rangefinder bone collector cam_202208

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  • make certain this suits by using getting into your version variety.
  • fine optics with lovely hd clarity; one hundred percent first-rate substances used and tested appreciably
  • beautifully designed with durability constructed to last; simple unmarried button operation in a compact, lightweight housing
  • displays specific distance to goal from 10 to 600 yard with +/- one backyard accuracy
  • vivid, crystal-clean optics for concentrated on in low mild; magnification x goal lens: 4x 21mm
  • realtree xtra camo pattern; rugged, rainproof housing
  • cloth kind: plastic
  • game kind: looking
  • elegance 1 laser with <1mw common electricity output

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product description

in-view liquid crystal display display

with the faucet of a unmarried button, this rangefinder’s in-view liquid crystal display display presents the precise distance to any target from 10 to 600 yards. The 4x magnification and bright, crystal-clear optics make it clean for you to plan your subsequent shot.

calculate distances instantly

this virtual laser rangefinder is lightning-speedy, calculating the distance on your goal inside the blink of an eye fixed. The eye-safe technology emits invisible infrared strength pulses and measures the time it takes for every pulse to tour from the rangefinder to the target and back.

rugged, weather-resistant housing

the bushnell bone collector laser rangefinder features a climate-resistant, compact production, making it each durable and clean to hold. Geared up in realtree xtra camouflage, this rangefinder is designed to blend into the environment.

bushnell: the enterprise leader in high-overall performance sports optics

for the reason that 1948, our guiding precept has been to provide the best-great, maximum reliable and low-priced sports activities optics on the market. Our award-winning products enhance the amusement of every outside pursuit and empower all of us to get out and revel in their ardour. Combining contemporary design and overall performance with a dedication to being available to all, bushnell is the maximum identified and respectable sports optics emblem inside the international.

8 reviews for Bushnell laser rangefinder bone collector cam_202208

  1. Ken Andrews

    Great little range finder and a real bargain. But, before you buy be sure you understand what its intended for. I see where some reviewers complain that it didn’t work at 350 yards on a Antelope or a bull elk 850 yards away. This is a 200 yard max range finder for deer and larger game animals. You can certainly range on other objects (trees, large rocks, buildings, signs, etc.) to get a good idea how far out your target is but you’re still looking at 600 yards max. I hunt Whitetail with archery and a 30-30 in Northeastern Oklahoma where most deer are taken between 50 and 150 yards. I believe that’s the sweet spot for this product. If you need more, if you expect more, plan to pay more. Read more

  2. Kaleb P.

    I was initially very excited to get this range finder at the price I paid. However, I’m afraid the old adage of, “you get what you pay for” works well here. We use range-finders when antelope hunting in Wyoming, where your average shot is around 350 yards. This range finder will only range objects the size of a shed/house at that distance. Animals were only able to be ranged up to 150yds with this unit. As such, it didn’t work for our purposes. If I was deer hunting at much closer range, it would probably work fine (or using this to survey, etc). But again, for my purposes, it didn’t work well. I’ll be selling it to buy a higher-end model. Read more

  3. Michael DeHoff

    Super disappointed. It’s my fault because I had read some crappy reviews but this product has a lot of good reviews so I figured I’d try it. Had a nice buck come out on opening morning. Luckily my buddy had a better range finder. Not only couldn’t I see the deer through this at 150’ but obviously I couldn’t range it either. I tried ranging trees close to it and it didn’t work either. I could get trees to range up to about 50 yards but that was it. Piece of crap, money wasted. Live and learn I guess. Read more

  4. Mike M.

    UPDATE 10-09-19: Not working anymore. After some light rain on a hunt, it is no longer functional. When I hit the button, (no matter what distance) the display shows “ERR YM 40” and the battery indicator goes from full to 1 bar and flashing within 10 seconds. Also with a new battery. I have no idea what the message is suppose to tell me and why the battery indicator acts like that. I did expect it to last longer than 2 seasons. Read more

  5. Jill Jolly

    This is a great item! Got it to give as a Christmas present for my 16 year-old son. He and my husband both love it. It seems very accurate and functions very well. On an interesting note, the battery listed here in the item description is not the battery it needed. I bought a CR 2 battery as the item description stated. To my surprise, it needed a 9 volt battery. Luckily, we had one on hand. Although the clock by my bed is temporarily out of commission, at least we were able to fiddle with the Christmas gift on Christmas morning. We were able to measure the distance from the window to the door in the living room as 12 yards. That was correct! Measured it myself. My son measured the distance from the porch to the cedar tree by our barn as 236 yards. My husband says that sounds about right. I don’t plan on measuring that one. My two mighty hunters are out even now measuring stuff and making plans for how they will use the range finder in their future hunting adventures. I myself am adding a 9 volt battery to my shopping list so I can reload the alarm clock by my bed. Thanks for a great product and fast, efficient delivery! Read more

  6. chris

    This thing is junk!!!!! It says 600 yards that’s something the size of a house. This is 100% worthless for hunting as close as something. Needs to be for this thing to work you dont even need it. Dont waste your money. Read more

  7. Benji Beedle

    This is perfect for the target shooting that I do. I know it’s accurate up to 350 yards. Beyond that…I’m not sure. I shoot my 22 nosler at 300+ yards, and put my targets on a 2′ x 2′ box. It picks up that size box with no problem at that distance. There are better range finders out there, but they can be expensive. I use mine on a daily basis. It comes in handy around the house and neighborhood also. It takes the guesswork out. Read more

  8. KAREN S.

    I was able to determine the range of my neighbors house, but in the field, it literally didn’t respond to anything I aimed it at. I don’t know if the unit was defective or it simply doesn’t work for the purpose intended. I hunt whitetail and I like to predetermine range of my hunting area before I shoot. I couldn’t find a big enough tree for this to hone in on, so I’m pretty sure it would never pick up on a deer 75 yards away. So for my purposes, this was very disappointing and it is being returned. Read more

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